And of course, you can post music to give a feel for the situation your character is in, or for the town, or even their theme song! Personality: sweet, loyal, fun, kind, funny, loves animals and nature, skilled with weapons, loves to fight, very adventurous, and loves to explore.
History: Charlotte is an adopted daughter to the Baskerville family in Tristain kingdom with her twin lil sis who suddenly came from the sky with wings. Pic: (she can change her appearance, but these are how she usually looks like) Spoiler Alert! History: After his parents was killed by hunters, he came to hate hunters, but he himself became a hunter so that he can get revenge on his parents.

Dark elf, high elf, light elf, wood elf, dwarf, human, halfling( half human,half elf- be specific. When she grows up, she wants to see the world outside her kingdom so she asks her parents permission.
He also became a hunter so he can kill her adopted sis who he thought was the cause of his parents death. She doesn't want to live inside her kingdom forever without knowing her people and what's happening to them so she becomes a traveler. She was named that because her parents hope that even though she's from dark elf family, she won't be such a bad elf and will love her people.

She only brings a dagger with her to protect herself, because she's a great healer and magic user herself. Her adopted brother blamed her that she brought misfortune to his family and wanted to kill her, but she ran away with her twin lil sis, so they're save until now, but then since she thought its all her fault, so she left her twin lil sis to someone she knows well, while she becomes a traveler around the world. Even though he's like that he still has this good side of him and he himself doesn't know it, only Charlotte who realizes it.

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