I finished up the semester having shown a few more films–at varying levels of success.
The website shows short films about sustainability and ethical issues of the fashion industry. Enter your email address to subscribe to Worn Through and receive notifications of new posts by email. Download The Secret World of Haute Couture 2007 now!We have 33 direct and free download links in 9 qualities for The Secret World of Haute Couture.To download this movie, you need to have FREE account. Margy Kinmonth takes a journey from Paris to New York and California to meet haute couture clients and the designers they treat like Gods. Overall I found some real gems this semester that I think played pretty well to the audience of mostly freshmen and sophmores at 8:30 in the morning. We ended up skipping the chapter about fur and leather, and, I thought the movie wasn’t that great anyway. I couldn’t find a good point to show it in class, but it is so well done I decided the best option was to reccomend they watch it when luckily it was airing twice on PBS and offer them an extra credit exam question.

Pokud se chcete podivat na The Secret World of Haute Couture 2007 a spoustu dalsich filmu bez omezeni, musite svuj ucet aktivovat! In this much talked about but little understood pocket of the fashion industry, there are strict unwritten rules for belonging to this exclusive shopping club.
From what I could tell the students really liked the chance to see some of these pieces that they had not seen.
The movie is graphic and more a study of one woman’s quest at either morals or fame (not sure) than truly about the animal issues. This doc shows the inside out of true couture shoppers, not the red carpet borrowers, but the society women who keep their heads low while they write the big checks and have the fabulous closets of gems. They understood her points about textile workers working considerionts na where her clothes come form, but they seemed not terribly interested overall. Also, it didn’t cover fashion very much specially as it was more about food production. Create FREE Account Get account and enjoy Unlimited download & stream speed Download & watch unlimited titles Get email notifications when new requested content will be added Get your personal wish list Everything you need under one roof.

I considered doing more in clas projects and assignemnts, but with 72 students it became clear that it’d be tough to do a lot of little assignments.
It did cover a protest of Gaultier which I will considered showing in class but decided it wasn’t worth it. The students did refrence the BBC site in their semester projects and some of them went back and watched many more episodes. They were quite shocked, as is the intended reaction, and I am curious if they have carried over what they wrote about ethically in their papers into their personal lives.

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