If you haven't already placed a pre-order but also would like to get a headstart into The Secret World, you can pre-order the game directly on the website.
A lot of you are planning ahead to Friday's early access launch, and have asked for dimension (server) names in order to decide where to play together. To make that job a bit easier, I've put together an exclusive list of the first batch of dimension names we've got lined up for launch. Dimensions are global and you can play anywhere you want without any regional restrictions.

Again, this is by no means a complete list, and we'll be announcing more dimensions as soon as these fill up. I'm going to have characters of all 3 factions, but planned on putting the non-majority faction characters on different servers than our cabal, so that they would never have to fight our Cabal in the perpetual PvP zone, Fusang.
Everyone who has pre-ordered the game will however get access four days earlier on June 29th.
There will be more, of course, but I'm sure you guys can find a permanent home on one of these dimensions -- as long as you show up early for early access!

We've marked some dimensions as French- and German-speaking, and though you can still play the English language version of the game on those dimensions, people will probably be chatting and communicating in French or German. I think I know which one to go with and, bonus!, I get to start playing before any of you guys.

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