The first thing I noticed in this film was how visually stunning it is, especially as a 2D animation. I highly recommend this movie and I think it would be a shame for it to not be seen on the big screen because of how visually beautiful it is. There is one critical secret to communication confidence that I’d like to share with you.
Although it’s easy to think that loudest is always best, it takes all sorts to inspire people to think or act differently. When we think about our own worries and self doubts it’s easy to be a nervous communicator. Sarah Lloyd-Hughes is a popular speaker on confidence and inspiration, an award winning social entrepreneur, founder of Ginger Training & Coaching and author of “How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking” (Pearson).

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Just one, but it makes an incredible difference to your ability to communicate with power and confidence. Your contribution may not be the most flashy, it may not look the same as everyone else, but it still has huge power for someone.
Although you may be feeling terrified about speaking your voice, remember that 90% of your nerves cannot be seen by your audience. Most audiences do not judge nerves as a bad thing if the communicator is honest about them and doesn’t let it put them off.

In his early years he was a nervous communicator, but through focusing on a cause that was larger than him, he became confident and powerful. I don’t think preschool age children could grasps some of the concepts and themes within the storyline. Galapagos enters the Troll Kingdom to win their help against the forces of the Smog Emperor, but things go horribly wrong and a heated battle ensues.

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