Funding in behavioral research from agencies within the National Institutes of Health (NIH) contributed to a significant reduction in tobacco use and related diseases. Research to study the initiation and maintenance of health behavior change has produced behavior change interventions for diet modification, physical activity, tobacco, and drug use. Through basic and clinical research, our understanding of the bio-behavioral mechanisms and treatment of mental health and substance abuse has advanced dramatically.
Research on behavioral risk factors, education, and adherence has contributed to dramatic reductions in cardiovascular disease and improved management of chronic illness.
Studies supported by numerous NIH Institutes have demonstrated associations between psychosocial risk factors such as hostility, depression, and social isolation, and physical health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, and cancer. Research at NIA, NIMH, and other NIH Institutes has led to dramatic advances in knowledge of the psychosocial determinants of premature aging and effective interventions to slow degeneration and improve cognitive fitness and memory as we age. Two teenage girls have a slumber party or sleepover and one is whispering secrets in the other's ear.

Although at first it seems odd, upon looking into it more, there is a part of it that is intriguing in a bizarre way. There have already been some problems with inappropriate posts, but the creators of this app seem to think they have that under control.
In 2000, overall cancer death rates dropped for the first time in a century, driven largely by the dramatic reduction in male smoking from 47% in the 1960s to less than 23% in 2006. Behavioral research has revealed evidence of links between stress, social involvement, and cancer progression. Effective and cost-effective behavioral and combined behavioral and pharmacological treatments are now available for treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, and the abuse of nicotine, alcohol, and other drugs. If someone were getting a doctorate in human psychology, this app would provide unlimited data about people’s innermost thoughts, ambitions, feelings and desires. You can upload a picture from your camera roll to go with your sentiments, or you can choose a picture from the web or a picture from the Whisper app’s default library.

Only time will tell if this app is here to stay or not, but for now, it seems to touch people in a way that no other social media site or app can do. Without this research, 40 million Americans might still be smoking today with about 12 million premature deaths and billions of dollars in excess cost to health care.
The first conversation is free, but after that, if you want to interact with people, there is a subscription fee.
I pulled some examples of posts from the Whisper app Twitter page and posted them below for you.
It’s an app for people who love telling secrets and venting about life anonymously to strangers.

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