A Friend Gives Hope When Life Is Low, A Friend Is a Place When You Have Nowhere to go, A Friend Is Honest, A Friend Is True. People with green eyes are rumored to be more passionate, while blue eyed folks are supposed to be more romantic. What follows are 8 things your eyes can reveal about your health that you might not know about.
Ongoing, intense stress can cause you to be at risk for Central Serous Retinopathy – which is a 25 cent clinical term eye blisters inside of your eye.
If you notice blisters in your eyes or if you have problems focusing, see your optometrist right away. A review of the scientific literature reveals a strong link between vision loss and depression.
People who experience vision loss and do not pay attention to the warning signs run a higher risk feeling anxious and isolating from others.
If you see a growing dark spot on your iris or other symptoms such as flashing lights or blurred vision, contact your doctor immediately. If you have leaky blood vessels in your eyes it could indicate that you have diabetes or are pre-diabetic. High blood pressure is often referred to as hypertension – which is also known as a “silent killer”.

I am including a book on eye health below that provides more information on how the health of your eyes can impact your level of wellness. Beyond the many myths associated with eyes – the science tells us they really are trying to show you something!
Last updated: 29 Nov 2014Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed. People assign all sorts of meaning to the eyes, ranging from wild claims about personality characteristics to which eye color is best for romantic compatibility. What information can you glean about your emotional and physical health by looking at your eyes? These 8 facts come to us from medical research and are designed to get you think more about the relationship between your vision and level of wellness. Historically, this medical issue has impacted mostly men but we are seeing more cases in women than ever before.
If you have not visited your optometrist in a long time and you are also feeling depressed, the two could be related. The research suggests these symptoms are partially caused by not being able to engage in activities that once brought pleasure, coupled with challenges around self-efficacy. If you notice small changes in the retina’s blood vessels, such as ballooning or narrowing, see your doctor.

This is why it’s so important that you visit your optometrist on a regular basis and inform your doctor of any sudden changes in vision. Inside, you will find many suggestions on how to care for your eyes and prevent potential health problems. John Moore infuses current events, pop-culture and a bit of Hollywood into his posts as a way of communicating wider points on issues related to wellness and goal attainment. People with lighter colored eyes such as greens and blues are at a higher risk for developing certain types of ocular cancer. If you notice that you are involuntarily blinking your eyes or have eye irritation, this could be the culprit. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association linked changes in the retina to elevated risk for heart disease. This particular medical issue happens to people after spending long periods of time in front of a computer.

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