Five shall pass away, four shall wear the crown, three shall fall, two shall rise together, and one shall rise from the ashes and never see the end of days. Just before Eric leaves, Gethwing hands him a black, freezing bracelet that the dragon claims to have used in the past "to alert (him) to betrayers".
Eric bumps into Max, who tells the young wizard that he got separated from Julie, Neal, and Princess Keeah.
When Eric finally catches up to Sparr, the older wizard reveals, through his actions, that he went to Zorfendorf Castle to summon Queen Zara's stone boat. With Eric, Max, and the chest on board, Sparr steers the stone ship onto the Fifth River and into the Upper World--specifically, Silver Lake, a lake near Eric's hometown. As Eric's parents direct the party towards Silver Lake's dam's power plant, where Meredith is held, the Hunters make a final attack and smash the dam.
Afterwards, the group meets up with Pasha (from The Race to Doobesh) and gets some fast transport to Bangledorn Forest, where Queen Zara's body is. As the party travels deeper into Bangledorn Forest, a great green dragon attacks them, but Kem startles it, and the dragon reveals itself to actually be Jabbo, the diminutive dragon ruler of Doobesh.
In the Temple of Zara, Eric and Sparr use the Moon Medallion and the Wand of Urik in combination to revive Queen Zara, who announces that it is time to fulfill destiny and save Droon.
The party, now one stronger, head for the Passages, where they find a collection of creatures called mooples and meet Galen and Salamandra. In order to reach Gethwing's wheel on Droon's moon, Parthnoop, the group needs to reach Plud, where Queen Zara's chariot is.
The ship explodes at the watery wall, shooting Eric upward into the Upper World and backwards in time.
Urik realizes that he has to help save Droon, so he pulls out one of Salamandra's thorns from one of her time portals and creates another portal to Plud. The group reaches the Cave of Night, Gethwing's birthplace and the location of his immortality wheel. Gethwing realizes that his precious wheel is slowing down, breaks away from his fight with Ko, and snatches Galen away from the wheel. Eric calls for mercy, claiming that they "do not kill", and ensures that everyone releases the wheel.
While Salamandra prepares to leave, Eric asks her whether she is good or evil, and she replies that she is neither.
Zara, lighting a candle and throwing it into the sky, brings light and peace to Droon again. The prophecy made to Gethwing was actually made by Queen Zara and given to the dragon by Queen Salamandra. Gethwing initially interprets the "five" as the centuries that passed since his birth, the "four" as his Crown of Wizards (Gethwing, Sparr, Neffu, and Ungast), two of the "three" as Zara and Ko, the "two" as Ungast and himself, and the "one" as the immortal dragon himself. It turns out that the Moon Dragon only got one of the five sections completely right, as the "five" turn out as expected, the fallen "three" are actually Gethwing, Ko, and Neffu, the "two" rising are the sun and the moon, and the "one" that rises from the ashes is actually Droon.
Tony Abbott is the bestselling author of over 80 books for young readers, including the Secrets of Droon series and The Haunting of Derek Stone series. My next guest is Tony Abbott, author of over 80 books for young readers, including the Secrets of Droon and The Haunting of Derek Stone series. Now before we get into your Droon series, let’s talk about the new series that you’ve been writing called The Haunting of Derek Stone.
Just to tell you a little bit about it, Derek is a boy who’s 14 years old and his family suffers a tremendous disaster, a tragedy where his brother and his father are killed. And your main character, Derek Stone, he’s not your typical, you know, strong strapping muscular boy with all the popularity. That’s good to know that there’s going to be some more because you have a huge fan base or children that just love these books. Yeah, Firegirl, which won me the Golden Kite a few years ago, the fiction award from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Well, I’ve been speaking with Tony Abbott, author of over 80 books for young readers, including the Secrets of Droon series and The Haunting of Derek Stone series.
Dedicated to bringing children, authors, and illustrators together through the magic of books.
The book opens with Eric Hinkle dreaming of Lord Sparr chasing him in Kano (Sparr's volcano home). Neal and Julie arrive, and Julie tells about having a dream in Droon where she was at a pool of water, and something "yucky" creeped her out.
The Secrets of Droon, and check out The Secrets of Droon on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. The Secrets of Droon is a fantasy book series by Tony Abbott and cover illustration is done by Tim Jessel aimed at elementary school-age children. An audio version of the series is available from Listening Library, an imprint of the The Random House Audio Publishing Group. The story is about Eric, Julie, and Neal who discover an enchanted stairway in Eric's basement, which turns out to be a portal to the magical and troubled world of Droon.
The series has been translated by many countries to their own language and it is sold in various countries in English.
Long ago in the Upper World, the powerful wizard, Zara (Queen of Light), created an object that she called the Moon Medallion.In the year 1470, Queen Zara has the Medallion (still only the Silver Moon.
Eric Hinkle, Neal Kroger, and Julie Rubin are three friends who accidentally discover a magical world called Droon; a rainbow staircase that appears when Eric's basement closet is dark is usually how they get to Droon.
The first twelve books see Keeah, Eric, Neal, and Julie trying to find and free Keeah's mother, Queen Relna, from a curse placed on her by Witch Demither that forces her to shift shapes; she goes from being a bird, to a dragon, to a tiger, and finally a dolphin before becoming human again.
After Special Edition #1, a€?a€?The Magic Escapesa€™a€™, Droon's past begins to be explored, as well as Droon's connection to the Upper World.
Gethwing, the moon dragon who serves as Ko's lieutenant (though he has ambitions of his own), becomes the more prevalent villain, especially when Ko is thrown into a chasm with no visible bottom. Eric Hinkle is on a quest to collect the magics to save Droon and Earth from Gethwing the moon dragon.
Neal Kroger - Neal was never sure that he and his friends should be going down those weird stairs to some new world under Eric's basement. Julie Rubin - a€?Discovereda€? Droon in the first book, as she was the one who first felt the staircase and convinced them to once again go back into the closet and turn off the lights, revealing the rainbow staircase.
Zara - The Queen of Light, mother of Galen, Sparr, and Urik, and one of the most powerful beings in either world.
Lord Sparr - The first time we meet the powerful sorcerer, purple fins behind his ears glowing, he is attempting to extend his evil empire across the whole of Droon. Gethwing - Pure evil without redeeming qualities, as clever as anyone in Droon's long history. Friddle - Kindly inventor of many objects of usefulness over the course of the saga, from Keeah's magical harp, to crazy vehicles used for desert travel, to spontaneous hot air balloons of exceptional utility. Hoja - Time-traveling Seventh Genie of the Dove, part of a band of super-powerful genies whose dominion of time and magic extend from the first hours of Droon to far into the future. Kem - This two-headed dog beast is the watchdog of the old city of Tarkoom, and personal pet of Lord Sparr.
Prince Eric - Through Salamandra's Portal of Ages, Eric and Keeah visit the future fifty years hence.
Prince of Stars - A person who turns out to be one of the most mysterious and important characters in all of Droon. Prince Zorfendorf - This prince of the strange castle of Zorfendorf is one of the guises that Urik uses to trick the kings and queens of Droon in Book 8, The Golden Wasp.
Queen of Droon - Through Salamandra's Portal of Ages, Eric and Keeah visit the future fifty years hence and see Keeah, grown up and serving as Queen. Relna or Queen Relna - Keeah's long lost mother, one of the greatest of all Droonian wizards, assumed dead when the Droon story opens. Skorth, Warriors of the - These ancient bad guys are no more than skeletons, but they are skeletons of deadly power. Amazing Flemky - Minstrel who is first seen sitting at the top of a very tall, very skinny pole. Ancient Knights of Pim - Long ago, the knights were a fierce and evil army in the Upper World.
Bazra - This Queen of Robbers is the ruler of the Island of Mikos and its Treasure Fortress, where she hoards stolen objects of great magical value. Beffo - So called "King of the Island Trolls," (though he seems to be the only Island Troll), Beffo has bushy blue whiskers that nearly hide an extremely bulbous nose.
Blackdark Knights - What the Ancient Knights of Pim turn into after a wicked spell cast by Gethwing.
Blugs - Very large, very strange, very shaggy beasts, covered in gray fur from head to foot. Bodo - One of the dinosaur-like Guardians of Ro, Bodo is mystical, virtuous, and has an aura of adventurer about him. Clinkface - Ancient beast ruled by Ko that comes back to life in Book 22, The Isle of Mists. Dog-Eared Thief - Robber who is not given a proper name when spotted by the children in the bottle city of Ut. Dora - Little woman with a crooked step who pilots a boat across the river in Book 30, Escape from Jabar-Loo.
Elephant King - A being whom Galen had to fight on his way to creating the Rainbow Stairs, a story fully told only in Galen's Chronicles of Droon. Faraway - The name of a mysterious person known to Galen, and the subject of a poem: "O, come to me, my Faraway! Fefforello - Fifth Genie of the Dove who, as Hoja describes it, has gone "nutty, batty, loony, zany," when we first discover him in Parthnoop in Book 27, The Chariot of Queen Zara. Fire Monsters - Stone-skinned creatures, sort of like dragons and cleverly indistinguishable from boulders, that protect Lord Sparr's volcano palace. Firefrogs - Green froglike creatures, large, with bulging purple eyes and long flickery tongues, who inhabit Firefrog Mountain.
Fluffems - Enormous beasts, nine feet tall, with woolly pink coats, long furry trunks, and gigantic feet. Fog Pirates - A species of bear-headed bad guys who sail the seas to the east of the Horns of Ko. Gelna - Pink-cloaked wizard described as "Galen as if he were his own sister." She enters the scene in Book 29, Pirates of the Purple Dawn. Ghost Riders - A strange mass of beings that work for Salamandra, trying to locate the pieces of the Dragon Ship.
Goblins - There are hundreds of different kinds of goblins, from Salamandra's henchmen in Pesh, to Ko's creepy and evil-doing specialists. Grayclaws - Ancient beast ruled by Ko that comes back to life in Book 22, The Isle of Mists. Green Meanies - Deep-hooded spies of Prince Maliban, the mysterious being living on the moveable city of Tortu. Gryndal - Dragon-like monster and leader of the pig-nosed elves, Gryndal turns out to be quite different from what was expected. Guffle - A huge spidery beast with thick red legs and black fur, which trails white slimy webbing behind it. Haggons - A trio of winged creatures, sisters, whose skin is scaly and lizardlike, but whose heads have wrinkled old faces, with pointed red noses, scraggly beards, long gray hair, and teeth that are chipped and broken.
Hazad or Queen Hazad - The "Ghost Queen" of Agrah-Voor, ruling the land of the lost with kindness, intelligence, and hope.
Iceman - A creature of strange origin that confronts the children with silly riddles on their way into the far north of Droon to find the ice monster Krog. Jabbo - Salamandra's royal pie maker, Jabbo is a short, squat dragon with brown spiky skin as rough and dusty as a potato. Jotli - One of three crows friendly to the mysterious Prince of Stars; he can change shape.
Jyme - Sixth Genie of the Dove who lives in the "far east." She is a water genie, and has extraordinary shifting powers.
Kahfoo - Monstrous snake that lives in the Room of Kahfoo in the Mountain of Kahfoo on the Island of Kahfoo. Knights of Silversnow - Great and noble warriors who have slept for centuries, waiting for the hour when Droon needs them most. Kraken - An unfriendly, pike-tailed, knob-headed water beast living in the muddy canals of Pesh. Krog - A beast that has awoken in the far north of Droon that, according to legend, takes over the body of anyone who defeats it. Maliban or Prince Maliban A mysterious personage living in Tortu, who demands a magical mask of Hob. Marmets - Furry little orange creatures who love cheese, the marmets infest Keeah's rooms in the palace of Jaffa City, for reasons that will be made clear only later. Mashta, - Flying Empress of the Sand Children First mentioned in passing in Book 8, The Golden Wasp, Mashta and her sand children finally make a starring appearance in Book 35, The Lost Empire of Koomba. Meredith - A girl who attends the same school as Eric, Julie, and Neal, and who lives down the street from them. Moonfox - A talking, growling, snarling, fox-like creature with four sharp ears, bright blue fur, a snubby pink nose, and long teeth. Motli - First appearing to the children as a mysterious young girl, holding a candle and walking along a deserted road, Motli is someone else entirely and returns in future adventures.
Nesh Warriors - Creepy fighters in the far north of Droon, they look like skeletons with broad shoulders that are hung with icicles.
Nobclaws - Ancient beast ruled by Ko, which comes back to life in Book 22, The Isle of Mists. Nok - Leader of the Warriors of the Skorth, who land in Doobesh to demand the Ruby Wand from Anga. Num - A giant creature on his own island, who tries to prevent the children from completing their voyage aboard Keeah's ship, the Jaffa Wind. Old Rolf - Essentially the leader of the three Silversnow Knights, he is seven feet tall and four feet wide at the shoulders.
Otli - One of three crows friendly to the mysterious Prince of Stars, Otli can change shape. Pasha - Mysterious rug maker whose products fly, though he is not magically empowered in any way.
Rebel Monkeys of Parnesh - Reference to a group of rebel monkeys Ko and one of his beasts fought together. Red Wolves of Droon - Wolves with red fur who live in the depths of Jaffa City; they are ancient and bear an intelligence that links them with the great past of Droon. Saba - A vile creature and the phantom of Ko, Saba is an exact double of the emperor in every way, except that he bears no shadow.
Sand Stingers - Slithery little beasts that are described as "Ko's deadly pets." They attack the children in Book 32, The Treasure of the Orkins.
Sarla - One of the two twin princesses of Samarindo (the other being Looma), described as young girls with orange faces, long silky gowns, and high turbans on their heads.
Shadowface - Name Neal gives to a mysterious presence the children see in Agrah-Voor in Book 28, In the Shadow of Goll. Shovel-Nosed Beasts - Unnamed creatures as large as elephants and like them in many ways, except that their thick, leathery skin is blue. Slag - Renowned as "the mightest man in Droon," Slag is a large muscle-bound fellow with brawn that stretches from here to the Dark Lands and back. Smeed or Corporal Smeed Right hand to Captain Plundit, leader of the Rat-faced Snitchers of Zoop.

Snowfolk - Plump, round-faced men, women, and children, the Snowfolk are friendly citizens of the far north of Droon. Theesha - Young Ninn girl who helps the children in their quest to retrieve the Five Treasures. Thog - The shy, floppy-eared, bald-headed giant who is caretaker and guard of the great library at Zorfendorf Castle.
Thum, Augustus Rudolphus Septimus - A droomar elf with a mission to help Keeah on her journey to wizardhood. Tuskadon - A giant, elephant-like beast with a furry trunk and coiled tusks of blazing red. Wingsnakes - Popular and numerous beasts utilized by the dark forces during their battle against Free Droon. Winterbreath - Ancient beast ruled by Ko that comes back to life in Book 22, The Isle of Mists.
Yoho - Self-named "captain of the fog pirates." Yoho is a patch-eyed man with a broken-toothed grin.
Tony Abbott has revealed on his blog that there could be a sequel series of seven books based on the Seven Cities of Gold. From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom. Young readers who love Tony Abbott's "The Secrets of Droon" series will almost certainly adore this latest volume. The kids from the Upper World must travel back in time to save Droon from the most dangerous creatures they've met yet! But to defeat the Moon Dragon, they'll need to uncover the greatest secret in all of Droon. Eric hands Max the Moon Medallion and tells him to keep it, then continues to chase after Sparr. Eric and Keeah hold back the surging water with a wall of magic, while Neal struggles to reassemble the dam. She and Sparr then reveal that they both went to the Upper World to retrieve the Wand of Urik, currently stuck in a time loop. Nelag reveals that he has received a dream from Queen Zara that tells him to bring her the Wand of Urik immediately. In Bangledorn Forest, Twee, Woot, Weaf, and Queen Ortha tell the group that the Forest has been invaded by Gethwing's wingwolves, but the Lumpies should arrive shortly to defend the place. Zara shows everyone a map of Droon that also contains the Passages, tunnels connecting the various parts of Droon. Just before Pasha picks everyone up and drops them off at Plud, Eric pulls out his ancestor's photograph and suddenly realizes where he needs to go to find Urik, the only Son of Zara who is not in the group. The boy wizard finds himself near his own house, where he sees a golden-haired, blue-clothed child on a silver tree--a younger version of Eric.
Urik and Eric jump in and land in present-day Plud, where they find the rest of the group after fighting through Gethwing's monsters. Gethwing also arrives and traps Eric, revealing the bracelet to be a mind control device (and that Gethwing distrusted Eric since the beginning of the book). Max realizes why the wheel is now speeding up, grabs a sword, and pummels Gethwing on the head until the dragon releases Galen.
After Agrah-Voor's ghost heroes leave the place, Gethwing, Ko, and Princess Neffu are thrown in, along with all of their beastly minions. The thorn queen then says that the prophecy Gethwing heard is actually not ancient at all, as she only told him that last Tuesday (in her point of view). The party sees a glimmer of light on the horizon, and Eric, thinking that it is the Rainbow Staircase, reflects on how he might never see Droon again.
Although Gethwing knows he heard the prophecy on the night of his birth, Salamandra says that she actually said it relatively recently (less than a month ago, according to her point of view). Neal interprets the "four" as himself, Eric, Julie, and Keeah, as he is the Genie King, Keaah is Princess of Droon, Julie was named a princess of the Oobja in The Sleeping Giant of Goll, and Eric is a descendant of Queen Zara.
Nevertheless, you know, I put in all these mysteries that might or might not be solved if the series went to fifteen or twenty books.
He traps Eric and just as he lunges at him, Eric leaps out of the way, and wakes up wrapped in his bedsheet like a mummy. In the official website of the series (created by Scholastic) various innovative factors were introduced like Droon game, Droon quiz, Droon timeline, Droon songs, Droon encyclopedia, Droon map etc.
Other parts are created by Urik, Galen, Sparr - the sons of Zara) with her on her mission to the time-traveling and magical city of Pesh. To keep the boy Sparr from Ko, Zara escapes from Ko's temple and creates the Fifth River and the Fountain in the coastal meadows of Western Droon. There they meet Keeah, the princess of Droon who is a wizard, they also meet Galen Longbeard who is the first wizard of Droon who are trying to defend Droon against Lord Sparr, an evil sorcerer who constantly tries to destroy Keeah and the Upper World friends and take Droon for his own to rule.
The characters develop as well, with Eric's wizard powers (gained in Book 12, a€?a€?Under the Serpent Seaa€™a€™) progressing, and Julie obtaining the powers of a wingwolf (gained in the book "The Dream Thief") - namely, to fly and shape-shift and later on her third power is revealed. In Book 33, a€?a€?Flight of the Blue Serpenta€™a€™, Eric is wounded by a poisoned ice dagger intended for Galen, and is eventually manipulated by Gethwing into becoming Prince Ungast, his evil opposite.
The daughter of Queen Relna (a powerful wizard in her own right) and King Zello (a fairly regular guy), Keeah is awkwardly learning to assume her destiny as a wizard and the successor of Galen, while still trying to be a kid. Galen is the 540-something-year-old First Wizard of Droon and a person of awesome power, if sometimes absentminded and forgetful. The mysteries surrounding Zara continue from the earliest books through to the final pages of the Droon saga.
Ko was brought back to life in Book 22, The Isle of Mists, by Sparr to resume his aggression in modern Droon.
Prince Ungast is called out of Eric's dream state by Gethwing in Book 34, In the City of Dreams, and becomes a major character to the last pages of the epic story. Neffu quickly aligns herself with the bad guys and grows in power all the way through the Droon stories. Anusa is the one whose task it is to help Galen on his journey of refreshment when he is very old. Demither is a person of awesome power, who lives in water, often as a kind of serpent or wild mermaid. Renowned for his piloting ability, Friddle takes the helm of Keeah's sea vessel, the Jaffa Wind, for its famous voyage in Book 14, Voyage of the Jaffa Wind.
The Seventh Genie of the Dove is Hoja, the Sixth is Jyme, the Fifth is Fefforello, the Fourth is Stream, the Third is River, and the Second is the legendary Anusa. It can disappear sometimes, which comes in handy on Eric, Julie, and Neal's first adventure in Droon.
The Lumpies are pillow-shaped people who live in the deserts of Lumpland, south of Jaffa City. Nelag is a being without real magical power who is constantly saying and doing the "wrong" thing and having it turn out to be, most of the time, exactly right. She lives within the vast empire of trees where no magic is allowed, but also ventures out to help when other parts of Droon are threatened by bad forces. A man of unknown origin who has lost his memory, the Prince of Stars is bedeviled by dreams and visions of a hidden past, and keeps showing up at the oddest times. In fact, Relna is not dead, and her long journey through different shapes is first glimpsed in Book 2.
Gethwing has sworn the Knights to allegiance with him when he begins his takeover of the Upper World in Book 26, The Moon Dragon.
Bazra is first seen as short and round, wearing a dazzling pink crown, furry pink robe, and pink shoes. He is very old, short, with wrinkles all over his face and hands that are nearly purple with age. First reference: Book 4, City in the Clouds, but seen in other crucial adventures, always with a helpful intent. Ninns are also apparently afraid of the sound of approaching bumbalos, a fact that helps the children stay on Sparr's trail in Book 22, The Isle of Mists.
They are the preservers of the Golden Age of Droon's wisdom, throughout all the dark years after the wrath of Ko and Gethwing spread over the world. Sporting a keen sense of style, Dumpella has a little crush on Eric which convinces her to help the kids when they run afoul of the obnoxious Duke.
They are friendly and shy; their charge is to guard the mischief-makers that Galen sometimes sentences to the mountaintop. Her voice is said to be like music playing, and her words are delivered in a sing-song manner. They can be invisible on demand (turning into fog), but later change their tune and learn to be helpful. The letters which form this dragon's name are the same letters which form the word "dragon" itself.
When Droon finally achieves lasting peace, she hopes that her vast population of stricken warriors will rise to walk again.
Friendly and timid, the hoobah people are oppressed by various forces, including the Ninns, and are known to say "Glemf!" as a kind of exclamation.
Krog is a monster with wings, a thick, jagged tail, and a massive body covered with long fur, scales, and knobby skin. Her skin is the color of pistachio, and her nose is so long it nearly touches the tip of her chin.
Mashta is, of course, the kindly and diminutive monarch who governs the Sand Children as they play in the red desert of Koomba. In Book 24, The Race to Doobesh, we see her spying on the kids a€” and she appears to know something about Droon. In their youth, Ving would form a group of bandits and prey on land travelers, while Ming would take a crew of pirates and terrorize the open seas. Julie mistakenly brings it back with her from Droon a€” the first time someone takes something from Droon into the Upper World. Mudji is the elder Orkin celebrated as the one who caught the single blue snowflake (actually the scale of a blue serpent) during the storm of a hundred years past. Supremely courteous to Keeah and her friends, Rolf was in the ranks of Galen's army long ago in the Wizard Wars. Pasha is not seen until much later in the series, though his name and his rugs appear many times before then.
The Snitchers ride around the desert, ambushing good citizens and stealing their belongings. The Red Wolves are friendly to Queen Relna, whose own history blends with theirs in the founding of the city itself. Shadowface is a tall, shadowy figure of a man wearing a ragged black cloak from head to foot. Shago is a slender, rat-like creature with sensitive fingers, curly-tipped slippers, a fine sense of time and place, and a penchant for swinging on magical ropes.
He is described as having a head as large as a pumpkin, and looks to be entirely made of muscles. The snakelings can stand up on their back ends, are quite numerous, and have no problem attacking the children and capturing them, if that's what it takes to defeat them. Snorky is a key character in the adventure of the Hawk Bandits, where he picks up a new trick along the way. Starfoxes are so rare that you must doubt your eyes, but when the reports are genuine, they usually involve sightings in some area of the Pink Mountains of Saleef. Eric finds it on the enchanted island in Book 22, The Isle of Mists, but it becomes a kind of character and first begins to talk in the following story, The Fortress of the Treasure Queen.
The kids meet him when they journey there to save King Zello and Queen Relna from imprisonment. The Urn Riders are impish creatures with turbans, flowing robes, shiny slippers, and tiny whips. Vasa is a true friend of the people of Droon, and one of the caretakers of the Tower of Memory.
The Wingwolves are also known as the Hakoth-Mal and wear rust-red armor, stand upright like men, and have the heads of wolves. These hapless victims of the powerful venom of the Golden Wasp lose their minds and become servants of Lord Sparr. Although unnamed until Book 24, The Race to Doobesh, Yoho was among the group of fog pirates attacking the kids at sea during their foray in Book 14, Voyage of the Jaffa Wind.
Nickelodeon has even expressed interest in doing a three to four season television series based on the books. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
There are now over 9 million DROON books in print.Neal, Julie, and Keeah are on a quest to find the wizard Galen and his all-powerful Moon Medallion. Neal, aka Zabilac, and his band of magic-powered friends set off to find the Moon Medallion, hidden somewhere in the mysterious City of Ut and rescue their friend Eric, held under an evil spell by the "fearsome moon dragon," Gethwing.
To stop him, Eric, Julie, and Neal must travel to the city of Tortu, where Hob has sought refuge and is crafting a new mask for Prince Maliban.
When Eric requests to check on Lord Sparr, Gethwing agrees, even though the Moon Dragon knows that he will dispose of the older sorcerer anyway. Thog hands Eric a scroll from Galen (dropped off by the birds) containing the words "Collect the magics". Afterwards, Eric calls Max to him, and Max not only gives the Moon Medallion back, he also shoves in a chest containing Keeah, Neal, and Julie. Eric's parents chase after the Hunters, as they have kidnapped Meredith, Eric's old classmate (who is also Keeah's aunt, Witch Demither). As the water piles higher and higher, Eric mentally contacts Sparr, who snaps out of the reverie he has been in since the start of the book and reins the water back into the lake.
They all travel to Jaffa City, where they meet King Zello and Queen Relna, who are very busy fending off Gethwing's armies. She claims that Galen, who has been missing for books, is not actually lost and is currently in the Passages, searching for Emperor Ko.
Salamandra raises Ko from the dead with her time magic, then Galen reveals Ko's shared memory with Gethwing (and, indirectly, the location of Gethwing's birthplace and thus his immortality wheel) to everyone.
While everyone else flails for ideas about how to transport Eric there, the mooples return and suggest using the Passages again. After a tearful family reunion Urik has with Zara, Galen, and Sparr, the party runs to Zara's chariot and powers it up.
As Gethwing cockily trusts the prophecy and burns himself in the moonlight, Ko arrives with Salamandra, Jabbo, and a suspect-looking collection of goblins. With all seven hands on the wheel as before, the wheel slows to a near-halt, and Gethwing falls unconscious. Zara and her sons seal the place up, and Queen Hazad leads the ghosts towards the rising sun and moon.
Eric then tells her that her mysterious word, "Reki-ur-set", was actually an anagram of "Urik's tree" and was the key to finding his ancestor. Urik eventually realizes that the glimmer is actually the first of the Seven Cities of Gold, which he had heard about in his previous travels. However, since Zara was the prophecy's creator, the "four" could also easily refer to her four "Sons": Urik, Galen, Sparr, and Eric. He was the recipient of the 2006 Golden Kite Award given by the society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators to recognize excellence in the children’s literature. For the next two weeks, we’re going to do some reruns of previous shows because of the holidays, but we’ll start back up January 7th with an episode devoted to military and hard science fiction with Joe Haldeman, David Drake, David Weber, and Ben Bova.

They go to Droon and talk with Princess Keeah, Max, and Galen where Keeah tells them that she dreamed about them, and guessed they were coming. At the very same time, far down below our world, Emperor Ko (leader of the beasts) learns of Zara's great wisdom and power.
She tests it by sending the Moon Medallion up into the Upper World for her oldest son, Urik, to find, as he is trapped there, traveling through time. The time in Droon runs differently in Droon that even a whole year in Droon is not even a second in our world. Ungast, along with Princess Neffu (Keeah's evil opposite) and Lord Sparr, returned to his younger, evil self, form Gethwing's formidable "Crown of Wizards"; it is not until Special Edition #7, a€?a€?The Genie Kinga€™a€™, that Eric becomes himself again another thing revealed in the book is that Gethwing is immortal. Although he certainly doesn't see himself as any kind of hero, when something needs to be done, he doesn't stop to think about it a€” he just does it. Neal likes the easy life and is on a perpetual quest for food, which sometimes clouds his judgment.
Cloaked in his usual blue robes and tall hat, with white hair and long white beard, Galen cuts a striking figure as he tramps around his vanishing tower and on the many adventures recounted in the Droon stories. Loveable and capable, Urik is first really seen in Special Edition 1, The Magic Escapes, where he rescues Eric from goblins in a typically flamboyant way, by leaping from rooftops across the city of Pesh.
An excellent sorcerer and one of the most fascinating characters in all of Droon, Sparr has a manner of quiet, amused rage punctuated by moments of thunderous and deadly power.
She is also in possession of the 'Portal of Ages' which she uses to time travel through Droon and the Upper World's pasts and futures. He dominates the adventure from his first appearance, when he is described as having two pairs of wings that are very long and covered by scales the color of night. Batamogi is an excellent soul, a great friend to the children, and is extremely resourceful. They are mentioned often from Book 15, The Moon Scroll, onward, the busiest members being Hoja and Anusa. He learned evil symbols from the walls of the ruined palaces of Goll that allow his masks to take on magical properties. This gargantuan turban, which changes colors from story to story, has magic like you wouldn't believe.
Later, he develops into a first-rate creature with many useful qualities, not the least of which is a sharp sense of humor. As their king, Khan has a family of two children and a wife, his queen, all of whom love their father and husband unflinchingly. First reference, only in passing: Book 8, The Golden Wasp, but seen to great effect in Book 10, Quest for the Queen. She understands the future, but is fated to deliver really inscrutable prophecies that take whole chapters to decipher. He raises them from a long and ancient box of disconnected bones, and they come to life again, reappearing in many Droon adventures, all the way to Gethwing's final battle.
In Special Edition 3, Voyagers of the Silver Sand, Neal pretends to be a genie; when he actually does get genie powers, he adopts the name for real. Zello is always seen dressed in armor, bearing a Viking-style horned helmet and wielding a pair of monstrous clubs, his weapon of choice. The knights are not as terrible as they are made out to be; they really just want to rest and enjoy their old age.
The kids know him from several adventures, particularly The Isle of Mists, but he happily reappears in Book 32, The Treasure of the Orkins. She flies quickly in and out of situations, delivering messages to and from the characters. He wears a diaper that is frequently in need of changing, a fact that helps the children on at least one occasion. As a result, something from the Upper World goes to Droon to keep the two worlds in balance. They help Eric in Book 11, The Hawk Bandits of Tarkoom, and tell him how they aided Keeah earlier.
He is a thin man with a very long nose, a thick black mustache, a single eyebrow, and a tall floppy hat tipped with dozens of tiny bells. He reappears in one of the climactic Droon episodes (Special Edition 7, The Genie King), but his first reference is Book 21, Flight of the Genie.
Amiable, kind, caring, and as tall as a two-story house, Thog is one of the true unsung heroes of the big story of Droon.
He is described a small, white, four-footed creature with a stubby snout, whiskers, green eyes, and pointed ears. Tuskadons are exceptionally helpful, providing transportation into the mysterious forest land of Jabar-Loo. His tomb lies in the legendary Dust Hills of Panjibarrh, which we see in Book 6, The Sleeping Giant of Goll, though the first reference to Zor is in Book 5, The Great Ice Battle. Hinkle, Eric's parents - Eric's parents are often part of the adventure, in one way or another, usually without knowing it. As with the other books in this series, the plot zooms along from dangerous encounter to dangerous encounter for Neal and his gang, with plenty of magic spells and magical powers thrown in to overcome the bad guys.
Tony was born in Ohio, and now lives with his wife and two daughters in Trumbull, Connecticut.
Additionally, just before Eric leaves, Thog shows him a strangely blank map to the legendary Seven Cities of Gold, stating that Prince Zorfendorf had collected it before Thog arrived at the library. Salamandra then leaves with Ko and Jabbo, making Eric shout that Salamandra has betrayed them. Eric follows them to the Fifth River and Zara's stone ship, where he hops onto the ship and steers it into a wall of water. While Ko and Gethwing fight, Eric realizes that the disobedient goblins are actually enchanted Lumpies, meaning that Salamandra never completely betrayed the party after all.
Otli, Jotli, and Motli fly in and notify everyone that Gethwing's armies, having noticed that their leader has fallen, have lost heart and are now being trounced by King Zello. Eric, interrogating his ancestor, finds that not only did Urik create the map to the Seven Cities of Gold found earlier in Zorfendorf Castle, the castle is also named after him.
They meet Khan, king of the Lumpies, who tells them that the day before Sparr nearly destroyed one of their villages, with the Red Eye of Dawn, which later burned his hand. Salamandra, initially princess later Queen of shadowthorn arrives in Droon, thus marking the entry of another antagonist. Eric, pretending to still be Ungast, goes undercover to find out a secret about Gethwing that could possibly help defeat him.
Eric knows (from reading the writing in the Tower of Memory) that he and his friends have an important part to play in the future of Droon. He is often the awkward butt of botched spells, as when he became a bug in Book 3, The Mysterious Island.
Keeah loves Droon, and her responsibility to uphold the good weighs heavily on her at times. Many ages before, Galen created and sealed the magical staircase that linked the Upper World Droon.
Max does not have magical powers, but his ability to spin webs of spider silk has come in handy, often saving the children from destruction.
He has toothy jaws, a thick tail, and powerful forelegs ending in long, black-nailed claws. She wears all white, and her hair hangs to her shoulders in a thousand braids, each strand sparkling with innumerable tiny jewels.
Hoja riddles strangely, as traveling through time requires him to veil his words, but he is always helpful. Reunited with Sparr has a mellowing effect on Kem, though when we first see him, he's pretty nasty.
Not is Khan known for the ability to sniff out danger, he is a pudgy little hero, beloved of his people a€” they would follow him anywhere. There are hundreds of thousands of Ninns, and their sheer number creates a frightening force for evil. Quill also writes the Chronicles of Droon, Galen's long-running history of the world of Droon, Quill is a character in many stories, from as early as Book 4, City in the Clouds, and on until the very end.
Zabilac is the word Calibaz spelled backward, and Neal is well known for his special connection to Calibaz. He is constantly attending to duties of state and the safety and welfare of his people, but when he's called to battle the Ninns or Sparr, he is the first to start swinging his twin giant clubs. Two feet tall from his furry tail to the tuft on his head, but he has the puffed-up demeanor of a weasel twice his size. Her cheeks shrivel as if she had sucked in all her breath, her skin turns the color of ash, and her eyes dwindle to shifty black dots in a sea of red. The mooples a€” and the Passages a€” reappear in later Droon adventures, even to the very last pages of the saga. Not magical himself, but clever and funny, Shago has helped the children on many adventures. In Book 15, The Moon Scroll, the Rubins plan to move away, but Eric's new-found power alters this situation in Book 16, The Knights of Silversnow.
It's somewhere in Ut, a magical city in a bottle that only appears once every one hundred years.Fortunately, as a genie, Neal can travel through time. There's little actual character development here, the dialog is wooden, and the exposition can be excruciatingly heavy-handed, but newly independent readers who enjoy fantasy and adventure probably don't care—they've made this a wildly popular series. Everyone then heads towards the first City of Gold in a glorious sunrise, ending the Secrets of Droon on a high note. Go behind the fantasy book series, The Secrets of Droon, by author Tony Abbott, with a map of Droon, the songs of Droon, and more bonus content! But after the series goes her intention seems mostly good even though her alliance is always bought to a question. He dreams of the place often, is plagued by nightmares about Lord Sparr, makes mistakes, and goes out on a limb to protect his friends.
He sometimes freaks out and does stuff that he shouldn't (blowing up the airship they are flying in, Book 4).
Often it is Keeah's spiritual and physical journeys that shape the kids' adventures in Droon. At the beginning of the stories, it was Galen's duty to protect Droon from its chief enemy, the wicked sorcerer Lord Sparr, whose mission was to take over of all of Droon. Salamandra is a teenager, first seen on a float in a parade down the streets of Pesh, the royal city that she flies around in time, using her Portals of Ages. It was Gethwing who helped Emperor Ko raise Lord Sparr after the death of Sparr's mother, Queen Zara. He is a key member of the crew in the legendary voyage undertaken by the Jaffa Wind and recounted in Book 14. Zello stands up to Sparr more than once in the Droon story, but as a regular (non-magic) human, he is at the sorcerer's mercy.
In the conversation, Urik reveals that he is Eric's great-great-great-grandfather and was the Prince of Stars (and that the three birds are Otli, Jotli, and Motli, the Prince of Stars's companions). Keeah, Julie, Neal, Urik, Galen, and Sparr do so as well, slowing the wheel down with their hands. 19 Secrets of Droon Series Book Lot Tony Abbott Chapter Teacher Scholastic AR Go behind the fantasy book series, The Secrets of Droon, by author Tony Abbott, with a map of Droon, the songs of Droon, and more bonus content. It is in this situation that Eric, Julie, Neal enter in The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet, book 1 of the Droon saga.
In Book 22, a€?a€?The Isle of Mistsa€™a€™, Sparr awakens Ko; however, in the process Sparr and his pet, the two-headed dog Kem, are aged back to being children, and become allies with Keeah and the Upper World children. Neal is something of a grumbler, but he is as loyal as they come, not thinking about personal safety when his friends are in trouble.
In Special Edition 2, Wizard or Witch?, she battles her witchy alter-ego Princess Neffu for dominance. To counter Sparr and other evildoers, Galen trains Keeah in her wizardly powers, knowing that one day she will be more powerful than all of them. We see his extended family and homeland in later books, but his first reference is in Book 1, The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet. Ko kidnapped Queen Zara and Sparr in 1470, suffered defeat later by Galen, conjured himself to sleep, and was finally awoken by Sparr. She has dominion over the creatures of the sea and of the waters themselves, and can stand up to Sparr on occasion. Ninns are also related to Orkins in an unusual way, as described in Book 16, The Knights of Silversnow. In Book 4, City in the Clouds, which marks his first appearance, Zello leads a small army to free the Ninn-infested flying city of Ro. Tony Abbott, Connecticut author of humor, fantasy, adventure books that get kids to read, love to write. In Book 28, a€?a€?In the Shadow of Golla€™a€™, Sparr is turned back into his adult self, though he remains the children's ally.
Many of the small, cuddly creatures of Droon (Lumpies, spider trolls, mole people, etc.) seem to have accepted Neal as one of their own. In Book 11, it is revealed that the wizard was not always a bearded, old, and imposing fellow. Sparr was nearly killed when Keeah used her magic to set his own Golden Wasp against him, but, alas, not quite finished off. As one of the most important characters in the entire saga of Droon, Demither appears and reappears unexpectedly throughout the series, often revealing secrets and key information. He is a huggable bear of a man, shoulders his kingship nobly and with compassion, and he loves his daughter and her friends like crazy. He disappears through a hole in the earth to Droon's Underworld, but reappears in Special Edition #5, a€?a€?Moon Magica€™a€™, though fifty years older in Droon's future. In the last book, it is revealed that his great, great, great grandfather is actually Urik.
Later on, we learn of the great, dark, and sad history of Sparr when Emperor Ko kidnapped him and his mother.
Her skin is a deep purple, her eyes flash with a yellow, catlike light, and she has a mass of thick black thorns that cascade down her back. A terrible, powerful presence in Droon, Ko is dedicated to destroying Droon and converting all the nice spots to parts of the Dark Lands. He comes back to Droon's present to give the children and Galen his piece of the Moon Medallion, a magical artifact composed of four pieces created by Zara and her sons (Zara's Silver Moon [the pendant], Galen's Ring of Midnight, Urik's Pearl Sea, and Sparr's Twilight Star), before going off on his own journey.
Of course, in Book 27, The Chariot of Queen Zara, something happens that changes Neal's life forever. This episode marks the beginning of a change in Lord Sparr, one that will last until the final pages of the epic. She first appears in Special Edition 1: The Magic Escapes and reappears in most of the last 11 books. New readers can unlock the mysteries of a magical world in this exciting introduction to the young fantasy series hailed as the.
The Secrets of Droon is a fantasy book series by Tony Abbott aimed at elementary school-age children.

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