When news reaches you that your dear friend Peter has gone missing, you set off at once to find him.
As you explore the environment of Peter’s Hut, you realize that Peter is not merely lost in the jungle.
To solve the thrilling mystery of this hidden object puzzle game, you will need to use your wits, logical reasoning, and all the bravery you can muster as you explore the abandoned village and ancient temples. Below you will find the essential Secrets of the Dark – Eclipse Mountain walkthrough.
The following walkthrough is based on the Platinum Edition of the game; some details may vary from the standard version. The objects you collect will be stored in your inventory, which will be displayed at the bottom of your screen. When you begin the game, you will be asked to choose a level of difficulty – Regular, Advanced, or Hardcore. Periodically throughout the game, you will be given the opportunity to solve a Hidden Object Scene, of which there are two types.
While working to solve puzzles, an Instructions tab will appear on the top of the toolbar that can give you directions. Several of the rooms you will enter allow you to alter their appearance by turning on a lamp, turning different valves, or flipping switches.
If you click excessively about an area, you will be penalized and your cursor will temporarily be unable to click on anything in the scene (you will still be able to click on the Menu button). Having just learned that your good friend Peter has been kidnapped, you begin the game by exploring the hut that he lived in and its surrounding environment.
In this Chapter, you will explore the Crossroads, the Pool, Outside of the Hut, Inside of the Hut, and the Dock. In order to advance to the next Chapter, you need to use a GAFF to retrieve the detached section of the bridge and put it back in place.
In this Chapter, you will explore the Village, the Fountain, the Hotel Lobby, a Hotel Room, the Kitchen, and the Garden. In order to proceed to the next Chapter, you need to complete the final puzzle by the Fountain.
Once you have all three GEARs, inspect the base of the bamboo extension bridge by the Fountain, and use the GEARs to trigger the puzzle. In this Chapter, you will explore the Plaza, the Souvenir Shop, the Museum Entrance, the Cave, the Basement, and the Back Room. In this Chapter, you will explore the Mine Cart, the Attic, the Office of the Souvenir Shop, the Upstairs (a room above the Souvenir Shop), and the Closet of the room above the Souvenir Shop. The purpose of this level is to collect all of the necessary Temple plates, which you will need to enter each of the three Temples and save Peter. You should have received the first piece of the Lizard plate in Chapter 1 when you used the SAW to remove the chains that imprisoned the stone statue by the pool. Similarly, you should have gotten the first Bull plate in Chapter 2 when you used the MACHETE to free the stone statue from the tree roots in the Garden. In this Chapter, you will explore the Lizard Temple, the Bull Temple and the Museum Office. In Chapter 6, the new places you will visit include the Dock, the Hallway of the Museum, the Work Room of the Museum and the Demon Statue. To win the game and release Peter, you must place a DEMONIC HEART into the groove of the pedestal where Peter is imprisoned.
Rather, supernatural forces seem to be at work and the demonic werecreatures may very well have chosen Peter to serve has a human sacrifice.
Whether you follow this guide as a step-by-step roadmap or merely use it as a point of reference, this walkthrough will provide plenty of useful tips and tricks to help you unravel the mystery and save Peter. It is not necessary for you to complete all of the tasks listed below, however, do understand that certain actions must be completed before you can advance to the next level. Gameplay will demand that you visit various different scenes to gather objects and solve puzzles in order to advance the story and ultimately solve the mystery.

In this walkthrough, we will indicate items that can be picked up by using all capital letters to discuss them.
When playing in the Regular Mode, active zones will be highlighted with sparkles and the hint availability will recharge quickly. If you wish to change the level of difficulty, you will have to quit the game and start again on another level. The first variation is similar to an I Spy game- there will be a list of items you must find in the scene. You will be asked to place the various items that appear in your inventory tray into the correct position within the scene; for instance, a spider should be placed on its web. Part of the bridge that will take you to the Village has been washed away and you must repair it in order to move forward to other scenes.
When you have all three pieces, use the HAMMER to affix the NAIL to the OAR, thus creating a GAFF. In addition, you may find yourself returning to areas from the previous Chapter, such as the Hut, the Crossroads, etc. The Hidden Object Scenes can be found to the right of the path that leads to the Pool, in the Kitchen’s refrigerator, by the window of the Hotel Room, in a suitcase found at the Crossroads, and again by the Hotel Room window (you will return to the Hotel Room several times). To solve this puzzle, you must arrange the GEARs in such a way so that the gear in the upper-right corner begins to rotate. The Hidden Object Scenes can be found in the ticket booth of the Museum Entrance, on the windowsill of the Hut, in the corner shelves of the Souvenir Shop, in the cabinet of the Back Room, and on the ground by the Pool. You will spend much of this level going from location to location to gather items and clues.
The majority of the action in this Chapter will take place in scenes you have already visited, in particular, the various rooms of the Hotel. The Hidden Object Scenes can be found in the ticket booth at the Museum Entrance, in the refrigerator of the Kitchen, in the corner shelves of the Souvenir Shop, and in the cupboard of the Back Room. To get the second Bull plate, you must uncover the SPECIAL ITEM that is hidden in the vent of the Closet (you can open the vent by using the SCREWDRIVER you found on the ground next to the Village mailbox). Using the PICKAXE you found by the Mine Cart, free the stone statue in the Museum Entrance from the crystal that surrounds it. In order to go on to the next level and free your friend, you must solve the puzzle at the Demon Statue. You will win the DEMONIC HEART after you destroy the Demon Statue by solving the three puzzles located at the Demon Statue. You have successfully saved your friend Peter and completed Secrets of the Dark – Eclipse Mountain Platinum Edition.
Follow clues left by stone monks in a deserted town in Thailand to uncover a thrilling mystery.
Peter had been traveling throughout Thailand and when you last heard from him, he was exploring a seemingly deserted Village, trying to figure out just what exactly had caused all the villagers to flee. After completing certain puzzles, you may be obliged to return to locations you have previously visited– keep a sharp eye out! The Menu includes an Options tab where you will be able to adjust the volume of music and sound effects. The game offers an unlimited number of hints but after you receive one hint, a certain amount of time has to pass before you can receive another.
Some clues will come in the form of letters, codes, or instructions that will be necessary later on to unlock certain puzzles.
Some of the items will be written in yellow, meaning that an additional action is required in order to find the object- for instance, opening a cupboard door. During these rounds, if you hover your cursor over an inventory item, a description of the object will appear.
For example, when you first enter Peter’s Hut, you will see a dark, gloomy room with items scattered everywhere. The Hidden Object Scenes can be found by closely inspecting the suitcase, the area near the Hut’s window, and beneath the bushes by the Pool.

The puzzles are located in the grate in the ground by the Fountain, in the Hotel Lobby’s desk drawer that you must unlock (the puzzle will only appear when you turn off the Hotel Lobby’s lights), and on the bamboo extension of the bridge by the Fountain (you will need to collect all three GEARs first to access this puzzle). The puzzles are located in the door of the Souvenir Shop and on the middle white crystal stand in the Basement. Technically, Level 4 begins after you have completed the Hidden Object Scene by the Pool, for which you will receive an OILCAN. The puzzles can be activated in the red arcade machine in the Hotel Lobby, the green arcade machine in the Hotel Lobby, the claw game machine in the Souvenir Shop, and in the toolbox in the Attic. When you use this SPECIAL ITEM on the stone statue in the Garden, it will transform into a Bull plate. The Hidden Object Scenes can be found in the cabinet in the office of the Souvenir Shop and in the Kitchen’s refrigerator. The Hidden Object Scenes can be uncovered in the suitcase by the Crossroads, in the ticket booth of the Museum, and twice in the left cubby of the Hallway. In the Advanced Mode, active zones are not lit up and the hint availability will take a longer time to recharge. While working to solve various puzzles, the Hint button will serve as a Restart button, and a Skip button will appear just below it.
But if you pull the light switch, it will not only brighten the scene, it will make the room appear neat and tidy, just as it did when Peter was still living there. The puzzles will be found near the Hut’s window, in the cupboard against the Hut’s back wall, and in the chest by the Dock.
As a prize for completing the Hidden Object Scene beneath the bushes, you will receive a NAIL.
You can pick up the second GEAR when you look closely at the plants at the end of the Garden path. Present it to the stone statue by the Pool and it will transform into the second Lizard Plate. This stone statue will also give the second Tiger plate to you when you use a SPECIAL ITEM on it.
The puzzles will present themselves to you at the door of the Lizard Temple, on the altar of the Lizard Temple, at the door of the Bull Temple and in the upper left cupboard of the Kitchen. The COMPASS NEEDLE is hidden between the cymbals of the clapping monkey hanging in the Attic. Puzzles can be found when trying to open the Souvenir Shop safe, in the red pedestal at the lower left side of the Basement scene, in the dome at the top of the steps in the Bull Temple, when trying to open the door on the right side of the Hallway, and at the Demon Statue where the light strikes a mirror. The puzzle can be triggered by placing the MIRROR PART you received at the end of Chapter three into the missing space. The puzzles can be triggered at the door of the Tiger Temple, while examining the blue pedestal at the lower right side of the Basement scene, twice in the unlit mirror frame by the Demon Statue, by examining the dome at the top of the steps in the Tiger Temple, and at the bottom of the Demon Statue. In general, the gameplay is linear, however there is a certain degree of freedom with which you can decide how to go about exploring different areas. In the Hardcore Mode, no active zones will be highlighted, all hints and skips will be disabled, and no tutorial will be available.
Additionally, the Menu has a Help section that explains general information about playing the game (note that the Help section does not provide Hints). Finally, the third GEAR will be presented to you once you free the stone statue that is stuck within some tree roots in the Garden.
Then, you will have to use the CARVING CHISEL awarded to you for completing a Hidden Object Scene in Chapter 6 and the MALLET you receive for completing a Hidden Object Scene in Chapter 5 to chip away at the rock and skull that can be found on the table of the Museum’s Work Room.
This will reveal the SPECIAL ITEM that you can use on the stone statue in the Museum Entrance to transform it into the last Tiger Plate.

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