Have you ever wondered if there was a quick way to do this or a better way to do that on the iPad?
Whether you are listening to a song from your own music collection or jamming to a custom radio station on Pandora, there's no need to go into a specific app just to pause the music or skip a song.
You can access the hidden control panel by sliding your finger up from the very bottom of the screen. If you ever unpair or reformat your Apple Watch, which wipes the data, you can restore it again using a local backup it makes on your phone. If your Apple Watch battery gets too low, Power Reserve is there to keep your watch in a pared-down watch mode that just tells the time, nothing else, and lasts for hours.
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There are a number of tricks for finding an app on your iPad quickly, including using spotlight search, but one of the most overlooked tricks is simply docking your favorite app.
So many people will choose to buy an Apple Watch but how much do you know about Apple Watch?

Your settings and apps get put back on again, and everything feels the same as when you last left it. Thanks to Apple’s Passbook app, you can easily add QR codes via your phone and use them on the Apple Watch.
But, if you want to deactivate Power Reserve, you need to reboot the watch: it takes over a minute for the watch to start up again and regain functions. If an excellent adventure game can catch your eyes, let’s go on checking the following iPad game City of Secrets HD.
And moving an app to the dock is easier than moving it to a different page of apps.First, touch the app you want to move and leave your finger on the screen until the app icons are jiggling. I checked my iPhone’s photo library, and there was a screenshot of the watch display. If you’re interested, jump to App Store for more details or check the following demo video first. Put your apps into six categories, create folders for those categories and fill them with all he apps that fit the description, and then move those folders to the dock.

This could be a huge help at many places that don’t accept Apple Pay, or to use for airline tickets or concerts. City of Secret features fluid 3D animation, beautiful hand-drawn art, 3D characters and full voice covers. You will want to place it between two existing apps on the dock and wait until those apps move apart to provide space for the app you want on the dock.If you already have six apps on the dock, you will first need to move one of them off the dock before docking the app of your choice.
Simply place your fingertip on the app you want to move off the dock and then -- again without lifting your finger from the screen -- move it to the page of apps.

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