Salvage Secrets Design & Decor shows that helping out the environment does not mean compromising on style. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Welcome to Inhabitat, your online guide to the best green design ideas, innovations and inspiration to build a cleaner, brighter, and better future. Secrets Can Kill offers stimulating, long-term gameplay with an interesting plot and intricate word games. With all the intrigue, mystery, and adventure you've enjoyed in the Nancy Drew books, this role-playing game provides challenging and exciting computer activities for girls.

In this traditional Nancy Drew mystery, you play the role of Nancy as a junior, senior, or master detective.
While visiting your aunt, you become involved in a murder case at Paseo Del Mar High School.
You must help the police find the person who killed Jake Rogers--a notorious member of the student body.
Through sleuthing with your ever-present magnifying glass, you discover hundreds of clues, each leading to the truth behind the students of the high school.
The intelligence of the game leaves nothing to be assumed--and the creepy music and hazardous situations keep you on your toes.

With a surprise ending--unless you are the ultimate supersleuth--Secrets Can Kill is a fantastic mystery for girls of all ages.

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