The Hi-Hat Foot was written to help drummers develop grooves and a solid foundation of four-way coordination in the rock, funk, and R&B styles. Nominated for five Academy Awards including best picture, Whiplash is a film about a young drummer’s complex relationship with a demanding teacher. Get the latest updates on Dom's travel schedule, tips and tricks, ways of improving your drumming technique and unbelievable upcoming deals on drum equipment! Join the Sabian Education Network (SEN)The Sabian Education Network is a community for drum teachers to interact and share with each other.
What They Think:I'm almost finished reading your self empowerment book and it's incredible. While traveling the world playing drums, Dom has become well known for his ability to inspire and move audiences with his stories, concepts, and life experiences. For years, Dom Famularo has both thrilled and inspired audiences around the world with his uplifting message of hope. Sometimes the best way to get focused on your direction is to set aside a full day (or more) and just think about the really important things. The Seminar has been given at various companies and schools, but it can also be organized in your community, for friends and associates! Designed for aspiring musicians, the Teaching Class is the place to learn about all the details of life as an artist. Thank you for the rose colored glasses, I had the exact same conversations with my parents.
The reason for this email (I have been meaning to write this for a long time now!) is just to let you know that almost 2 years ago now I was doing the final year of a BSc.
I passed the course – got a 2:1 Honours degree and now have a good job and own my own flat! I just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration I received from you when I needed it (even if you didn’t even know it!).
Testimonial"Your motivational speech, in my eyes, changed the views of a lot of people on life, especially my own. You will also receive informative and inspiring messages each week about personal development. If everyone practices this in his life it would be great and this world will become a peaceful place to live. Often life experiences can leave us feeling unmotivated and unworthy of the happiness and success we so rightly deserve.
Often our ability to grow as individuals is restricted by our thought patterns, we somehow believe we are not worthy or are frightened of growth.
Self empowerment academy are working with Warwickshire council offering self empowerment courses and life skills sessions to the residents of camp hill in Nuneaton. The Self Empowerment Academy provides an Employee Counselling service and Corporate Training to the Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre in Coventry.
We approached Tony and Paul for additional support with assisting our customers who have many barriers to employment.
A pioneering audio-programme that enables you to live with greater emotional freedom, clarity, direction and purpose!
ASE is a simple and practical attention shifting process that enables you to overcome the negative emotions and mind sets that prevent your success and happiness. The ASE audio programme is a powerful way to change the unconscious patterns that are responsible for unwanted behaviours. Applying ASE means greater emotional freedom and an enhanced sense of clarity, direction and meaning, as well as the ability to remain Self motivated. This unique recording includes inductive voice techniques as well as specialised music and audio technologies which contribute to its effectiveness.

ASE entails attention shifting processes and techniques suited to specific contexts, whereby you can become progressively more aware of your Authentic Self. You could say good-bye to ineffective methods, excessive medications and expensive consultations. ASE empowers people to be in control in stressful situations by allowing for a variety of responses rather than being in a ‘knee jerk reaction’ mode.
The wide variety of groove exercises help explain and develop coordination in 8th- and 16th-note grooves. Featuring a supporting role from Evans drumheads, the movie represents a chance for us drummers to finally take center stage.
Between the frequent drum clinics and speaking engagements that have him globetrotting from Port Jefferson to Peru and his bustling teaching practice, Famularo reaches thousands of drummers every year with his world class chops, ebullient personality and message of pure positivity.
The program provides music teachers with access to digital resources, mentoring from D'Addario master educators, exclusive content, promotions and an opportunity for product feedback and testing.
In keeping with this, and in order to keep the discussions inside the website at a high level, we need to know about your teaching experience and career. People from around the globe have come to him not only for his musical expertise, but for advice on pursuing their dreams and building their careers. If you know people who could benefit from the seminar, or would like to act as a host, please contact us.
Packed with material from Dom’s personal experience, this seminar examines the personal and business skills necessary for success as an artist.
I went to a clinic you did many years ago in Croydon when I lived in London and was about 17 years old (I’m 30 now!!), I had a crazy journey home from Croydon to North London where I stayed at the time and only managed to get home that night thanks to the kindness of a stranger who asked me if I’d like to share his taxi!
I stopped drumming for a few years although I did many other things such as do a lot of Tae Kwon Do, helped teach Tae Kwon Do to kids and last year ran a half marathon as well as get my degree.
As we were driving home from the seminar, my boys kept saying how inspiring you were… how motivational! I too am a musician and what you said really made me think about my future and what I can do with it. Just enter your Name and Email below - then click the 'Free Instant Access' button to download the Self Empowerment Guidebook.
Our individual empowerment solutions will teach you to tap into your inner strength and regain your motivation and happiness. Using the technique taught in this audio programme brings a sense of meaning and hope while revealing your way forward – even amidst the worst of uncertainties or stressful situations.
It enables you to re-program your unconscious mind so that you can be more resourceful in any context. There is no final point, there is simply an increasing conscious awareness of what was previously unconscious.
2 examples of our popular audio-programmes are STOP SMOKING and Effortless Weight Loss (100% money back guaranteed). It also enables the individual to decide their own outcome in any situation instead of being controlled by external influences.
Five of the most important left-foot hi-hat patterns are included, as well as timing exercises that involve playing on beats 1 and 3, 2 and 4, quarter notes, eighth notes, and “off” beats. The Education Collective will grow as a community and resource center for all types of teachers. Over the course of 20 years of traveling and teaching, Dom developed The Cycle of Self-Empowerment™, which embodies his personal philosophy of goal achievement and quality of life. With a bottomless reservoir of passion and enthusiasm, Famularo’s inspirational observations and commentaries on life, love and success have made him a sought-after motivational speaker and lecturer. An intensive one- or two- day course, the seminar takes you through all the steps in Dom’s process of Self-Empowerment.

We will post Seminars that are available to the public on the Upcoming Events page in the music section. Learn to manage your time better, achieve career goals, and develop deficient areas in your business skills in this informative class.
I wrote you a letter telling you how much I’d enjoyed the clinic and about my crazy journey home and you wrote me back a wonderful letter which was very inspiring. I found this final year and the culmination of around 6 years of studying very stressful, in fact the most stressful thing I think I’ve done and thought back to that letter, this led me to looking at your website. I plan to visit New York one day in the future so will hopefully be able to fit in a lesson from yourself for further inspiration. Our Job Coaches learnt a lot from the training and they are now using this to empower their customers. Enlightening and empowering states of consciousness can be accessed and then put to use in meaningful and productive ways in order to bring more of You to Life! He has gone on to present seminars to companies within the percussion industry, groups of music educators, and other corporations – combining the passion of art with the fire of motivational speaking with astounding results!
With a breezy style that is part-storyteller, part-teacher, and part philosopher, Famularo has sparked the imaginations of many to follow their dreams. The Cycle of Self-Empowerment TM is a motivational book that offers a little bit of everything. Attention is given to the major concepts of the Cycle as well as all the Tools and many of the business details that help to generate focus and direction.
The Teaching Class can be organized for small groups… please email us for more details. I found some great inspiration there, reading your site and thinking back to that letter really gave me confidence and help inspire me. I've read it every page slowly so far in detail and thought about each point, it truly is one of the best books I've ever read. We invite you to share a sample of Dom’s concepts here on the website, and check the products page for a full line of forthcoming materials that will help you fine tune your personal skills to focus on your vision. You’ll leave with your own folder jam packed with graphs, diagrams, quotes, and information detailing the Cycle of Self Empowerment™.
We see that regardless of what another person says or does, we really are responsible for what we do.It’s easy to blame other people for our behavior, and when you think about it, it’s almost preferable. If you’re not happy with the results, we’ll refund you.  If you would like us to compile an audio-programme to suite your specific requirements, please inquire. You’ll take the first step on your way to the achievement of your own goals and dreams! But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles, and you are here NOW with the power to shape your day and your future.” – Steve MaraboliYes, we’ll want to listen to what other people have to say and take their advice in some cases, but there’s a difference between this and letting them make our decisions for us or blaming our bad choices on them. Yes, those of us who are in a relationship (for example) will have to embrace the partnership that comes with it, but that’s a completely different issue.Couples are meant to make decisions together, but even in a relationship, we can make our own choices while hearing out our significant other if they have something to say. The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, articles I’ve written, and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.I’ve contributed to numerous spiritual websites including The Master Shift, Waking Times, Golden Age of Gaia, Wake Up World and Expanded Consciousness.

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