ActuallyStrange has been shared by viewers a few times on different social media sites, but now I’m thinking, why wait for other people to share? I have been doing a lot of research looking for ways to improve my self-esteem and come to a better self-understanding.
Originally Published on the Chicago Moms blogWhen our girls arrive at a driving range to hit balls, people look at them with the “isn’t that cute” look. Your least favorite part about clothes shopping is spending so much time looking in the mirror.

Your priorities might be a little different from those crazy “positive” people in your life.
You spend a lot of time being paranoid that the people around you hate you as much as you do. But then you think, that’s giving yourself way too much credit, they probably don’t even think about you enough to hate you. And that makes you hate yourself more, that you were so self-involved that you’d think other people actually spend time thinking about you.

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