Even though this is coming almost at the end of the readiness skills series starting with each letter of the alphabet, it is probably the basis for all the rest. Before children are about 3 years old, they see themselves in terms of labels and things they do: girl or boy, age, color of hair, eyes, good or bad, swim, jump, etc. Humor is one strategy. At school, sometimes when kids are having a lot of difficulty with an activity, we practice using words instead of ripping the paper or throwing the lego.
The counselor provides responsive services, responding to students' immediate needs through one-on-one counseling or peer mediation.
It says a child’s self-esteem remains fairly stable for life, starting in kindergarten, and can be influenced by feeling loved. As children grow and develop beyond this age, so does their long-term memory and they start to include their memories of things that have happened and their feelings.

It is important that parents and teachers work together to identify what is prompting the anxiety. Their family, teachers, and counselors will work withe them to address any of the reasons why they feel they can not attend school.
Usually helping the child feel more secure, along with behavior management techniques to teach the child how to handle difficult situations is helpful.
Greet them when they come in the door from being gone, with a hug and say hello3.Ask them about their day, who did they sit by at lunch, play with at recess4.
Children who are easily frustrated see themselves as less able even though the opposite may actually be the case.
Stories can also help, such as one many parents might remember, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

On the other hand, if we have a high tolerance for frustration, we continue on and think we are capable.
Of course, there are more factors than this that contribute to the sense of self, but we can boost children’s sense of self-worth by giving them strategies to cope with frustration.

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