We are a small organization of Psychologists offering psychological treatment for a variety of clinical issues including: Addictions . Above, in our Counseling and Coaching menu you will find a full listing of all of our areas of psychological treatment. It had started out as any other day but by the time it was over it had left an impression that was still with Sandy today, almost seven years later.
The current job and the prospects of the future occupied Sandy’s mind as she drove along her usual route to work, unaware of how her life was going to change in a short while. Let me illustrate my point about understanding money, with a case example of one of my clients (details changed) with whom I work as a life skills coach. One of my clients, let’s call him Robert, with whom I have been working on some psychological concerns, was relating a story to me. Upon arriving at his hotel he discovered what the car rental company had done and instantly he was stressed because he hadn’t budgeted for the extra three hundred dollars. The whole thing cast a pall over his entire vacation, with Robert not only angry at the car rental company but also stressing about the financial knot he was in, while away from home. Nate works with grades 3rd through 12th, teaching refusal skills, abstinence education, conflict resolution, anti-drug use, and much more. State agencies, colleges, school districts, educational agencies and organizations, civic and church groups by conducting workshops and seminars. CD’s and DVD’s, as well as books of poetry, prose, and speeches that would add to the conference theme. Complete 10 hours a week of volunteer Chaplain service in a church and or community ministry.

Complete all residential requirements listed above, except requirement #2, class attendance. Distance Learning Students will participate in a group on line discussion with the instructor, once a week. Life Esteem is an informative program giving you important information to you and your community. Our work is directed at adult individuals and we use a variety of approaches to treat the psychological concerns of our clients. It generally took her twenty five minutes or so to get to the senior citizens’ home where she was employed as a Practical Nurse. It has to be, because I know that unless you understand money, you will continue to struggle in life, always behind the eight ball, stuck. Elaine is 38 years old, single, educated, with a university degree and possessed with many valuable skills.
Robert, who is a very polite and decent man, spent almost an hour fighting with the rental company trying to get them to reverse the 300 dollars they had retained. Once you are home, there are home-things to do - children’s homework, their extracurricular activities, planning for the evening meal, getting things ready for the following day – it’s a whole separate job in itself. Sandy was driving through an intersection when out of the corner of her eye she saw something white hurtling towards her. She has been working full-time for a period of eleven years at a decent job, a job in which she has had a number of promotions and several salary increases. It ruins her experience of her work and, because she is operating at such a high stress-rate daily, it fatigues her, leaving very little of her for her home and family.

The entire thing is simply too much and my client finds herself thinking of escape all the time. Susan Baile focuses on an essential part of successful parenting — building self-esteem in your child. While the profession of Licenced Practical Nurse had been rewarding in that it had provided Sandy with steady employment over the years, it had had its drawbacks. Before she had a chance to react, the speeding car came crashing into the passenger side of her vehicle.
He did not know that the car rental company was going to preauthorize three hundred dollars from his credit card to hold as a deposit. He is stressed because he hasn’t been doing well in getting ahead in life, despite the fact that he makes a decent salary.
Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), resulting from workplace accidents, motor vehicle accidents, violence and or exposure to catastrophic man-made or natural disasters. One of biggest negative points of her job had been that it was very labour-intensive and after almost 18 years of work, Sandy found it difficult to do. Her plan at the present time was to work there for another two years, before moving on to something else.

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