About 150 miles south of Washington D.C is this ashram called Yogaville, started by Swami Sachidhanandha from India.
We went for a weekend retreat program that starts at Friday 5PM and goes on till Sunday evening. Just a bit about food before we talk about the rest of the aspects of “Yoga” retreat : They serve very earthy, vegetarian and sometimes vegan food at the ashram.
Now that we have talked extensively about food, let’s talk a little about the rest of the things one can do to benefit from this experience. Lotus temple offers a really beautiful,peaceful, pin-drop silent area (as shown below) for meditation. Kailash is a little hill near Lotus temple that has a statue of Lord Shiva in his dancing form.

A few times a week, a Poojari performs a pooja, which is equivalent to communion in Christianity. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
The main attractions are the Kailash temple, Lotus temple, Swamiji’s tomb, and the awesomest vegetarian food along with plenty of yoga and meditation to sooth one’s soul. The set up is in a such a way, there is a lake around the lotus temple, and Blue Ridge Mountains in the backdrop.
Even if you are not into meditation or just can’t get the mind to sit in one thought, just being in that room calms you down. The Poojari is a lawyer by profession but a passionate Hindu devotee and I am totally impressed by his ability to recite Sanskrit verses so fluently.

It is every religious Hindu’s dream to hike up the mountain to reach Mt.Kailash for obtaining Nirvana.
Even though, at face, the ashram comes across as a representation of Hinduism, one doesn’t have to believe in Hinduism to go there to experience nature, food, yoga, and meditation. Lord Shiva, the destroyer of evilness, in this form is represented as half man and half woman (his wife Shakthi).
I called the management and warned them of our late arrival just to make sure there is someone to check us in.

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