To understand and utilise the OECD Sustainable Manufacturing Indicators, you can follow a simple seven-step process below. Remember, the most important thing is engaging in this process and the rest is what you make of it.
The first set of indicators relates to the raw materials and intermediate products used in your production processes to make your products. Let’s take a look now at what happens within your facility and the activities you undertake to transform a variety of inputs (Step 3) into end products for delivery and sale (Step 4). We will turn our attention to the environmental impact of the products produced by your facility.
You are now well on your way to understanding and realising the benefits of a better environmental performance. Installing an outdoor railing on the steps of your home or business does not need to be complicated or expensive.
Rob, from Florida, installed this L160 Simple Rail handrail on the front steps of his home. In addition to free-standing stair railing, there are also Simple Rail handrail kits that will attach to your outdoor porch. The Surface L160 is more difficult than some of the other Simple Rail stair handrails to build, but it has an elegant, finished look.
Metal stair railing is required or desired on the steps of most homes and businesses to provide assistance to people who are entering and exiting the building. After my 91 year-old father died a little over a year ago, my mother was adamant in her desire to continue living alone on their 80 acre farm.
After falling down these steps during an ice storm, I decided I wanted to put up a very sturdy handrail and this is indeed a very sturdy unit.
The owner of house (a group home) wanted a replacement railing that would stand the test of time, so after much research I went with Kee Klamp fittings, and made this rock solid railing. This stairway was so narrow, the homeowner wanted to attach the railing to the side of the concrete steps. The main reason I decided to use the fitting's were because of the adjustable angle I needed for the top of the handrail. Kevin, from Georgia, installed this post and wall mounted metal railing to meet local building codes.
You can tell by reading the customer comments that installing a Simple Rail metal railing kit is relatively easy. Sit-Stand Adjustable Height Computer Desk made with pipe, Kee Klamp structural pipe fittings, casters and a little ingenuity. The Steel Connection Solutions contains information on the BeamClamp, BoxBolt and Grating Clip products.
It should be possible, in most cases, for a facility to go from having no information at all to being able to measure at least some indicators within a year.
No matter how much or how long you engage, the same basic seven steps will apply throughout. In Step 1, we focus on where you are starting and where you want to end up, which is essential to ensure that you have all you need to get there.

Let’s take a closer look at the impact that material inputs can have on your environmental performance. Here, we focus on the key processing and manufacturing functions and design of your facility and the related back-office functions as well as the emissions that arise from these operations.
The work involved in identifying and tracking indicators will yield significant information that can help to improve your knowledge, strategy and results.
In the previous step, you have established your baseline performance on selected indicators.
I think I should warn you, I am going to be submitting a few lessons that are all based on the simple concept.
The first simple step is to draw a circle for the head, and then add the facial guidelines.
For your last drawing step all you need to do is draw the simple shorts for the simple boy. Porches are often designed with a flat top rail that is very difficult to grab or hold onto. This is helpful when you need to ascend out of a basement area or attach to an existing wall on one end while allowing the railing to be free standing on the other end. Constructed with Kee Klamp fittings, Simple Rail handrails are durable and easy to install. The hybrid kits allow you to attach to the wall on one end and the ground level on the other end.
Since then, my brothers and I have been working on projects around the house that will help her keep her independence, but live safely at the same time. Doing so will help you measure and understand your environmental impact, as well as improve your performance on an on-going basis. Your timeline may also change as you progress, so be sure to communicate regularly with your colleagues along the way. The aim of this first step is to establish a general understanding of your positive and negative environmental impact by mapping your activities and determining which ones affect your performance the most. The next step is to understand the different ways to review and analyse the information generated by the indicators to identify options for improving the performance of your facility. I feel that these types of tutorials are needed to allow more beginning artists, down the right path to draw better, and provide you with a good idea on how to tackle something you want to draw.
We have a variety of stair railings that are fully galvanized to stand up to tough outdoor conditions. Simple Rail wall mounted kits can be added to the exterior of the porch and will provide a strong, durable grab rail that can be finished to match the exterior of your home. Each video covers all the necessary steps required to build a Simple Rail stair handrail kit. This railing is great for insurance compliance on the stairs of your home or any other area where you need handrail accessibility. Available as kits or in custom configurations, these railings are great for home owners, business owners and landlords who need to provide code compliant railing.
The projects range in complexity, but as you will see, none are too complicated for the DIY enthusiast.

The nice feature of this handrail kit is that it allows you to construct the railing at almost any angle. We installed hand rails out her back door, which had not been present before the task was undertaken.
Similar to the hybrid kit above, this railing allows for just about any angle, and requires very little drilling. If you are wondering what it's like to install one of these kits, check out the videos on the Metal Railing Kit page. There are several adjustable angle fittings that can be used to create curves and make a railing that fits perfectly into its surroundings. Using a special wall-mounted base flange, this railing was mounted directly to the side of the concrete steps. It is important to appreciate that sustainable manufacturing is not about a final destination or result, but about continuous learning, innovation and improvement.
There will be many ways to reduce the environmental impact of your facility and improve its performance, and no single person will have all the answers.
Some companies will benefit from adding more indicators over time, while other companies may only want to use a handful of the indicators provided. Now, you need to make your decisions happen – by setting clear targets and creating a tangible action plan. The railings can be painted on-site, or we can powder coat your railing for an additional cost. The C50 Outdoor Stair Railing is especially easy to install; no pipe cutting or drilling is required.
The job was a snap, and the Kee Klamp and Kee Lite fittings were the perfect fit for this job.
We're confident that each of these metal railing installations will offer accessibility and code compliance for years to come! Therefore, after completing all seven steps, you may want to revisit the process regularly (e.g. If you need help selecting a railing that is right for your environment, don't hesitate to reach out to our projects team. When I first started out drawing, people was always something I never felt confident in drawing. We offer fast, friendly assistance, and most railings can be on their way to your home or business in under a week.
Instead, I would draw stick like figures with big bobble looking heads, and small hands and feet.
It's truly amazing how one can one day not know how to draw anything but some funny looking dinosaurs and dragons, to really knowing how to draw real looking people, objects, animals, and other things. When it comes to teaching yourself how to draw a simple boy, you can have reassurance that you will walk away from this lesson, with the knowledge of knowing how to draw a boy.

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