So as I saw friends around me get attached, and as I met one happy couple after another, I wondered, Is there something wrong with me? Before I go into the course details, let’s take a look at who this course is for. As with all my other courses, I’m highly selective of who I allow into Soulmate Journey to ensure maximum course experience for everyone.
You are tired of going on bad dates or entering into romantic relationships that don’t lead you anywhere.
In Soulmate Journey, I’ll work with you to take you from points A to Z of finding your soulmate.
Secondly, I see dating courses out there as generally classified into two categories: One is on pickup artistry. The second type of dating courses are very commercial, generic dating courses, really focused on the steps to take to land yourself into a relationship. Soulmate Journey is about YOU, what YOU want in your ideal mate, releasing YOUR internal blocks, and how to attract your highest love of all. This is the only person you need for the most fulfilling, best romantic relationship in your life. While there’ll be parts of the course where I’ll prep you to meet new, compatible people from the right places — including a field-exercise where you’ll be getting out there to meet new people (maybe even date)! — Soulmate Journey will not be matching you up with anyone. While this shouldn’t be the sole reason to join the course, you’ll also get to “meet” other singles from around the world by way of your sign up — your fellow course participants. If you join this course with the intention to get into a relationship right away, please don’t join.
Reason being when you put a time limit to the delicate process of love (and such time limits tend to be fear-based), what happens is you’ll subconsciously box yourself to (1) what’s available around you and (2) what’s convenient as opposed to what’s best for you. Funny is when people approach me in the last minute asking if I can help them create miracles in a two month coaching span — I basically tell them it’s not possible and it’s a process. It will be an online, live coaching class, where all participants will log on to an online meeting room (details provided after registration) every week. Three things you need for the sessions: (1) A computer, (2) A high-speed internet connection, and (3) External mic (for sharing sessions during exercises). All sessions will be recorded, and the video recordings and slides will be sent 48 hours after every module. Don’t worry! I will provide the recordings and slides for each session within 48 hours after the session ends. Each week’s recording would be available for viewing right up to the end of the course.
Access to Soulmate Journey community (lifetime). For the first time for a PE course, I’m creating a Facebook community group for the members to connect during and after the course!
For every course I conduct, I’ve found that there are participants who prefer more personalized attention and customized coaching on top of what is offered in the course. Once you make payment, you’ll get a payment receipt from Paypal and a confirmation email with the course instructions and next steps.
Soulmate Journey is the perfect timing for me. I just turned 49 and feel so much better about myself.
I hope to learn more about myself and love through this course, and prepare myself for my future relationship and soulmate. I can’t believe how much your reply has impacted my life seriously. I’m 5 months pregnant now and I feel happy and contented with my marriage. Would never have been possible without your help Celes! As a quick background, Sharon was in a relationship fix three years ago which I provided her pointers to. He subsequently proposed ten months later; they married nine months after in a beautiful garden wedding. Even though we didn’t cover relationships much in our sessions, I think the sessions really helped with that too.
Joe is such a great guy and he deserves someone equally outstanding, so I was so happy to know when he finally found someone who is such a great match!
Just like Sharon and Joe, you can have your soulmate relationship too, one that elevates you (and your partner) to higher places and supports you into being your highest self. All brand names and trademarks mentioned in this site are the property of their respective owners. Feel Soulmate Love in this Shamanic Healing Music CD - Powerful Soulmate Love Meditation Songs - a Love Story of Lemuria and Atlantis guiding you to bring together Yin and Yang within you - for Soulmate Relationship. Look and feel beautiful as the positive vibrations of Crystal Healing Necklaces uplift, lighten, cleanse, and empower you. Jelila, the author of 5 self-help books, International Healer and Spiritual Teacher, helps Blossom Your Heart's Desires through her established 17 year Metaphysical Spiritual Healing practise in France, Asia, Singapore, Bali, Australia and Online. While I met many guys in social and work contexts, went on dates sometimes, and even tried out dating services like online dating and arranged dating for a short while, I never found anyone. I would experience budding romantic connections here and there, but none of them ever worked out.

From acquaintances, to close contacts, to sharing our daily lives with each other, to revealing our deepest thoughts and feelings, thoughts and feelings we don’t normally share, not even with our closest friends. It’s an eight-week online coaching course that will take you through the critical mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical shifts you need to take to attract the highest love you deserve. No married people, people in open relationships, or people in relationships but looking to switch partners.
Perhaps you have been single all your life or you’ve been burned by some bad relationships in the past. You are ready to meet someone serious, or explore the possibility of meeting a serious romantic prospect in your life. Or, you don’t believe in the concept of soulmates. This course is not for you unfortunately.
While some may start attracting romance right away, ultimately the results is dependent on your actions and your current life path.
I think of this as the course I wish I had when I was single and feeling confused about where my one for me was, or if he even existed. They are slightly better than PUA courses in that they focus on getting into a relationship vs.
It also isn’t about how to get into any relationship and attract a truckload of people. You’ll find that while attracting a ton of guys or girls may give an ego boost, most of the time these connections are extraneous and will simply become noise in the system that ultimately prevent you from identifying your real one. Rather, this is a course to teach you the self-skills and required shifts to attract your soulmate into your life, which is infinitely more powerful than matching you up with 3 or 4 singles, who may not turn out to be who you like in the end.
You will also bring your fear-based energy into the course, affecting the other participants who are serious about finding love-based love that’ll last a lifetime.
What I do know is that the sooner you do this, the sooner you’ll attract your ideal love and blossom together with your partner.
I believe there can be several soulmates for a person, and that there’s a right person for us depending on our current state of consciousness. I believe love has no time limit and can enter your life whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, or even 60s and beyond. During each week’s class, I’ll present the week’s topic along with exercises that everyone will work together and share their answers during stipulated sessions.
This is to help the participants who already have prior engagements that clash with the course schedule.
As much as love is a beautiful part of life, it can also cause some of greatest confusions, self-doubts, and heartaches. Throughout the course, we’ll be working on helping you be ready for your highest love through the Soulmate Wheel. Your enrollment will give you access to this group, where you’ll get to “meet” like-minded singles from around the world — your fellow course participants.
If you sign up for the personal coaching option, the email contains further instructions on next steps for our 1-1 coaching calls. Look forward to talking soon!
So far I have put a lot of energy and efforts in my studies (previously) and work career which have been doing very well. This is the first time I’m taking a course this way (I am a rather ‘traditional’ classroom type learner).
It did not end in a good way, and through that, I realized I did not know much about love and relationship AND understood myself much less than I thought. She subsequently followed her heart and it eventually led her to get together with her boyfriend, who turned out to be her soulmate. She was an independent, driven, and smart woman before (she still is), and her relationship has accentuated and elevated her life in ways she previously never thought it would.
I’m not usually the type to book holidays so quickly when first going out with someone but it just feels right so we booked them after a few weeks together. Well, I’m ready to work with you, and I look forward to working with you to make this happen come Feb 28.
I'm Celes and I'm here to help you achieve your highest potential and unleash your magic to the world. So why is that when it comes to love, everyone starts to adopt a hands-off approach and assume it’ll miraculously “happen” without ANY involvement on our part?
Sometimes there wasn’t chemistry, sometimes I didn’t like the guy despite his interest, sometimes I would be interested in furthering the connection but the guy didn’t follow up, but the point was that all the connections never led to anywhere.
You see, I wanted to be in a relationship with someone I really liked, whom felt a strong connection with, and who liked me too. There would always be one thing or another that came in the way, like one person having to leave the country, religious differences, geographical distance preventing the connection from building further, and so on.

Why is it so difficult to meet a nice guy that I like, and who appreciates and loves me too? My purpose of sharing my story is to let you know that just like I have found my soulmate, you can too. It is a live course conducted by myself, and every session will consist of content, exercises, and live discussion (with me) to help you accelerate your love journey.
But this doesn’t stop you from having that sliver of hope that perhaps, just perhaps, the real one for you is out there, somewhere, waiting to meet you one day.
I will not ask you to wear a skirt (for girls) or be funny and chatty (for guys) if that isn’t in line with your real self. Focus on taking the right actions that will attract your highest love as opposed to being driven by time-based pressures, and you’ll see results soon enough. Because then it would have saved me from so much time and energy from looking in the wrong places and still be in square one at the end of the day.
Works for some and that’s cool, but the question is up there on whether PUA has helped anyone to find a heart-centered relationship at the end of the day. You see, you don’t need to attract a ton of people — what you really need is attracting the highest person who’s meant for YOU. I’ve joined ad hoc dating services before between my early to late 20s, and I’ve found myself feeling empty and like I just wasted months of my time when I consistently met dates who weren’t a match at all. Rather, there are other, more efficacious ways to do this, such as matchmaking, arranged dating, or even better yet, getting a mail-order bride (or groom). Last but not least, your fear-based attitude will inevitably attract fear-based dates and relationships to you, hence throwing everything about the course out of the window.
When you add a time limit to such things, you taint the process and prevent yourself from getting the highest results. That said, I do recommend to sign up if you’re at least 18 as your consciousness may not be fully developed to fully receive the lessons of the course otherwise.
Throughout the class, you will get to interact with other participants via text chat and post related questions (which I’ll answer live). I do request that you commit to watching the recordings of sessions you missed the week they are released plus do the homework (if any), so that you can get the best of the next live session! You will be able to view the recordings right up to the course ends. So even if you will miss a few classes, that’s okay — you have them to get you up to speed to the next class!
It is a great model to assess how you’re currently doing in your love journey, how ready you are to receive your soulmate into your life, and immediately spot gap areas to tackle. But I am ready to learn and I am really serious (and curious) to get myself more open to some ‘love’ experience ‘properly’ (suitable for me, my ‘true self’ and for ‘the other half’).
I am always incredibly inspired by the work that you do and that you have accomplished so much at such a young age. I think it’s the first time I’ve been attracted to someone as much in both their personality and looks. Well, I just felt ready for a proper relationship so by aligning, I could build in other ways outside of business too.
They often teach dating techniques, give template advice, teach you to alter yourself in disregard of who you really are, all with the sole aim of getting you to attract as many people as possible and to box you into a relationship at the end of the day.
What you’ll learn here are skills that you’ll take with yourself for your entire love journey, beyond dates that can be a hit or miss.
What I do know is that it’s best to start as early as possible, because finding one’s love is a process that takes time to activate.
I know because I spent wasted MUCH TIME bumming around in dates and bad romantic connections that didn’t work out.
She’s big into nature and doing things outdoors which I’m sure you’ll remember is what I really like – but don’t do enough. And last year, we got married, of which you can see our wedding photos and exchange of wedding vows here. One such course that I studied while I was developing Soulmate Journey talked about how to have “potential partners begging at your feet” (I kid you not). I was all ready to be alone for the rest of my life, but then I met my soulmate and realized this new facet of life that I never knew existed before.
It is so beautiful and magical that I realize this is a feeling that EVERYONE deserves to have in their life.

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