Devotee: O Satguru, please tell me how does the union of Surat [attention of the soul] and Shabda [the Sound Current] come to a person? Here you will find Words of Light and Love for the Spiritual Journey – Bhakti (Love) of the Inner Light and Sound of God – This Living Gnostic School of Spirituality from INDIA is called Sant Mat, the Path of the Masters. Drepong Gomang Tibetan Monks use brass Tibetan Singing Bowls to accompany their daily Meditation and Chanting practices.
Come experience the magical healing effects of Sound, Toning and Music using the singing bowls as a door.
Watch inner chaos, conflict and negatively charged emotions melt into a harmonious sense of calm centeredness that resonates through every cell of our body and mind.  Feel the Tranquility, Peace and Acceptance. Come,  step into a moment out of Time that will offer us a release from the distractions and stresses of our outside world. This entry was posted in GCU and tagged events, Monks, stephanie argyris, tibetan singing bowls on October 11, 2011 by Tracey Saliski. Long story short, I’m looking for any input or advice regarding buying a singing crystal bowl. Also, I already know that I had a really powerful reaction to hearing someone play the 14” bowl in the store the first time. About 10 years ago I was with my wife and a friend at a gem and jewelry show at my local state fair grounds. As I’ve continued to struggle with my depression over the years since then, I’ve often wondered if there was anything to the crystal bowl and me feeling so much better, or if it was just a fluke, or coincidence. The experience I had the other week when I first listened to the 14” Solar Plexus crystal bowl was that I instantly seemed to have a smile come over my face. It was interesting to later read some info on the web that the solar plexus being out of alignment can show up as relationship troubles, which I’d been having, and gastrointestinal problems, which I’d also been having.
So, it seems to me that there is something to this singing bowl stuff, and that it’s time for me to purchase one instead of just wondering if one would be helpful.
At the Sound Reiki Institute we believe that sound is the most powerful way of affecting energy. During the guided meditation Heather will sing the healing tones which are specific to that particular group of people. Meditation is a powerful stress-relieving tool that you can practice anytime, anywhere, to relieve tension, improve concentration and re-energize. Stephanie Argyris, MD will be leading a bowl centered meditation using Tibetan Singing Bowls.

The use of sound has been a sacred and hidden aspect of  Tibetan ceremonial rites for many centuries. See pronounced shifts in your mood and emotions; your feelings and perceptions may be positively altered … Remember the absolute beauty and unconditional harmony of the Universe and reawaken our connection to our own inner true essence.
Argyris had a private practice in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for over 25 years in Ocean County, N.J. Join Heather Hannan, Sound Reiki Master Teacher and Singing Healer from the Sound Reiki Institute, to experience a fun and interactive Sound Reiki Healing Meditation. You will be guided in meditation to let go of stress and tension, and experience an inner stillness and sense of well-being.
Using breathing techniques and guided meditation Heather will teach you how to use meditation to remove stress and achieve relaxation and balance on all levels of your being, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
Experience a relief of pressure and a new sense of lightness  as we explore and enjoy an age old mind – body practice for stress reduction and spiritual awakening. During the guided meditation you will enjoy Heather’s angelic healing tones and be lulled into a place of peace and harmony. This meditation will benefit all, whether you are practiced or would like to try something new.
The majority of the meditation music is by inspiring Christians artists and bands who we love listening to, and a few of the songs are from our recent instrumental album, Meditations Vol. When the soul merges into the universal Word, Sat Purush (God), then how do all the differences become abolished? I found out from the surgeon afterwards that it was absolutely necessary as he found polyps that he wasn't able to see. When the Surat unites with Shabda, it is just as when water mixes with milk and become one.
She has training in Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Transformational Healing with Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi. Carinthia - All My Fountains Are In You Genre: Ambient A beautiful and meditative meshing together of piano, guitar and organic soundscapes, the music of Carinthia is both calming and musically enchanting.
Her medical degree is from UMDNJ – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, 1983, Piscataway, N.J. Her residency was completed at Robert Wood Johnson Rehabilitation Institute, 1986, in Edison, N.J. She travels around the world performing healing ceremonies at different Sacred Sites, healing our Mother Earth.

When the waters of two rivers such as the Ganges and the Yamuna unite at Prayag, one cannot differentiate the waters, just so, when Surat and Shabda unite, they are indistinguishable.
She conducted much research on Post trauma Vision Syndrome seen in patients following Traumatic Brain Injury. For the past decade, she has been practicing as a Facilitator of Spiritual Consciousness Awakening.
She founded and runs Sail-Habilitation, a NPO sailing program for those with physical disabilities and special needs.
She teaches many different types of courses, for example, on Consciousness Awakening, Core Shamanism and she facilitates Drumming Circles.
She is leading Full Moon Ceremonies in the Grand Itza Mayan Council style as we progress towards December 21st , 2012.
1 is our instrumental album, intended as meditation music for times of prayer and reflection.
She takes groups to different Sacred Sites around the globe so they may experience the wonders of this planet. Plus - we've also included are a couple of instrumental tracks from our latest album Echoes Of Wonder!
Tony Anderson - Ember & Spiriteaux Genre: Cinematic Fantastically cinematic yet still emanating a sense of calm reflection, Tony Anderson's 2014 single Ember and 2015 single Spiriteaux are truly beautiful additions to this selection. Port Blue - The Albatross (EP) Genre: Ambient Port Blue is a side project of Adam Young (better known as Owl City) - this ambient release is a beautiful introduction to a more meditational side of his music making. A beautiful piano performance with a gentle backing synth - perfect to foster a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
This album, Atlas: Year One, is compiled of 30 songs, not all of which are as meditative as Moon and Uranus - which we've included in our Spotify playlist - but all well worth checking out! Bayside Worship - Selah Genre: Instrumental Just the one song from Bayside Worship concludes this list of our favourite Christian meditation music, and it's a beautiful instrumental piece that invites the listener into a time of reflection and contemplation. Buy now (iTunes)We really hope you have found or will find this music to be helpful in times of meditation and prayer. If you have any other suggestions (or maybe you write meditative music yourself), do let us know below!

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