The secret space program and government operations on the moon are discussed with Robert Morningstar, who shares images that he feels are earth-shattering in their importance.
12:20 Getting into the supernatural and paranormal, doctored film, and the JFK assassination.
A newly published study from the University of Alberta examines what happens when binary stars come together in a common envelope, provides a way to identify common envelope events (CEEs) and explains the luminosity generated during the common envelope event.
The event is believed to take anywhere from a dozen days to a few hundred years to complete—an extremely fast time frame in terms of celestial events, Ivanova says. More than half of all stars in the universe are binary stars, but Ivanova says it was not known what a common envelope event would look like until now. After analyzing the physics of what happens in the outer layers of a common envelope, the U of A researchers found that hot and ionized material in the common envelope cools and expands, then releases energy in the form of a bright red outburst of light.
Ivanova linked these theoretically anticipated common envelope outbursts with recently discovered luminous red novae, mysterious transients that are brighter than novae and just a bit less luminous than supernovae. Ivanova is a Canada Research Chair in Astronomy and Astrophysics and was the lead researcher on the paper. Mae Jemison is a physician, engineer, educator, entrepreneur and the first woman of color in the world to go into space - she was a NASA astronaut for six years. Watch videos from your favorite PBS KIDS shows with the PBS KIDS Video app for your tablet or phone.
The following is a series of detailed notes from David Wilcock and Corey Goode’s talk from Friday the 19th of February 2016, History of the Secret Space Program. Much of the data contained here is a summary of past disclosures, presented by Corey and David via their media outlets. This is the most well-rounded presentation of the Secret Space Program and history of the solar system that either of them has ever produced.
As some know, there has been a debate between various alliances negotiating for the freedom of the planet. Recently, Earth-based alliances have chosen to move forward with a partial disclosure agenda, one that will drag the whole process out over 100 years, as mentioned earlier. To be clear: partial disclosure is not what the SSP Alliance or the Sphere Being Alliance want. I was personally taken aback by the notion the Sphere Beings would actually allow the partial disclosure plan to go through. The reality is, the truther or awakening community is heavily divided, rendered almost completely ineffective insofar as realizing meaningful change for the planet. Oh how powerfully we’ve been duped into choosing separation, fear and disempowerment. What I think we could benefit from is to practice open-mindedness and respect the fact that our knowledge is limited, that we don’t know everything. Our fellows have a different point of view that can provide us insights into the truth, into who we are and what our purpose in life is, but only if we receive what is offered with child-like innocence. I think that all our seeming differences are an illusory slick atop an ocean of unacknowledged commonalities.
I think learning to develop the ability to listen to others compassionately, entertaining their ideas and beliefs, without feeling the need to defend our own, again with child-like innocence, is essential right now. It is fear, lack of empathy and close-mindedness that has kept humanity divided over the eons, therefore, only love, forgiveness and truth can restore universal consciousness. Summarized notes will be in black, with additional information, or my commentary, in [green bolded brackets]. With music handpicked by …Walter Mitty star and Director Ben Stiller, the resulting soundtrack is nothing short of stunning. Last weekend at New York Comic-Con one of the hot-ticket panels on Saturday was for Secret Space Escapes – The Real Life Gravity.
The panel opened with a virtual welcome by Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian astronaut to perform a spacewalk. The audience asked the astronauts about the role of mission control, and whether they appreciated being told what to do by people who weren’t there beside them.
Finally, the panel was asked about the scientific accuracy of recent space movies such as Gravity, Interstellar, and The Martian. As you might imagine (or gather from the trailers), our mild-mannered hero sets out on an adventure to find the negative, and ends up finding himself. Alien life, mysterious structures on the lunar surface, the Apollo moon landing, and JFK assassination are all illuminated in this search for truth on Buzzsaw–hosted by Sean Stone. Studying red giant stars tells astronomers about the future of the Sun — and about how previous generations of stars spread the elements needed for life across the Universe. Currently Mae devotes much of her attention to the 100 Year Starship, which she says is "pursuing an extraordinary tomorrow to create a better world today." In her spare moments, Mae is a lifelong and accomplished dancer.

Passport gives you access to a wealth of premium content not previously available online, including full seasons of your favorite shows. But there are also hitherto unrevealed nuggets of information for those who have been following this unfolding story, several of which I think are of key importance. It is an excellent place to start learning about what has apparently been happening under the cover of secrecy for eons.
Some of these groups want full disclosure and a complete release of advanced technology to all peopleat the same time, whereas others want a limited or partial disclosure, drawn out over 100 years.
The data presented below is in harmony with a full disclosure effort, which if it is shared virally, could make the partial disclosure agenda impossible to realize. This is being made possible by thousands of massive spheres, cloaked throughout the solar system, here to dampen galactic energy waves which will one day cause a grand solar shift. David speculated that this delay could be at least 100 years, or that it could be as long as 700, referencing a passage from the Law of One. And again, David and Corey are doing everything they can to stop this effort and ensure full disclosure takes place; this talk is part of that effort. But after some quiet contemplation, I realized that these beings are highly conscious of the laws of the universe, chiefly, free will and that they cannot avoid humanity’s choice, no matter how much they might want to.
We’ve allowed ourselves to focus on our differences instead of the common ground we each share.
We are already one people, we are already a global family, we are already powerful co-creators able to affect great change. In many cases, we agree that the cabal must be stopped, that food is being poisoned, that the environment is being destroyed, and that something needs to change, yet because of one divergent belief or another, one disagreement or another, no lasting cooperation can be realized.
Initially, we’ll need to find a way to agree to disagree on any topic that would otherwise prevent cooperation. In addition, we’ve been indoctrinated to believe we are fundamentally separate from each other, the universe and even the creator, all founded on false perspectives of reality. In this way, a loving, cooperative, and accepting relationship can be developed, one that will allow us to share our most cherished ideas free of defensive reactions that maintain separation.
If the awakening community truly is the linchpin for making full disclosure a reality, then let’s stop the infighting, set aside our differences, and make steps towards a brighter future, together, as one people. And perhaps it is a child-like point of view we need most right now to navigate this transitional age successfully. I also added additional data points provided from other talks by David and Corey in the past. More in-depth analysis of this material can be found embedded within the Summary and Analysis of Cosmic Disclosure series, available here.
Who would have thought that former SNL funny lady Kristen Wiig would sound so phenomenal singing alongside David Bowie on Space Oddity or that Jose Gonzalez’s version of John Lennon’s #9 Dream would be so compelling? This panel promoted the upcoming television show of the same name that premieres on November 10, on Science. Moderator Alex George, the Tech Editor for Popular Science, then introduced the live panelists (all astronauts!): Jerry Linenger, Robert Curbeam, and Soyeon Yi. For more stories about astronauts and the dangers and triumphs in space, tune in to Science on November 10. Coming out of an early screening last month, I was utterly enchanted, won over by the director's inventive visuals (think a less nihilistic version of Inception) and Steve Conrad's scientifically calculated soul-hugger of a screenplay. As a sort of grown-up Ralphie Parker, he often zones out in mid-conversation and visits colorful fantasy worlds that contrast the stark, grayness of his everyday routine. As his journey becomes more grand and preposterous, his grand and preposterous fantasies become less prevalent.
One might even describe it as "corny"--the kind of safe, multi-million-dollar, white-guy-escapist-fantasy that Stiller's character in Reality Bites might have ended up producing (and that the Ethan Hawk character would rail against from atop his message-board empire).
For all the "life is about staking your claim and finding your own original voice" chatter, there's a strong undercurrent of cynical product placement that infects key parts of the movie. But the exceedingly cheerful phone operator takes on the role of personal love-concierge, calling him frequently to give advice and let him know how his profile's doing--a profile, which, by the way, is built using the most state-of-the-art personality algorithms, exclusive the eHarmony.
One of the most famous red giants in the sky is called Mira A, part of the binary system Mira which lies about 400 light-years from Earth.
David and Corey are making every effort to ensure full disclosure takes place, encouraging a grassroots effort from within the awakening community. The Sphere beings have suggested in the past that full disclosure is the best option to give humanity a real chance at true freedom and prosperity. This is no surprise, as there are countless social programs of subliminal influencing, not to mention personality parasites that compel us to choose fear over love, hate over compassion, and half-truths over the whole truth. We can deny the realities of interconnectedness, but they continue to exist, and we continue to share the burden of this world as one people.

The only way for us to stay divided, to continue to see the world as separate, is if we focus on our differences, if we focus on untruth, instead of the seemingly infinite reasons to focus on what unites us.
In many cases, when we see that others believe something that we do not, we immediately feel a barrier go up between us, and then through our choices we reinforce that feeling.
Other highlights include the indie-rock inspired tracks from Jose Gonzalez’s band Junip as well as Canada’s own folk troubadour, Bahamas (accompanied by The Weather Station) who delivers a killer rendition of The Human League’s Don’t You Want Me. She recounted how her family had influenced her path to become an engineer in a culture where she learned to work in facilities without women’s bathrooms or even women’s locker rooms!
As he searched for a respirator he thought of his wife and family, certain that he was about to die.
Linenger loved The Marian but told the audience that these movies were all very good and get people interested in space. Weeks later, I struggle to remember anything about the film that wasn't covered in its trailers--aside from warm feelings and a slight desire to see it again.
Instead of a BB gun, all Walter wants is the attention of Cheryl (Kristen Wiig), a new girl in the office. I got into a minor debate with Matt Pais about this after the screening, in which he wrote off the gaudy eHarmony and Cinnabon sponsorships as no more intrusive than most in-movie marketing. Oswalt's character also pops up later at an airport Cinnabon, and talks Walter through his next big steps while also marveling at the rich, gooey goodness of the baked mall-treats, and the contented sugar coma they leave in their wake. On the other, it's such a self-conscious movie that I can't think of it as much else than a two-hour commercial for the on-line version of Life magazine. But the thing that has always held us back, now and in the deep past, is a consciousness of separation, hence their message of love, forgiveness and raising of our vibrations.
We just have to acknowledge these truths and then ask ourselves what are we actually creating with our choices. And these small differences prevents otherwise cooperative people from working together for change.
But when we bravely pour out kindness and compassion from within, healing is radiated without, helping to create a space for cooperation. Her episode on the show will show how she survived an abnormal reentry and up to 20 G’s of force before landing off course by 260 miles. Yi shared similar sentiments, but did regale the crowd with her experience in survival training in a capsule in the Black Sea. It was also mentioned that it was comforting to have them there to keep you from doing something stupid. Thankfully, he found a working respirator at that point, but the reenactment on the show had Dr. To my mind, that places Walter Mitty firmly in the "comfort food" category of moviegoing experiences. Too shy to actually talk to her, he frequently paints himself into elaborate mental canvases as a mountain-climbing adventurer, say, or a daring rescuer of puppies--people bold enough to actually make a first move.
It's enough to make people like me, who care about movies (and not the gross back-door deals that finance them), feel more than a little cheated for having paid to see something I would have fast-forwarded through at home.
Stiller and Conrad did their job, though: five weeks ago, I might have put this on my "Best of 2013" list. A fire in space is particularly dangerous: it damages equipment, it could puncture the hull of the station, and it uses up all the oxygen that you need to breathe. She lost almost eight pounds from dehydration and vomited every five minutes from motion sickness.
Curbeam enjoyed the movies as entertainment, remarking that when you have experience in an area, you will be able to find inaccuracies in any film. He even passive-aggressively tries to get her attention on the dating website eHarmony, with the help of a snarky phone operator, played in a most Patton Oswalt-y fashion by Patton Oswalt.
But the 2013 awards season has been particulary slanted towards human misery (hell, even the movie about making Mary Poppins had a raging-drunk-dad sub-plot), and I loved being reminded that things sometimes work out. Luckily, like Walter, I was sufficiently distracted by richer cinematic fantasies, and eventually came to with some much-needed perspective. When he started to move the line, ammonia leaked into space, onto the station, and all over his space suit. Linenger mentioned that he had to train in a survival suit with holes in it, and that it kept filling up with water.
Even after the leak was controlled, he couldn’t return to the station with the ammonia on his suit.

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