Several years ago, popstar and a songwriter, Demi Lovato, struggled with mental health issues, and now she is speaking of them, hoping she could help someone, or at least encourage other people to do what she has done when she checked herself in the rehab five years ago.
Demi Lovato went to rehab after an incident where she was accused of hitting a back up dancer during her tour with Jonas Brothers in 2010.
The words that were once spoken muffled by the distance of passing soon become clear You are so beautiful; I bathe myself in the entrails of you Submerge myself in your blood and wear your flesh, you are so fucking beautiful You are so beautiful; I bathe myself in the entrails of you With the last whispers of breath left upon your lips You still reach to call out as if to say something that once was meant But it distorts my ears as it has no meaning anymore What was that you were saying?
These are the first two lines of a poem written by Geoffrey X Lane, a master speaker and trainer I recently had the privilege of working with. The more you speak up, the more natural it will feel, until that day when not speaking becomes uncomfortable.
We get messages all the time through our senses and beyond, but are you tuned in to their frequency?

Your sound includes your actual speaking voice, as well as how you write and express yourself, and it’s time to own this baby! Since the workshop with Geoffrey I’ve found myself saying these words and feeling the power of them. These words are working on me from the inside out, and that’s where all transformation begins. But more than a poem, for me it was a call to step more fully onto the path I’m being called to walk. Some days I hear which of the words need more energy, and it grounds me in the present moment.
I want us both to remember who we really are and why we’re here, and that takes speaking up.

The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being everyone else's maid or when I act a little selfish.
An empty shell, On what a demon fed Could be a heavy burden, To stay true to your words Speak up, I wanna silence everything If I got no plan, Doesn't mean that I get what I want for free If I got no meaning, Would you force me to a place where I make sense?

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