100% Private and personalized one-on-one depth counsel for breakthrough clarity and realization of new pathways of communication.
The SoulArts Process of self-healing breakthrough and spiritual awakening, using every day real life, was built and developed by Ronda over the course of her own significant training, depth study, struggles, healings, and self-realizations. What sets these personalized and private retreat processes apart, is that they are uniquely and fully ALL ABOUT YOU.
I'm blessed to have witnessed hundreds upon hundreds of live's changed by coming here to learn this process.
All SoulArts personalized retreat options (solo, couple, small group) are guided depth immersion experiential training retreats, where you are given the opportunity to see and to directly live and experience a whole new way of living - one that naturally arises from an artful inner attentiveness. You will return home not only rejuvenated and inspired by your own creative path in life, but with the tools needed to turn every day life circumstances into your soulful self mastery and spiritual realization. This radical approach gained OjaiSoulArts the reputation and rating as one of the top spiritual retreats in the world by Asia Spa magazine, 2007, and was invited to a faculty at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY in 2014. Note: For retreats marked *, the exact location has not been revealed and the number on the map indicates the general area where the retreat is situated. Spiritual Life Retreat « New England Bible CollegeThe Annual NEBC Spiritual Life Retreat is held three or four days each February, in lieu of regular classes.
Retreats and Spiritual Direction - Jesuits of the New England ProvinceSpiritual Exercises of St.
Massachusetts Retreats - retreats, spiritual retreats, religious retreatsEast Mountain Retreat Center Great Barrington, MA, Lakeside Retreats New England. New England Retreats: Seeking the Silence - Yankee MagazineWhether your interest is an individual silent retreat or a group program or workshop, spiritual centers around New England offer numerous options. A New England Retreat Center on Cape Cod MassachusettsWelcome to Evensong Retreat and Spirituality Center, located on Cape Cod, in Harwich Port, MA, close to the shores of Nantucket Sound. Our Spiritual Directors - Eastern Point Retreat Houseeastern point retreat house spiritual directors, jesuit spiritual directors. Sewall House - Maine Yoga Retreat and Yoga Vacation - HomeDonna Davidge and Kent Bonham offer yoga retreats at Sewall House in Maine. Ignatian Spirituality - Jesuits of the New England ProvinceThe New England Province offers many paths to Ignatian Spirituality. New England Institute of Buddhist StudiesWe offer open-minded spiritual education and a full array of courses, film, workshops and . We Care Spa - Juice Fasting Spiritual Retreat - A Medical PerspectiveWe Care Spa - Juice Fasting Spiritual Retreat .
Advent Resources - Ignatian SpiritualityPrayer, Spiritual Direction, Retreats, and Good Decisions . Retreats - Vermont Insight Meditation CenterAll retreats take place at our location: VERMONT INSIGHT MEDITATION .
Package GuideHolistic Guidance Spiritual Retreats are currently offered in multiple locations through out New England! Peace of Mind – Urban Retreat - Serlingpa Meditation CenterAt the Center, New Bedford (MA) .
Justine, Thank you for such a lovely time, your art classes are magical, inspirational and a spiritual pathway.
Nigel and Sylvia Coke-Woods are two Christian Ministers based in DevonNigel & Sylvia lead Weekend Retreats, Parish and Circuit Weekends and Quiet Days. This site offers a wealth of information on spiritual retreats from useful tips for choosing a retreat and brain training retreats, to meditation retreats and the benefits of meditation.

Combining meditation and state-of-the-art technology, these retreats support you getting to a deeply peaceful and balanced inner place in just a few days.
It's easy to get caught up in your routine life patterns and lose touch with yourself on a deeper level.
In order to find your unique life's meaning, you need to know who you really are and what you really want to do with your life. It is healing for everyone, lgbtq and straight, to come together in inclusive environments.
Inherent to us all is an Inner Wisdom that stimulates our natural healing abilities, governs the flow of life-force energy, and orchestrates the unfolding of our life experiences.
Experience the loving presence of the angels as they help you to heal the many layers of unhealthy thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs passed on to us generationally from our families, ancestors, and created by our own experiences. Are you ready to take your life to the next level but not quite sure what that means or how to do it? A revolutionary new healing method designed to find trapped emotional baggage and release it quickly and permanently!
This life changing technique allows you to release the many layers of trapped emotions that guard and wall off your heart so that you can become more open and receptive to life and love. I did the shamanic journey with Mariposa and it was a very powerful and beautiful experience.
My amazement and excitement about the healing I experienced through the Angel Healing session I had with Mariposa is best expressed with my gratitude. And it is my privilege to offer it to you, if you are indeed ready and called to this self-responsible, artful awakening.
And by so experiencing this living artfulness here, you discover - within yourself -how to tap into your own soulful lifestyle and full creative power.
Joseph Retreat CenterKaren Doyle, SSJ has been ministering as a spiritual director, retreat director, and . The New England Institute of Buddhist Studies' courses, workshops and seminars meet . It was unique and a wonderful experience and I am thrilled to have connected with and drawn Sam, my guardian angel and am very grateful to you for giving this space.
We use Bible Study, prayer, silence, the imagination and the Eucharist to explore various themes of Christian faith, spirituality and living.
In this depleted state we have become disempowered in our decision making, searching for answers outside of ourselves, and desperate for a a€?quick fixa€? to make us feel better. If you are ready to heal, grow, shift, and transform your life then allow us to serve as your personal guides and work in right-relationship with your spiritual self to restore peace of mind, emotional freedom, and physical well-being. When this happens, we feel as though a€?somethinga€? isna€™t quite right, a piece of us is missing, or that a€?life hasna€™t been the same sincea€¦a€™ and are in need of deep spiritual healing. Using hands-on-healing and light acupressure wea€™ll help you release energetic blockages held in the bodya€™s cellular memory and energy field that are keeping you stuck, unhappy, and disempowered.
Have you felt an inner need to align with your Higher Self and start living the life of your dreams? This technique uses muscle testing to access the subconscious mind to help free our bodies of emotional toxins that are causing us pain, sabotaging our relationships, and creating a myriad of physical and mental health disorders.
My husband and I were fortunate enough to participate in Angel Healing sessions with Mariposa which provided tremendous insight into our lives.
I'm beyond thankful for this experience, the healing, the blessing, and the resulting love.

I doubt there are many modalities I've not studied or tried myself (and many I do incorporate) in my own healing as well as in this very unique awakening process for which I've become known.
In upstate New York, ashrams and Buddhist monasteries offer low-cost peace, quiet and order to the . Empowerment techniques are then utilized to integrate imprints of unconditional love such as trust, forgiveness, safety, and support to help you express your inner truth and create a more meaningful life. If so, then experience an expanded Angel Medicine session with an empowering soul-star clearing to help you break free of the obstacles that are inhibiting your movement forward while bringing forth a deeper understanding of your own natural gifts, talents, and strengths.
Trapped emotional energy is the driving force behind PTSD, depression, anxiety and self sabotage. If so, then allow the angels and your Higher Self to reveal to you the underlying energies surrounding your situation. We plan to use the information shared during these sessions to heal and move forward in our lives. The love and light shared through her incredible gift has changed my life, my perspective on myself and others in my past, present and future. He has been a Methodist preacher since 1976 and after briefly working in mental health and the travel industry an ordained minister since 1993.
Through this ancient healing practice we are able to receive insight, guidance and healing for a variety of issues and work with our spirit guides and allies for power, protection, and wholeness. Great for anyone wishing to become more self-aware, emotionally free, & spiritually aligned. Wea€™ll then invite the energy of your lifea€™s work into conscious awareness where you can begin to align with this inner truth and start actualizing the expanded potential of your soula€™s mission.
Together, we will work to interpret the energetic patterns at play while exploring the hidden blessings your current situation may be offering on a spiritual level. Our healing session was the highlight of our time in Sedona and definitely made it very memorable. The few dates offered fill quickly and this is one awesome self-healing creativity retreat and mind body spirit shaman healing arts training process!
He trained at Wesley College Bristol and has served in Cumbria, Merseyside, Buckinghamshire and the West Country. Once removed, you can live from your heart and bring love into all of your relationships, most importantly with yourself. Your questions and concerns will be addressed in a safe, relaxed atmosphere using a variety of means including angel cards, tarot, and direct communication with Spirit. His ministry has seen him serve as a prison and Fire Service chaplain, and has included an exchange stay with the United Church of Zambia.
A typical Heart Wall takes between 3 to 7 sessions to permanently remove as each of us is wonderfully unique. He is a member of the Franciscan Third Order (TSSF), and his hobbies include all things to do with Apple Computers, music, photography and watching wildlife.Sylvia is a priest in the Church of England, a Spiritual Director and retreat leader. She graduated from Sheffield University and after working in the Careers Service she trained for the ministry at Queen's College Birmingham and the Northern Ordination Course. With her family she attended the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games, and in 2012 the London Olympic Games.

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