A small sleepy town in the foothills of Garhwal Himalayas, Rishikesh shot to fame in 1970's when the Beatles visited Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram. Besides being a holy destinations for Hindus and the yoga capital for foreigners, Rishikesh has other attractions too. In all the chaos of the city - mayhem of people and traffic, a calm spirituality is felt everywhere, in the old lanes of Varanasi. Bodh Gaya is the place where Lord Buddha siting under the Bodhi Tree ended his search for enlightenment. Bodh Gaya has many monasteries and few institutes that run courses and meditation programs all through the year. Perched high up in the foothills of the Himalayas lies Dharamshala, a small town which has embraced with love His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama with open arms. The scenic Kangra Valley and surrounded by vast greenery and open skies, Dharamshala is truly a place where one can come to forget routine hectic life and get a taste of spirituality. It wouldn’t be wrong to say the Spiti and Lahaul valley region is like what Ladakh probably used to be 20 years ago.
Khajuraho is mostly just identified for its erotic temple carvings but only with a visit to this little town will you experience how spirituality and sensuality meet in a blissful celebration of life. Khajuraho has all kinds of accommodation available, including five star hotels and an airport.
In Sylvania, two log-cabin hermitages are set on the sprawling 89 acres owned by the Sisters of St. In Sylvania, surrounded by the bustle of suburban life, two log-cabin hermitages are set on the sprawling 89 acres owned by the Sisters of St. Any amount of time that you take to get away from your daily routine to focus on God and on fellowship bears fabulous fruit.The main focus here at Cannon Beach Conference Center is to eliminate distractions so you can let the Lord speak to you and your fellow participants. Together, Kurt and Mariposa have created a wonderful home-based healing and spiritual day retreat center in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, called Inner Journeys. From the first phone call to the final hug Kurt and Mariposa serve as your personal healing guides from start to finish.
If you find yourself short on time or just want to wet your feet, you may also choose to experience our services “ala carte”.
We believe we offer some unique features that will help you as you are putting together your perfect spiritual retreat. The only way one can really appreciate this true meaning of this place is by staying here for few days and living the life that all Aurovillans live, by being part of the community. It has ever since been one of the top destinations for people around the world looking for spiritual retreats. Varanasi has been an ultimate pilgrimage spot for Hindus since ancient times and they believe it to be abode of Lord Shiva and Parvati. There could be hardly a better place if you are looking to take a break and immerge in meditation and take out time for some deep introspection. Many of these provide accommodation facilities as well, which are very decent and a good option for this purpose.

Home to thousands of Tibetan refugees and Tibetan government in exile, Dharamshala still comes alive whenever Dalai Lama is in town. Spiti in the upper Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh, is not only a land of boundless beauty but also considered as a great destination for self-discovery, meditation and spirituality. Originally home to about 85 temples built between the 9th and 14th century, only 25 still stand today. Subscribe to our blog so that you never miss on a chance to discover a new place, share Trodly with friends and spread the wanderlust. Some people will come for just a weekend; some will come for a week, Sister Dorothy, a Fremont native, said. When you arrive, your rooms will be clean, your meals will be hot and delicious, and your meeting room will be exactly what your group needs. Would you like to open up to your spiritual guidance so you can take your personal journey to the next level?
Whether you are seeking personal healing, spiritual empowerment or just needing to recharge your batteries, Inner Journeys is here, ready to provide a quality, customized spiritual retreat from which you can begin to heal and transform your life!
We are happy to make suggestions based on your personal preferences or you can visit our recommendations page for more information. These features are centered around our goal of being of service to our guests and making the healing journey as smooth as possible from our end. If this is you then you need to take a break that gives you some peace and for a change, some stillness in life.
For starters you can book a stay inside Auroville through their website; there plenty of options - from eco-huts in middle of dense vegitation to sea side cottages, just make sure you book them well in advance. Just about five hour drive from Delhi and an hour’s drive from Haridwar, Rishikesh was always easily approachable. Adventure seekers looking for thrill of rafting one the waters of Ganges, visit all the year round.
Pilgrims flock to Ghats (stone steps leading down to the river) of Ganges in Varanasi with the belief that sacred waters of the river will cleanse away sins of current life with its purifying waters. The Mahabodhi temple stands here since the time of King Ashoka and is oldest Buddhist temples that survives till date.
Round the year meditations are held are many monasteries and temples here and public teachings sessions are performed by His Holiness whenever he is in town. Deep in the jungles of central India, people had realized the power of yoga and tantric meditation, sexuality and spirituality went hand in hand. If a comment violates these standards or our privacy statement or visitor's agreement, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report abuse. Give us a call to lock in the dates you want before they get claimed by another ocean retreat fan. Are you ready to let go of the baggage from your past and transform your life so that you can live more joyfully now?
We understand how important it is to feel secure and at ease when doing the deeper work and chose to offer our home as center stage to this life-changing journey.

Instead of getting stuck on the roads of crowded places, you need to take a spiritually uplifting destinations.
Most parts of Auroville do not have mobile networks, most roads are unpaved with street lights - a perfect place contemplate life and it's meaning. Various ashrams offering yoga and meditation courses and true environment needed for spiritual awakening still remain thronged with foreigners seeking a look at life from a new perspective. Due to it's mysticism and unique culture, Varanasi is a popular destination for foreign tourists in India. Wheather it is moksha you are seeking or search for something that you are not aware as of yet, Varanasi is surely a place to experience, to come and see the oldest living city in the world, that must be something right! With ancient monasteries spread far and wide all over the region, you can experience nature and spirituality at close quarters here. There are people who use them for a day, for five days, for a week, whatever fits their schedules, she said.Some of the busiest people make a point to schedule one day a month at the hermitage for their own peace of mind, Sister Patrice said. I had no idea how diverse, multi-talented and interesting our church family is!” “Haystack Rock blew me away. It isn’t just beautiful; it is home to an abundance of sea anemones, ocean birds, and other ocean and shoreline denizens. As technology makes it easier than ever to stay connected wherever and whenever, it s getting more difficult for people to find the time and the space to unplug and unwind.Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center in Fremont is one place that offers people a chance to tune out the busy world around them and tune into their own spirituality.
People from all denominations have used our hermitages, she said.The one-person cabins are self-contained with a galley kitchen, shower, seating area, desk, and a bed.
The concept of going aside by yourself goes back to biblical times, said Sister Dorothy Dalton, one of the Sisters of Mercy religious order that runs the retreat center. Visitors usually come to pray, read the Bible, and meditate away from the distractions of daily life in the 21st century.It is not always an easy transition, Sister Dorothy said. You see it everywhere you look here at Cannon Beach!”Fellowship during a Christian retreat can segue from complete silence to unbridled, giddy gladness, to melodic upturned voices. But it s also been a recent trend for people to go away by themselves, Sister Dorothy said.
Among the other spiritual retreat centers in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan are the De Sales Center in Brooklyn, Mich., operated by the Oblates of St. Francis also have space to accommodate groups of up to 35 people, she said, plus a conference room.
Francis campus in Sylvania, and Visitation Spirituality Center in Monroe, run by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.The Genesis Dreamplex, a former South Toledo hotel converted to a ministry center by First Church of God, also is planning to offer space for spiritual retreats.

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