This group is for anyone who feels like there must be more to life but hasn't yet found where to look or how to go about finding it.
Our events are uniquely designed to give you the 'power tools' your need to transform your life. The purpose of life for all living entities in this world is to re-establish their forgotten relationship with this Being.
Compared with the collective wisdom of these South African mellow centers, what you know about relaxation couldn't fit into an herbal tea cup. Offering an austere but peaceful-sounding program, Emoyeni is set high on the northern slopes of the Magaliesberg Mountains, 100 kilometers from Johannesburg. Run on Buddhist principles, Emoyeni (a€?place of spirita€? in Zulu) seeks to foster mindfulness and what it calls a€?loving kindnessa€? among its guests. Therea€™s a light supper in the evening and then Noble Silence (no speaking) till the following morning. All meals are vegetarian, the accommodation is basic and there are no TV, games or swimming pool -- the lack of distractions meant encourage a spirit of introspection. Therea€™s a natural labyrinth to explore and youa€™re advised to set aside time simply to sit on the porch and soak up the incredible views -- they're pretty meditative, too. Yoga overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, meditation in the wilderness, improve your sex life or delve deeper into the secrets of your dreams. These are offerings at the Bodhi Khaya Retreat in the Western Cape coastal town of Gansbaai.

Other optimistic-sounding courses and activities are Five Steps to Golden Success (how to realize your dreams, in other words), Open the Heart and Still the Mind and Great Sex, Great Love, Great Death. Therea€™s even a a€?whale communicationa€? workshop -- and plenty of whales in the ocean nearby, although whether theya€™re there because you called them or not presumably remains a moot point.
There are art and drumming workshops and plenty of down-to-earth activities such as helping to prepare meals and bake bread.
Located in the tiny Cape village of Greyton, Nalanda specializes in short courses derived from the traditional Indian Aryurvedic healing system.
At the core of Ayurveda is the idea that we all have a different constitutional type -- a dosha. To stay healthy, physically and spiritually, means nurturing your dosha in a particular way. Practitioners at Nalanda first identify your dosha and then teach you to cultivate it through courses such as Conscious Eating, the Art of Living and Ayurveda Detox. The vibe's homey and relaxed -- and the spiritual regime low-key -- at Little Samadhi.This small yoga retreatA  high on a hill overlooks the village of Barrydale in Little Karoo.
The vibe is homey and relaxed -- as if you were staying at a frienda€™s house.A  Bedrooms are clean, cozy and understated. Beauty treatments sit alongside daily yoga classes, massage and meditation -- hinting at the low-key theme. In a village at the foot of the spectacular Swartberg Mountain, youa€™ll find this wellness retreat in a Tuscan-style house with a pretty courtyard and gardens.

Using creative visualization and walking, drumming and art therapy, the retreat aims to explode the hidden emotional and spiritual blocks preventing you from realizing your goals. Sounds like hard work: when youa€™re not transforming yourself you can go walking and swimming or ambling in the countryside.
Each is equipped with a shower, solar cooker, lanterns, deluxe mattresses on a wooden floor and sandstone fire pots outside. The main lodge hosts sessions devoted to esoteric pursuits such as crystal healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Thai yoga massage. Set in a valley halfway between the villages of Stanford and Napier in the Overberg region, this farm and retreat is so remote it doesna€™t even have a postal address. That seclusion is part of the spiritual prescription here -- other ingredients are yoga, walking, reading and meditation.
There are 10 bedrooms (with en suite bathrooms), communal dining areas, a large conference room and a a€?heartha€? room for socializing.
South Africa's open spaces and natural beauty make it a good setting for a spot of spiritual self-improvement.

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