Read every single word on this page if you want to know the truth about Richard La Ruina’s “groundbreaking new system” that teaches men how to attract women effortlessly.
Now I say “took the plunge” because I searched high and low for every possible review, comment and bad experience with this thing.
Because I wanted to see if it was all hype or if it would genuinely help me get better with women. It’s one of those things where you battle with your mind to give you an answer, but it doesn’t do anything until you just go for broke and buy the damn thing. I took one girls virginity (she was 22) I met her in a bar in NYC, she was a part of a batchelorette party and from the moment I saw her I knew that she was down for it because I read the signals that Gambler was teaching in the videos. Got a BJ in a toilet (classy I know) from a swedish model who was visiting my area in NYC for a week.
I’ve been through the videos… maybe 4 times now and I have to say, not only are they well produced, but they are incredibly informative. About us Pick up Lines was created to offer real simple advice to guys that wanted to get the icebreaker out of the way and attract any girl they wanted. In this Stealth Attraction Review, I’m going to tear apart the insides of this groundbreaking course and give you my honest opinion as to why I think it will totally transform you with women. I first came across Gambler (Richard La Ruina) last year after reading an article about him in FHM.
This intrigued me so much that I decided to grab a copy of his program… Stealth Attraction.
I figured that my “game” so to speak couldn’t get any worse so anything that was saying it could transform my game to the next level, was obviously very appealing to me. I made a conscious decision to trial the program for a full 2 days, documenting everything I did based on the teachings of Richard in each module. With all the stealth attraction videos combined, there is just over 3 hours of material so I made sure I watched it on Friday night, took down the most important notes and had it fresh in my mind of the first day of frolics. As you’d expect there were some beautiful women there and my mind was brimming with things to try from the videos. While talking to a friend and eating wings, a stunning leggy blonde walked past and my instincts just set in. I had a few interactions like that throughout the day, I noticed the girls were way more interested in me and willing to chat because I was holding eye contact, being flirtatious, kinoing and being way more intriguing than the other guys.
The sun was setting and a few of the guys I was speaking to were heading out to a club, so I decided to join them. We ended up going to a nasty place call the Basement Lounge, which looked like something out of Lord of The Rings.
After being in there for about an hour and not seeing any girl in there that was remotely hot, I was pretty much ready to leave. I went for the most average looking girl in the group and opened her, so that I could get in.
Long story short, we played some drinking games, I used every technique I learned in the videos and eventually ended up going home with a very hot brunette chick.

Ok so first off… I was incredibly hungover from the night before and couldn’t stomach doing anything during the day, so slept until 5pm.
I’d already organized to meet a friend of mine the week before at a local bar, because we hadn’t seen each other for a while.
Before I even got to the bar, I made eye contact with a cute redhead, who tapped my arm and said “Hey, haven’t I seen you here before?”.
My friend went to the bar while I chatted with her and brought a drink back for me (He’s a good dude like that). We ended up flirting like crazy, kissing in the bar and having a great time… then she ended up having to leave with her friends, which was a bummer. Another long story short, I ended up going back to hers and we had some of the best sex I’ve ever had. So that’s my review of stealth attraction, I’m constantly finding ways in which I can use the techniques outlined in the modules and I’m astounded at how quickly I was able to pick up the tips and use them in everyday life.
I think Gambler and his team have done an awesome job with this course and I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to any guy who’s looking to up his game with women. So the review is positive and the comments complementary as well, but there is one point that seems to be missing.
Stealth attraction laws attraction richard la, Here are some tips from stealth attraction that you should remember when creating your online dating profile. Stealth attraction: review examining richard la ruina’, Houston, tx (prweb) september 10, 2013. Stealth attraction - the secret to getting laid is out!, Stealth attraction is a foolproof technique designed to show men how to get laid regardless of how much they make, how they look, or how old they are!. Official stealth attraction review – can it be this simple?, Richard la ruina also known as gambler is one of the best known, highest profile pick up artists around and creator of the pua training company that offers infield.
Richard la ruina: stealth attraction review - pua ratings, In this stealth attraction review, we detail what this pua training product has to offer and the killer question does it actually work?.
There’s a lot of talk in the dating industry right now about richard la ruina’s stealth attraction system, but is it really that good and is it any different to.
In this honest stealth attraction review, you will read my encounter of how i bedded 2 women in just 1 weekend, using gambler's techniques.
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The following are on the list of top 7 relationship and seduction strategies for hapless men like yourself. The video presentation on this page will show you how I went from not getting any girls to dating 5 girls a week. Youa€™re going to want to watch the entire presentation to see exactly how I went from ZERO dates to suddenly being able to bdate 9a€™s and 10a€™s, how thousands of other guys are now doing the same, and how you can too. A simple trick for disarming her a€?rejection mechanisma€? so she never even thinks about rejecting you. Here are just a handful of the thousands of testimonials wea€™ve received from REAL customers explaining the results they have gotten so far, using the Stealth Attraction system.

By chance I discovered the area we call PUA, like Ia€™m sure a lot of you did, and immediately dedicated myself to getting to grips with it. We have a team of dedicated support professionals available to assist you with any and all situations which may arise while going through both our online and physical products.
Your free videos are on the way and will be included in your first issue of the a€?Stealth Seducer,a€? which should be arriving in your inbox in the next 10-20 minutes.
The Stealth Seducer newsletter kicks off with a free 8-day VIDEO training series that will give you the stealth attraction skills you need to start sleeping with women, immediately. We met in a bar and within 15 minutes of me talking to her, she grabbed my cock and I lead her to the toilet. I’ve had to even start taking sneaky pictures of girls just so I can remember who they are and if they’re pretty enough to pursue. He explained how he’s managed to sleep with hundreds of women in his adult years but was in fact terrible with women when he was a youngling. Before the night was over I had three women fighting for my attention, with almost no percievable effort on my part. My step-by-step program that shows you EVERYTHING I know about meeting, attracting, and dating beautiful women on a regular basis.
Not only will I share my story with you but Ia€™ll share the exact secrets I learned that will get you any woman you want. I was single, and after losing my virginity at 21, had not had any more success with the ladies up until the age of 25. Then give us a call: Telephone support is available Monday Through Friday between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm Eastern Standard Time. Stealth Attraction and Pick Up is better done in innocuous areas where your strategy is least expected by girls.
While it is more tailored towards clubs, it’s more the atmosphere than the alcohol (none of the girls i was flirting with were very drunk). Why is it that he only said he used the technique’s he learned on the 3 hour video’s?
The former, on the other hand, relies on covert phrases, body movements and hypnotic spiels to slide the panties of your partners. While sipping your java- direct an innocent remark to the wonderful woman across your table. Now I don’t know about anyone else who have read this review, but this sounds like a government cover up story to me.
I can claim the same with my send me your money and I’ll give the secrets also scam right?
He was paid to put this great review by the seller of the product as a way to get more saps to spend $70+ on something that is dicey at best.

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