Super Mario 64 DS (known as Super Mario 64 ? 4 in development[3]) is a game from the Super Mario series made for the handheld game system Nintendo DS. Princess Peach writes a letter to Mario, telling him to come to her castle because she baked a cake for him. Yoshi is asleep, only to be awakened by one of the Lakitu Bros who instructs Yoshi to locate Mario, Luigi, and Wario. Bowser ends up defeated, gives up, and hands Mario the Giant Power Star before he explodes.
Finally, he lands in front of the castle where Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi are waiting for him. At the invitation of Princess Peach, Mario, accompanied by party crashers Luigi and Wario, enter the Mushroom Castle. Now it's up to Yoshi to rescue Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, and Wario from the castle's paintings and walls! As in Super Mario 64, the courses are accessed by the different paintings on the castle's walls, but in the DS game, the player can collect 150 power stars; 30 more than the original game.
Making use of the Nintendo DS's features, the player is offered three different ways to control the character. In touch mode, the character is controlled by having the player move their thumb or the stylus across the touch screen. In two hand mode, the character is controlled with the stylus, and jumping, kicking, and crouching are done by utilizing either the buttons, for left-handed players, or the Control Pad, for right-handed players.
On the Nintendo 3DS, however, the makes for a more authentic feel of using the Control Stick, making for better and easier controls. To switch between characters, there are three doors each symbolizing the character's first letter of their name. The first and default character of the game, Yoshi must find Mario, Luigi, and Wario, who have been imprisoned behind doors by Bowser. Mario's younger brother Luigi is optional to find, but is required to obtain some Power Stars.
Like Luigi, Wario is optional to find, but is needed to grab stars the others cannot retrieve. In the painting worlds, caps of Mario, Luigi, and Wario can be found and are visible on the touch screen. When hit by an enemy, the cap topples off and the character needs to retrieve it in limited time. With Yoshi, a player can select the cap when selecting a star right after jumping into a painting. Red Coins – worth 2 and have to be collected in the quantity of 8 for one episode in each world.
Blue Coins – worth 5 and are often temporary, found in tougher enemies, on slides or invisible until Mario hits a Blue Coin Switch. Balloon Mario has the ability to float in a puffed out formation of the stomach to reach high places.
In this form, Luigi has the ability to become invisible and is able to pass through solid matter. The following table displays information pertaining to the whereabouts of each rabbit, which minigame its related key unlocks, and the amount of Power Stars required to make the rabbit appear.
After 50 Power Stars are collected, there will be eight shiny rabbits that will be randomly placed where a regular rabbit that has been caught used to be within the castle grounds and inside the castle.
Upon catching all of the 8 shiny rabbits, the player receives a key that opens the white room in the character switch room. The following table displays information regarding each course, the Power Stars found within each course, and what character is required to obtain the Power Star. Yoshi has to go to the top of the mountain and fight King Bob-omb to obtain the Power Star. The player has to fight King Bob-omb one last time, but this time the player must pick up and throw him. The player has to fly straight through the middle of the Coin circles in the sky, collecting all 5 middle coins. The player has to defeat the Whomp King at the top of the fortress by Ground Pounding his back. The player has to reach the top of the fortress where the Whomp King once stood and climb up the big tower. The player has to get onto the floating islands to collect 2 of the 8 Red Coins and get back down on land to collect the rest.
The player has to activate the switch, which is under a Brick Block, and get the Power Star before the timer runs out.
The player has to swim down to the sunken ship and lure Unagi the Eel out of the ship's window, and climb inside. The player has to unlock the Treasure Chests in the bay's cave in the correct order to reveal get the star. The player has to collect the Red Coins from the ship's deck, as well as on land and in the depths of the water.
The player has to race to get the temporary Power Star in a limited time as transparent Luigi. The player has to get the Power Star that is in the middle of the bay's jet stream using Wario's metal ability. The player has to race down the cottage slide once more, but no shortcuts: The penguin's race allows no cheating.
A bit tough, this requires that the player activate the cannon near the mother penguin, then use it to blast to a far-away ledge. The player has to race to get the Power Star in a limited time after breaking the ice covering the Power Star. The player has to defeat all the Boos in the Ghost House to fight with the Big Boo in the main hall. The player has to hit the books in the library in the correct order to gain access to the secret area containing the Power Star. The player has to defeat the Big Boo one last time and reach the Power Star by somersaulting onto the roof or using Mario's Power Flower ability. The player has to use the many elevators and lifts in the largest cave to collect the 8 Red Coins. The player has to go through the toxic maze to get to the door that leads to the room above the falling boulders, then the player has to monkey-bar to the Power Star.
The player has to go through the toxic maze once more, go to the other door and get the Power Star above the lift.
The player has to get the Power Star from falling boulders by punching 3 of them or using the Super Mushroom in the Black Brick. The player has to ride a floating cage to a structure and roll on the log to the Power Star.
Once in the volcano in the center of the area, the player will have to climb to the top using the footholds or riding the lifts.
The player has to climb to the top of the pyramid, avoiding enemies to get to the Power Star.

The player has to get the Power Star that sits at the top of the inside scope of the pyramid. The player will have to stand on all four of the pillars to open the gateway to Eyerok, The player will have to punch the two eyes in its hands, three times each, to defeat them.
The player will have to make it through the Tox Boxes and activate the switch to get Power Star in the desert's oasis via the Warp Zone at one end of the Tox Box maze. The player has to collect the 8 Red Coins by hopping from one pole to another over the Dock. The player will have to swim through the Manta's air circles 5 times in a row to get a Power Star. The player has to get to the peak of the Giant Snowman by either walking behind the large Penguin or using the cannon to get there directly.If the player is Luigi at the point where the penguin is he can simply backflip over. The player has to jump onto a Spindrift to spin across to the other shore, as the Star is inside one of the Yellow Boxes. The player has to become transparent and fall into the sealed under-opening to the Power Star inside the igloo, which can be reached using the Koopa shell.
The player will have to activate the elevator, and then jump on it before it gets too high. The player will have to go to the World's abandoned town square and collect the 8 Red Coins. The player will have to get the Silver Stars scattered around the world, with the last one being inside a brick. The player will have to collect the 8 Red Coins on the Mushrooms and ledges by the Monty Moles, then the player will have to reach the Power Star on a distant Mushroom. The player has to blast or use Hoot the owl to fly to the Mushroom with the Power Star on it. The player has to fly around the peak and get the center coin in the center of each ring of coins or tediously try over and over to get the coins using Hoot the owl.
The player will have to jump behind the waterfall and break the black bricks to reveal the Star. The player will have to start on the tiny island, go left from the starting point, leap in the pipe on the last island. The player will have to get to the top of the big island and hit the box up there, revealing a Power Star.
The player will have to become transparent and fall through the various floors to the Power Star in the cage. The player has to jump onto the clock hand until it arrives at an opening in the wall, where the Star is. The player will have to get to the top of the clock, hop on the Thwomp, and get the Power Star at the top ledge.
The player has to leap into the clock with the minute hand at 12 to stop time, then collect 8 Red Coins in the frozen clock. The player will need to get up to the flying boat where high winds roam and nab the Power Star on the forward bow while using Wario's Power Flower power.
The player has to use the magic carpets to float among the rainbow strands to get to the roof of the house.
The player needs to wall-kick, back flip or Flutter Jump to get all 8 Red Coins in the walled maze.
The player has to go onto the many moving ledges and metal swings to reach the tip of the area. The player will have to take the same way from the previous star, then head for a structure with triangle platforms.
The player will have to get the Star as fast as possible by going to the roof by grabbing a Power Flower, where the star is temporarily placed. In the Character Selection room, the player can jump into the Princess Peach stained glass mural on the right, as it will lead to a secret slide.
In the room leading to Jolly Roger Bay, the player has to backwards-somersault into the alcove in the right side of the room.
With 14 stars and playing as Mario, the player has to go to the starting point in the castle. The player will need to use use Metal Wario to collect the 8 Red Coins in the speeding river behind the main waterfall in Hazy Maze Cave.
It was the first Mario game to be released on the Nintendo DS and is also the first 3D Mario game for a handheld console.
This letter is assumed to be a clever forgery from Bowser, who guesses that Mario and his friends would come looking and so employs his minions to capture them beforehand after he had captured Princess Peach. When Mario grabs the final Power Star, wings suddenly appear on his cap allowing him to fly.
As his wings fade away, Mario uses the power of the Power Stars to make Peach appear in front of the castle. According to Toad, Bowser has stolen the Power Stars guarding the castle and locked Princess Peach into the walls and paintings.
By using the thumb or stylus, the character's speed and direction can be adjusted by the player in a manner similar to what was possible with the Nintendo 64's Control Stick.
However, the player will still need to press to run and can still only move in eight different directions.
To use them, the player must go through the door, and the corresponding character will come out of the door. He has decent speed at both running and swimming and is good at jumping, being able to flutter kick to reach high places. Using Yoshi, from the starting point in the castle, the player should go up the stairs and to the right door. Once the large door right at the head of the stairs is unlocked, Luigi has to go inside, then get past another door leading to Snowman's Land. When a cap is put on, the player's character turns into the corresponding character who owns the cap. In each course there are a little over 100 coins and collecting 100 gives the player 15 extra stars for the 15 courses.
Yoshi's rabbits are yellow, Mario's rabbits are pink, Luigi's rabbits are green, and Wario's rabbits are orange. For more information regarding the minigames unlocked, view the section about the Rec Room. As stated above, when the player's coin meter reaches 100 for the first time in a particular course, a bonus Power Star appears, making a total of 8 Power Stars available in each course. If the player uses the cannons, that is considered cheating and will not receive the Power Star. If played as Luigi, he can simply run through the cage with his Power Flower power to get the star without having to do anything to the Chain Chomp, and the peg can be ground pounded only once as Wario in his normal size or if any character uses a Super Mushroom.
While inside, the player has to open a Treasure Chest to make the player able to hit the block. One of the coins is on the ceiling of the main room, Mario can use the Power Flower, Luigi can back flip, and Wario can triple jump and dive to get the coin.
Mario can fly to the other side with his Wing Cap ability and Luigi can go through the cage with his Power Flower ability at the starting point.

Though harder, the player can also use Luigi's somersault, the cannons, and the tornadoes to get the red coins.
Near a Fwoosh, the player will have to leap into the wall where the coins indicate to enter the slide. They can Back flip there with Luigi or spin jump off the Fly Guy near an Ukiki to reach the star too. Luigi can use the Power Flower ability to backflip to the Power Star on a moving bar without breaking the black bricks.
After pressing the switch, the player has to make it to the top before the triangles reset and become impossible to climb. Getting to the end will reveal a star, and completing it within 21 seconds will reveal yet another. The player will have to Ground-Pound or punch the bricks to expose a secret entrance to the Battle Fort. The player will have to press and hold the X Button to enter First Person mode, then look up into the beam of light. Enter this area by draining the moat, then use Wario to smash the black bricks over the entrance.
The game is a remake of Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64, bearing some new features on its storyline, gameplay and graphics. After collecting at least 80 stars, Mario finally battles Bowser for the final time at the top of the castle.
Switching to Yoshi will mean reentering the door that complements the same character once more. He cannot punch nor kick, however, and consequently cannot grab large enemies; instead, he can eat small enemies and turn them into throwable eggs, making him the only character with a projectile attack. The player should go straight to the next door, go through the 8 star door and hop into the Mario painting. When Mario reaches there, he has to fight King Boo for the L Key, which is used to open the door to obtain Luigi. There are two Power Flowers, so the player has to use Luigi to go transparent into the mirror by the Snowman's Land wall, and he has to fight Chief Chilly for the W Key, which is used to open the door to find Wario.
He gets all moves of the character who owns the cap including the Power Flower power-ups, but keep his original voice. Mario's key is obtained once Goomboss is defeated, Luigi's key is obtained once King Boo is defeated, and Wario's key is obtained after Chief Chilly is defeated.
However, if the character comes back after taking it, Boo laughs can be heard, and the hero comes out from the door, startled.
Alternatively, Luigi can simply spin-back flip to reach it and Yoshi can flutter jump, and Wario can triple jump and dive to reach the platform which Mario is supposed to reach by the second wall kick. If the player is Yoshi, they must use the Super Mushroom found in one of the logs or spit the fire shot by the Piranha Plants to them. The player will then have to go onto the big island, fall through the exposed opening and face Wiggler. In this area, the player has to grab all the Silver Stars while avoiding Heave-Hos, Goombas and a Chuckya. Wario must use a Luigi hat to get the Red Coin star, but a Mario Hat can grab a Switch Star.
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The player has to fight Goomboss for the M Key by jumping into a hollowed tree stump at the highest point of the level.
Next to Yoshi, Luigi has the weakest attacks, but he has the best speed and jumping capabilities.
He has the worst speed at both running and swimming and jumping capabilities of the four, but he is by far the strongest- being able to smash through black bricks and send enemies flying with a single blow.
This ability can also be reached with a bonfire, found in snowy courses such as Cool, Cool Mountain. Since Yoshi has to open up the castle, there are eight yellow rabbits, instead of the regular seven. Switch below the water, press it, go into the door it opens, and then Wario has to do two Long Jumps to obtain the Power Star. Other new features within the game include a multi-player mode, in which up to four players can play simultaneously on each Nintendo DS connected together locally; minigames to play with each character, and new additions to the story mode such as new missions and levels. Peach and the heroes walk into the castle, the credits roll and after the credits, the cake, with Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi figures, is shown at the very end. Additionally, if the player presses and holds and presses , the player will wall kick (if playing as Mario). The white door contains a secret power star which can be unlocked if player catches the 8 glowing rabbits.
Then the player has to go back to room with the stained glass windows with Peach on them and unlock the M Room to find Mario. He can scuttle (which is similar to Yoshi's flutter kick) to briefly slow down his descents, slowly hover down from a backflip, and can even run on water briefly.
In VS Mode, Wario has the unique ability to pick up stunned opponents, spinning, and throwing them.
Once he has taken the flower, a hero uses his new powers in a short time, that may last about 20 seconds. However, this will only give Yoshi one fire breath before the ability is canceled itself by a short amount of time. Then the player has to jump into the block and gain the Power Flower, then float over to a small outcropping to the left. He also says the last time he saw the heroes is when they jumped into the Bob-omb painting. Compared to Super Mario 64, where Mario was moving as fast as the player tilted the of the Nintendo 64 controller, the characters in Super Mario 64 DS move much more slowly when the running button is not pressed.
Once the power star is obtained, the player can re-enter the door, but there will be no effect, and the player will simply exit it. As the most balanced of the four playable characters, Mario plays very much the same as he did in the original Super Mario 64, with good all-round capabilities.
At the small island at the end of the area, the player will have to jump into the block and grab a Power Flower. He is a required character to complete the game since he is the only character that can enter the final level.
Additionally, Luigi's and Wario's powers last shorter compared to Mario's equivalent forms in Super Mario 64.

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