A Beautiful MindA Beautiful Mind is a 2001 American biographical drama film based on the life of John Nash, a Nobel Laureate in Economics.
Aside from being able to move objects with your mind and having a retractable sword made out of freaking light (how cool is that??), the best thing about being a Jedi has got to be the mind trick. With nothing more than confidence, an activist adept at the Jedi mind trick can make a security guard look the other way, or convince thousands of people, including a BBC news anchor, that he is a Dow Chemical Company spokesperson, or that it’s perfectly normal to wear a climbing helmet in the middle of a convention center and start climbing the scaffolding. Samantha Corbin is actions director for The Other 98% and national coordinator of the US Uncut network, as well as a non-violent direct action trainer with The Ruckus Society and a founding member of the New York Action Network.
Super-charge your organizing with hands-on trainings from our dynamic corps of Beautiful Trouble trainers. Summary: The story of John Nash, a gifted economist whose mental illness proves to be a setback in his desire for achievement. I remember the first time I watched this movie just being in awe and really feeling the story so much so that I count it as one of the very few movies that has taken me on an emotional roller coaster and to this day it is one of my favorite movies.
If I haven’t made it obvious already, A Beautiful Mind is a fantastic movie in my eyes, especially from a storytelling and acting perspective. The ability to persuade with a calm voice and a finger wave, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for,” could prove indispensable in any number of beautiful trouble-making situations. It springs from an innate authority, an irrational confidence that mystically bends the world to your will. The ability to transgress, trespass, or otherwise do what you shouldn’t with complete self-assurance, especially if challenged, carries its own power. The Jedi mind trick wears off quickly, and tends to leave the unsuspecting dupe it was used on angry and embarrassed.

Did you know that you can jump into our experimental visualization interface right from this point? Purchase a gift copy of the book and we'll donate it to a deserving revolutionary on a tight budget. Even now, I don’t believe I would ever think to cast Russell Crowe in this type of role.
I believe that is due to the exceptional acting, especially from the leads, Crowe and Jennifer Connelly, who plays Nash’s wife, Alicia, as well as the writing. His films are conventional in style but still manage to take you on a ride even if you know exactly what is coming, which I think is a true test of talent. She transforms her character, Alicia, on the screen from this interesting, mysterious love interest to a vulnerable and sympathetic person who becomes more identifiable than the main character at a certain point. Some critics have condemned it to being overrated, but I think that has to do with the conventional storytelling that I love so much about it. But based on your praise for the story and characters, this seems like a movie definitely worth watching! Though this may not work on your bill collector (“I’m not the deadbeat you’re looking for”), it may work in convincing the mainstream media to cover your event or the police to leave you alone.
I see him as someone who has such an authoritative presence on screen that demands awe as well as some degree of fearfulness. He has a tendency to take on projects that are based on true stories or just relatively well known and turn them into a surprise for the whole audience. It is refreshing to see a female character with some depth, but unfortunately it is not enough.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to get wrapped up in a good story for 2 hours. You might even pass unchallenged through the front gate of a nuclear power plant, or take charge of a closed-door meeting to which you weren’t invited. We constantly interact with, and respond to, coded indicators of status and authority, making assumptions based on attitude, manner, dress, accent, friendliness, sexiness, and other cues. Even if you know the plot of A Beautiful Mind, (which I did not going into it the first time which may have to do with my initial mesmerization) I guarantee you will still be shocked and feel all the emotions you’re meant to feel from the film. By understanding and playing on these indicators we can also co-opt the authority attached to them.
To avoid unnecessary backlash, tell the truth as much as possible and let other people fill in their own assumptions. A quiet, unstable genius, Nash establishes himself as a mathematician while at Princeton in the 1940s and later draws the attention of other interested parties, who want him to become a cryptographer in the fight against the Soviets. Just imagine what that could have been with a handful of female characters tossed in there! Over time, Nash’s commitments to this cause take a toll on his personal life and mental state.

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