For a lot of women (and admiring men), having toned legs and a butt is just as important as having all the curves in right places. Women are constantly searching for the elusive secret to having sexy legs and just looking at all those lining up at the treadmill is just one proof. The secret they search for exists in two things: Nutrition and Proper Exercise plus a little help from Antistax. Antistax Tablets are based on the unique bio-active ingredient Flaven and Contains a special bio-active natural ingredient called Flaven.
For many years, researchers puzzled over the fact that French wine growers almost never suffered from vein disorders.
Pharmacologists analyzed the active ingredients of the red vine leaf and developed it into an effective extract, containing significant amounts of bio-active Flaven.
One Antistax tablet contains as much bio-active Flaven as you would get from three bottles of red wine? At the event, guests got to experience what Tweetie does on regular from her exercise routines, her squash practice, her breakfast diet as well as her passion for creating hand crafted accessories.
Tweetie then confessed how “Ellie” the elephant, a metaphor for leg cramps, slowed her down and made doing her daily tasks more difficult.
Several of Tweetie’s celebrity friends including Gelli de Belen,  Agot Isidro, Mylene Dizon, Regine Tolentino and Nikki Valdez were also present at the event to have their legs checked via the Plethysmograph and venous duplex scan. Most common symptoms that women with leg issues suffer from are heavy, tired, swollen and achy legs. Water retention: as well as looking more swollen than usual, you can sometimes even feel the excess fluid pooling in your legs. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grain products, including all cereals, should make up the bulk of a well balanced diet.
Bananas, oranges, grapefruits, grapes, cranberries, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are also good fruits for maintaining healthy leg vein circulation and healthy capillary action.
The way that you sit and your general posture during the day can affect how your legs feel and can make aching, heavy and tired leg feelings worse. If you have to sit or stand for long periods, remember to keep moving your legs and changing your position. Crossing your legs can restrict blood flow to and from the legs, and can increase pressure in your leg veins. As most of us are more likely to be sitting down most of the day you can also do some leg  even if you are stuck in your office chair. Stimulate circulation by ‘dry brushing’ with a natural bristle brush daily or gently massaging your legs.
Recent CommentsAXN PUSHES THRILL-SEEKERS TO THE LIMITS AT CAMP N ULTIMATE THRILL 2016 - Where is Ed Uy?Where is Ed Uy? Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. July 8, 2010 ­ Physicians should not prescribe the malaria drug quinine (Qualaquin) for nocturnal leg cramps ­ an off-label use ­ because it may result in serious and life-threatening hematologic adverse effects, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced today.
Quinine, marketed by AR Scientific, is approved only for uncomplicated malaria caused by the parasite Plasmodium falciparum, according to the agency. The FDA issued a similar warning in 2006, but the agency noted today that the majority of quinine used in the United States is still for the prevention or treatment of leg cramps.

Under a risk management plan approved by the agency, the drug’s manufacturer will issue a letter to prescribers warning of the risk for hematologic reactions to the drug.
Consumer Disclaimer: This blog is supported by affiliate advertisements which means if you purchase an item(s) based on a recommendation via any blog posts, either expressed or implied, from any link on this website we may be compensated. With the Zag Web Monkey suffering from another tweaked neck following a vicious nosedive take-off, this Thursday felt like a good time to throw you back to our Dry Docked series, which we put together with the help of health professionals; Schalk van der Merwe (biokineticist), Phil Nel (biokineticist) and Neil Zietsman (fitness expert).
We broke the series up into seven parts, focussing on different parts of our bodies that often suffer from surf-related injuries.
Surfing as we all know is richly rewarding, but we also know it can be a demanding activity – Demanding on your petrol budget, demanding on your patience while waiting out a flat spell, and of course demanding on your body. Being an ‘action sport’, surf-related injuries are something we’ll all encounter somewhere along the line – some more often than others, and one of the most common areas to be effected by a bad wipeout or heavy landing are our knees. Wipeouts are part of surfing – they’re the price we pay when pushing ourselves over the limit, or simply from a lapse of concentration or control. You’d be astonished at the distance covered by surfers while paddling out for a session, and back out for another wave, and then repeating that as many times as we can till our arms feel like noodles. Home to our funny bone – the humurus – our elbows are a hinge that, when injured, are no laughing matter.
It strikes at any moment, leaving you grimacing in pain as you grab at the spasming muscle with no idea how to correct the malfunction. It’s no secret that a large majority of the world’s best waves break over a coral reef racetrack. Speak to Neil Zietsman at 3S Functional Fitness if you’re in Cape Town and looking for a good fitness intructor. But although these can be great forms of exercise to get started with, the secret they are searching for is in many ways a lot easier to carry out and much more time efficient.
They will reduce pain and swelling noticeably so you can enjoy being your active self again.
Then they discovered that the farmers were making infusions and poultices from vine leaves to treat their heavy, swollen and painful legs. This pure herbal extract is the basis of the Antistax range of products for tired, and swollen legs. On the other hand, the tablet offers a 360mg of the same falavanoid, which may help improve the blood flow in the legs and fight tired, heavy legs. Guests were also encouraged to try it out and were treated to to leg and foot massages to get a feel of the Antistax Cooling Leg Gel firsthand.
These can be very bothersome and keep women from being active and enjoying life to the full. Restless legs can be very bothersome especially when you have to sit or stand for a long periods of time.
Pumping blood to the legs and around the body requires a strong heart and an efficient circulatory system.
Vegetables that are particularly beneficial for the heart and circulation include broccoli, cabbage, carrots, spinach, onions, and tomatoes.
Garlic can help reduce blood fat and cholesterol levels and maintain healthy arteries and an efficient blood flow. Try and make a conscious effort not to cross them, or at least not for a long period of time – placing a magazine or book on your lap may make it easier to remember.

Walk with your body upright, looking straight ahead, chin pointing slightly downwards, and stretching the back of your neck.
Pull in your stomach and bottom, keep muscles slightly tensed and try to avoid a hollow back.
Keep your elbows parallel and close to your body, bend your arms slightly allowing them to hang loosely at your side and swing as you walk, with your hands slightly clenched.
Make sure your heel hits the ground first and that you roll onto the ball of your foot and then your toes. Evert your ankles, so that your heels are touching, straighten your feet out as far as you can (if possible so that your toes are in line with your heels). Sustainably pruned twigs are shaved down to the sweet inner bark to make this forest tonic.
The FDA said that it received 38 reports of serious adverse events associated with quinine between April 2005 and October 1, 2008, in the United States through its Adverse Event Reporting System.
In addition, patients must be given a medication guide explaining what quinine is and is not approved for, and its potential adverse effects. And despite what Bobby Martinez may think, tennis players aren’t the only athletes to suffer from ‘tennis elbow’ – surfers suffer from it too. Cramps are many surfer’s worst enemy – especially if you’re halfway through the session of your life.
With sections of reef bearing names like ‘The Surgeons Table’ or ‘Shishkebabs’, it’s also a no-brainer that with their pleasure, comes pain. And since they are overworked, I make sure to take good care and pamper them regularly,” Tweetie told guests. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fiber, fresh fruits, and vegetables can help maintain good leg vein circulation and keep the heart healthy.
It is offered in the spirit of the medicinal Ayurvedic ten root tree formula known as Dashamoola.
From most wipeouts we pop up grinning, before stroking back out to go catch another, but every now and then you’ll feel a tweak, twist, bang or snap, which leaves you in pain. Getting barrelled at places like these come hand-in-hand with the risk of acquiring a fresh new reef tattoo. This is because many of these natural foods contain flavonoids, which are known to help blood vessels and the vein circulation stay healthy.
Beetroot and watercress contain antioxidants to help prevent tissue damage and help stimulate the circulatory system.
It’s hard to be perfect all of the time, so maybe you can devise your own ‘reminder’ to prompt you to do this, say a picture or a key word which works for you, at work or at home. Now, invert ankles by turning the soles outwards and away from each other and the toes inwards as far as comfortable, and hold for a few seconds.

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