In this 21st century of modern medicines, still there are people who believe in black magic and ghosts. Deep inside the state of Chhattisgarh there are women who practice black magic and believe that they can capture spirits of dead, they are known as Tonhis. A small village of central India is witnessing a epidemic where small children are suffering from illness and food poisoning.

Dr.Keneth Joyce comes from the city to inspect the village and is surprised to see the superstitious beliefs of the villagers. Dr.Keneth along with both the young doctors try to investigate the reasons for children becoming sick.
Keneth that all the diseases are being cause by a black magic woman, the villagers call as Tonhi.

Keneth wants to see the rituals that Tonhi Practises.What happens next is the Movie 'The Dark Secrets of Tonhi' all about.

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