Leur derniere methode est ce que l’on appelle dans le monde Geek, le QR Code (Quick Response code). Il vous suffit d’installer sur votre smartphone une application et de «scanner» le QR code pour voir ce qu’il s’y cache (publicite, animation video…), encore une excuse pour acheter un smartphone ! Une marque de lingerie tres connue, Victoria’s secret a lance une campagne de publicite qui n’apparait plus dans un magazine, en effet, elle est placardee sur les murs de la ville et accompagnee de l’outil marketing a la mode, le QR Code. Des mannequins, quelque unes des plus celebres representantes de la marque, posent en sous-vetements. Though the annual show has been held in New York over the past three years, it is not new to traveling, having been held in cities such as Cannes and LA. Cette methode permet par exemple de ne pas choquer les enfants qui n’ont pas un acces total au contenu de la publicite ou des campagnes de prevention.

The big announcement was given in London at the brand’s store on the famous Bond Street. Televised in over 190 countries and tweeted about worldwide, few fashion fans miss the event.
She has been fashion-obsessed for as long as she can remember, with various phases from practicing runway walks as a pre-teen to painting on Twiggy-inspired eyelashes in high school to gaining a shopping addiction as a college student. Cet espece de carre noir et blanc qui ressemble en meme temps a un code barre et a un stereogramme. In addition to this new location, the fashion show will be able to hold a larger audience of 3,000 spectators– three times its usual size.
There are usually musical acts during the show; in past years, we have seen Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Katy Perry.

Robyn has an incessant need to travel, but when she is home, she can usually be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art or spending time with her dogs.
Ce systeme est sans doute le moyen de communication le plus interactif et innovant du moment.

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