The show’s cast is always expanding, and there have been many guest stars throughout its four seasons. The show won the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Most Exciting New Television Series in 2012.
Although Mindy is the protagonist, there are a whole host of supporting characters that enrich the series and its storylines. EXCLUSIVE: Mindy Lahiri Is 'Sexually Active' and 'Sizzling' in New 'Mindy Project' Sneak Peek!
After four long Mindy-free months, the hit Hulu comedy starring Mindy Kaling will return for the second half of season four on April 12 -- and only ET has your exclusive sneak peek at the midseason premiere! But now, when we reunite with Mindy in our exclusive first look clip above, she is all-smiles as she welcomes a group of women to the Lahiri Fertility Clinic.
Catch the mid-season premiere of The Mindy Project on Tuesday, April 12 with new episodes streaming every Tuesday only on Hulu!
The Mindy Project HuluMindy Kalinga€™s transplanted sitcom returns to Hulu for its spring premiere with Mindy facing the demands of motherhood.
It’s an idea that’s been done before, but this show adds a hilarious twist to well-worn cliches. After going on a drunken rant at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, Mindy is forced to confront some harsh truths about herself.
Her brash personality results in her often coming across as insensitive, however she actually cares deeply about those around her. Widely regarded as the ‘cool guy’ at the practice, Jeremy maintains a neutral perspective during arguments and attempts to keep the peace between his co-workers.

Despite having done jail time, he’s basically the human equivalent of a puppy – clumsy, affectionate, and overexcited. Her contribution to the office is minimal, and she instead spends her time making controversial remarks about current events. Listing all of the characters would be impossible, so you’ll just have to watch it and see!
Additionally, Mindy Kaling has received widespread praise and won a Gracie Award and a Satellite Award for her performance.
The series has all the tropes we’re used to seeing on the big screen, but throws in some Judd-Apatow-variety comedy for an extra kick.
POC are usually token characters in this particular genre, and are relegated to the sidelines while their (white, conventionally attractive) best friends fall in love.
With so many big personalities, there is plenty of room for them to bounce off each other and create conflict.
Lahiri (Kaling), things were on the rocks with Danny (Chris Messina) and she snuck back to her single gal apartment, where she checked to make sure her old closet was big enough to be transformed into her son Leo’s nursery. And for those of you who liked Garret Dillahunta€™s Jody and were hoping he'd return, dona€™t worry a€” she'll still be facing him. Mindy possesses an enthusiasm and dramatic flair that turns even the most mundane events into a spectacle. He is always willing to help Mindy with her problems, but usually ends up making situations worse rather than better.
These comical moments are expertly balanced with more serious matters, as the writers occasionally delve into feminist issues.

Mindy is the person we all secretly want to be: the one that speaks their mind and doesn’t give a damn what others think about them. Her hobbies include watching way too many television shows - most notably Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, The Fosters, and Switched at Birth.
Along the way, she receives (mostly unsolicited) advice from her lovable but eccentric co-workers. Most of all, she doesn’t hesitate to tackle a challenge and is determined to achieve her dreams. As the series progresses he is influenced by Mindy to become more empathetic towards others. There’s nothing ‘token’ about Mindy Lahiri – she’s written as a unique and memorable character rather than a carbon copy. Naturally, she has her own set of flaws, but these only serve to make her more genuine and relatable.
While each character starts out with a certain label, they are continually growing and changing, and this prevents the show from becoming stale. The good news is ita€™s back, and with one of those meta-episodes it does so well, as Stewarta€™s concerns about the impression his dad is making cause him to convene a focus group where he learns (to his horror)A what people think of everyone in the family.

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