The ECCW entrance song power rankings were introduced in February of this year, and with it came equal parts celebration and controversy.
Don Hellion’s transformation from a person lost in the House of Hell, into a man who just wants to love people, has been fantastic. Gone is the Kane-like mask and outfit, in its place a puffy shirt, some sick tattoos, and a rose for one lucky lady.
Now, you never want to go full mid 90s WWE, where everyone had a day job, and you got swallowed up by gimmicks.
You need the variety, which is why I am really excited for Don Hellion’s new adventures. So what better way to let people know what they’re in for when you spend a night with Galaxy then with Candy Shop? King Khash is making a name for himself, not only for his snake noises in the ring, but for the presentation he is bringing as well. As for the song itself, it has an easy to recognize intro, which prepares you mentally for the 30 minutes of screaming Khash is going to do as he walks to the ring. All you know is that once you start listening to it, you want to see some people get punched in the face, which is always a sign of a good entrance song. Now, add in the fact I think he is one of the best natural heat gathering mofos on the roster, and add in a Canadian song like Stompa, and you know what, it just works.
The song will be uploaded later this week (I just wanted to get the article up), but you might be wondering why I don’t have a YouTube link available to it right away. Coming out in suits, celebrating New Years Eve for weeks, paying someone to make an original song, and kicking ass in the ring?
Fast forward to Portland last week at Wrestle Sport, and there were the Bollywood Boyz on enemy turf. Because El P is too cool for YouTube (his dedication to the lonely misunderstood drifter lifestyle is commendable), check out his newest entrance on his Facebook page.
I will always maintain that El P’s entrance song HAS to be experienced in person, preferably at the Commodore. El P is the current champ, and his entrance song is pretty iconic now, so that settles him in nicely in the top 3 on the list.
If there was a Dean Malenko of entrance songs, it would Bishop, the man of a thousand songs. If this was JUST a list of songs I thought were awesome, Bishop would have taken number one.
The song sounds bigger than life, and its over the top nature is perfect for Bishop, who is one of the top guys in the company. This is more a case of the wrestler’s performance making their song get on the list, then of the song itself being awesome.
Again, music is subjective, and I admittedly probably have pretty terrible taste in music, but this entrance song has never done it for me. I also once stated his song would never make this list, so this is probably a very shocking number one selection. So yes, even though I don’t dig his song, when that music hits, you know what I think? Should you want to see ECCW in action, I cannot recommend enough the upcoming Ballroom Brawl 6 show at the Commodore.
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10 or more hours a day, to get to the levels you may achieve with our recordings almost immediately. Every Monday through Friday, we deliver a different song as part our Song of the Day podcast subscription. Last week, Seattle music was about giving love and recognition to the “grandfather” of the indie folk movement, Damien Jurado.
Today’s featured song is off his latest album, Colored People’s Time Machine, an opus two years in the making that features over 20 musicians who collaborated on the album bringing contributions in English, Arabic, Spanish, Tagalog, and Amheric. Yes, I started writing and recording for CPTM back in the summer of 2009, and it’s the first time I did a full-length project without one main producer. I started recording an album inspired by the whole experience, literally just a few hours after getting off the flight in Washington, DC.
You might have caught Gabriel last week on Art Zone, but you don’t want to miss him tomorrow at the Vera Project with Ra Scion and Dice and hosted by Grynch. This entry was posted in Interviews, KEXP, Local Music, Song of the Day Podcast and tagged Gabriel Teodros. You can now find KEXP under "Eclectic" in iTunes after the demise of the "Public" category, to better represent the diversity of our daytime variety shows and numerous specialty programs. The music rankings are based on so many random things that it’s hard to geslt a handle on the system, to be honest.

I mean, I appreciated Duke the Dumpster Droese as much as the next guy, but sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. When you hear it, you immediately start scanning the crowd to see which lady will be the target of his charms.
From his outfit, to his love of Iran, to his kick ass entrance song, it’s no wonder Khash worked a Smackdown dark match recently.
I love talking hockey with the Bollywood Boyz (GO CANUCKS!) and I love talking wrestling and learning all I can from the CHams. When that song hits, you know the Boyz are coming out to kick some ass, and possibly, cook some butter chicken. Perhaps thinking Canada wasn’t watching, they resorted to trying to use the belts as weapons to win the match.
If this wasn’t a song for the current monster Powers we all know and love (and fear, always fear), I would probably hate it as a wrestling song.
Amidst all of the chaos and destruction Pete Powers always brings with him, there is something beautiful about the tranquility his song brings. To give you a few moments to do the right thing, fall in line, and bow down to your new God, lest he turn his wrathful eye upon you. People either start screaming and bleeding from their ears when they listen to it, or they bang their head along to it (and start bleeding from the ears). It’s an entrance you feel as it hits you in the chest to signal the arrival of the most electrifying neon man in sports entertainment.
It’s just produced at such a great level and quality that it shames you into ever thinking you could make one that good yourself.
When you see Bishop, you know either someone is going to get very hurt (most likely Carl), or something big is going to happen.
You have to respect a guy who takes chances on his songs, and someone who pays attention to the details of presentation like that. The timid intro, leads to what feels like generic rock, something you’d pick for your created wrestler in a wrestling game.
He did after all fail Canada by not only losing the PAC Cup to Ethan HD, an American, but he then later lost the Canadian Championship to Ethan HD as well.
You do NOT want to miss this show, the action is intense, the atmosphere is amazing, and who doesn’t like drinking a beer or two while people battle for their lives?
Watch El Phantasmo, the number 3 ranked song in ECCW, take on Bishop, the number 2 guy, at ECCW: Redemption at the RCC May 14th.
I've found that the more our customers find the tones pleasing to the ear, the better the results.
This podcast features exclusive KEXP in-studio performances, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent artists that our DJs think you should hear.
He said, “Here time moves, but back home I move through time,” and this made a lot of sense to me. It was life-changing, perspective-altering, and fulfilling in a way I never could of predicted!
That project was completely written and recorded within one month, and entirely produced by an Ethiopian-American visionary named AirME, who is currently in Ethiopia finishing up the mixes. It’s about not letting your surroundings define you, no matter how dark, grey or dismal the situation may seem. You can almost taste Galaxy’s sweat in your mouth as 50 Cent dishes out sexual metaphors as he tries bang your ear holes.
What I meant was, in the current storylines and power structure, he would be my number one guy to have in the mix as a top mid-card heel. Seriously, even if you’ve never seen the CHams, if you hear that stupid song kick in, odds are most people will get a smile on their face. It all started when sneaky Carl, master of the Leap Dog, pulled out a Hot Carl Special, and rolled up a Bollywood Boy from behind to take a win at the RCC a couple months back. Sure, they shook hands after the match, but the mood in the room had shifted. In fact, the CHams at one point PINNED the GFW tag team champions and thought they had won the titles, but due to a two ref situation (first ref got knocked out, reversed call of second ref when he woke up), the call was reversed.
It’s almost a lie you want to believe in, this soulful song kicking in and making you feel like the worst is over. Club Bish you see is going up against my boy El P, so it hurts my soul to admit that Bishop is good at anything. It sounds like it originated in 2008 WWE, when everyone had a generic rock song with lyrics for an entrance theme. Artemis Spencer was our Canadian hero, so it was just very hard to watch him fail before our very eyes. You can find him on Twitter where he is most likely making fun of Eddie Lack's goalie mask.
If anyone reading this has never been to their homeland, and you get that opportunity, go, immediately… with open eyes, an open heart and leave every sense of entitlement behind you before you go. It’s a smart move, even if the end game is them eventually using Smash Mouth for their next entrance theme.

He has gone from owning both the top titles in ECCW, to holding nothing but our broken hearts. He has been bringing top notch matches every show he’s on, and his match with Bishop in New West still remains my favorite post-BB5 match of the year so far.
Also, the term “CPT” has always had a negative stigma, it implies people of color are always late. We did 12 shows the first 2 weeks including the first Hip Hop shows to ever happen in Harar (where my grandparents met each other) and in Gondar.
We all toured Ethiopia together in May of last year, and the majority of this work was produced after that. When you hear that song out in public does your mind instantly think of the wrestler in question, or instead, that time you went for third base at prom and failed miserably?? It kind of annoys you to hear it, which works well since you are usually inclined to hate the Wise Men themselves. It weaves in his colors, it weaves in sound waves that rock along to the beat, and it weaves in his logos. As I listened to him speak and trot out all the usual tropes of positive thinking, I couldn’t help but think about how misleading positive thinking can be, and how it can reinforce the inequality present in society. The song is a sad warning about what will happen to those who go against their new God in Pete Powers.
All music is based on time and people of color are responsible for every musical movement this country has ever produced.
I say that with a provision nonetheless, which is this: When used properly, positive thinking can be a useful tool in your toolkit. With music you can travel to the future and let voices from the origins of this universe come up through you. My character is half-human and half-alien (he’s bilactical, if you will) and coming to Earth for the first time in his life. Sometimes it’s nice to have some traditions, like when you hear a guitar riff go off and you know Bret Hart is just around the corner. It shows up in the law of attraction, which argues that what you think about is what you’ll attract and manifest in your life. For example, if you are poor or obese, according to the law of attraction, it must because you attracted such states of being with your thoughts (we’ll discuss the problems with the law of attraction in more detail below). The other common conception of positive thinking is one where you adopt a positive attitude and thought about any situation and use that positive attitude and thought to get you through it. The concept of positive thinking shows up a lot in our culture, to an extreme that leads to a lack of empathy and non-recognition of others’ circumstances.
Not every person faces the same circumstances or has the same options available to other people.Reinforcement of privilege. It reinforces privilege by arguing that the only thing stopping a person from succeeding is their own thinking. It does not recognize that a person will encounter different experiences because of their race, sexuality, or class and that those experiences may limit their opportunities.
It is not enough to think positively in such situations, especially when such situations will not change by positive thought alone.Lack of understanding and empathy. When we blame others’ circumstances on failure to think positively, such lack of understanding creates an inability to connect to or empathize with what other people are experiencing.
This thinking poisons our ability to connect meaningfully with other people and makes it much harder to enact social justice.Victim-blaming. It even creates a lack of perspective for the person believing in such thinking, because when that person has bad experiences, they will see those experiences through the lens of the law of attraction, instead of actually seeing the circumstances for what they are. That lack of perspective can cloud a person’s ability to determine how to remedy the situation.
Even if a person utilizing positive thinking has some degree of success, the lack of awareness the person may have in regards to the situations other people are experiencing can reinforce the divides and problems our society faces.It is important that we examine our spiritual practices carefully and make sure that if positive thinking is part of such a practice, it is weighed carefully. The proper perspective on positive thinking allows us to utilize it, but it also keeps us grounded in the realities of life and recognition of the challenges other people face. Taylor has a background in both Eastern and Western Magical practices, as well as being an experimenter with magic. When Taylor isn't working on his latest magical project, he is a business coach, who helps businesses grow, as well as an avid gamer and exerciser. Recent Posts Full Frontal Magic: A Practical Mantra Enchantment Dandelion Seeds: How Do We Become Indigenous?

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