Golden Age Comic Book Stories ran a huge batch of Angelo Torres comics, including this Lost World-type one (about halfway down the page). It gets even better, so hop over to Kate Beaton's site to finish the strip and read a couple of other literary* comics as well. Michael May writes the comic Kill All Monsters (drawn by Jason Copland) and other cool adventure stories.
Be sure to check out our 60second Recap® Decoder™ video study guide to Nathaniel Hawthorne's classic.. Writing a thesis statement is all about figuring out the main idea for your paper, and then explaining that main idea to your reader. Assuming you’ve read the book (and really, you can’t write a paper without having read the book) answer the question off the top of your head. Question: What role does the scarlet letter A play in Hawthorne’s novel, and why is it important? That’s not a bad thesis, but remember that your thesis sends the reader off into your essay not just knowing what you’re going to write about, but how you’re going to make your case.
Before you finish refining your thesis, you need to know which examples from the book are going to help you make your case.
In How to Write an A+ Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide, I take you through a more extensive development of a thesis statement based on Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. That’s a great thesis (if I do say so myself), but I want to point out something that happened as I wrote that thesis. Though Hester lived in Boston, not Alphabet City, she would still relate to this gently mournful song of being lost in a city haunted by actions done and not done.
What sad girl doesn’t consume Fiona Apple like she’s the only thing good left on this earth?
There’s no one like Antony Hegarty to perfectly create the sound of despair in a single lilting phrase. Because Hester knows her daughter is what she has to live for, and be pious for, whether she is the physical embodiment of her shame or no. This kind of thing is probably why Chillingworth admitted that he was too old and cold for a hot young firecracker like Hester.

For the second in the Literary Lingerie series, I picked the NY Times Best Seller by Donna Tartt. Laitman first worked with Mason when she was commissioned by The West Chester University Poetry Conference to set his poem Swimmers on the Shore. In 2009-2010, Laitman & Mason collaborated on Vedem, a Holocaust oratorio commissioned by Music of Remembrance.
They will continue their collaboration with a new opera, based on Mason's award-winning epic verse novel Ludlow. He's also co-host of the Dragonfly Ripple podcast about Nerd Parenting and the Starmageddon podcast about Star Trek and Star Wars. That’s why I decided to make you a step-by-step video on how to write an awesome thesis statement. At this point, you’ll probably need to look back at your notes about the book to figure out why the A is important. For this question, we might look at the way the meaning of the scarlet letter A changes over the course of the novel. Sometimes, when you start working with examples, an even deeper, more nuanced response to the question emerges.
Refine your answer into a more focused thesis statement by including a reference to the examples you plan to use.
Refine your thesis so that it answers the question not just in a focused way, but also in a creative, thoughtful, even profound way.
When Hester believes that her husband is dead, she has an affair with another man, and bears a child, Pearl. The Goldfinch tells the story of a boy, growing up into a man, and a very special painting.
They work with strong, accessible stories, language that is vivid and dramatic, and music that opens up the psychological implications of characters and scenes.
In 2007, The University of Central Arkansas commissioned an opera from Laitman and she asked Mason to write the libretto. Mason won the Thatcher Hoffman Smith Creativity in Motion Prize to encourage the development of this new libretto.

Or are my examples leading me to tweak my thesis and say something a little different, a little deeper? Here, we sneak a look at the hypothetical iPods of some of literature’s most interesting characters. The story is full of beautiful prose, and Donna Tartt creates an interesting cast or characters. In The Scarlet Letter, the characters are richly conveyed by the union of Laitman's melodies with Mason's dramatic verse.
Naxos will release the CD in April 2011, in conjunction with a documentary by John Sharify, The Boys of Terezin. He was recently interviewed on the PBS Newshour, speaking about his poetry and Ludlow the opera.
What would be on the personal playlists of Holden Caulfield or Elizabeth Bennett, Huck Finn or Harry Potter, Tintin or Humbert Humbert?
While she accepts her punishment gracefully and continues to be a quiet, humble member of society, Hester is a complicated mix of the sexually liberated and the societally tethered – her character is the place where the sinful and the holy meet.
Fine art and antiques plays a big part of this book, so many of these pieces will reflect that. The Scarlet Letter remains a timely story about America, our foundational belief in individual freedom and how it is so often compromised by repressive communities. The opera received its academic premiere on November 6, 2008 in Conway, AR, to critical acclaim. Accordingly, we think she’d listen to strong female-type music and sad, remorseful tracks in equal measure, with some sexy jams in there too.
Because hey, as even the scowling mobs secretly know, even Puritain ladies feel the urge sometimes. Read on for a cozy reading soundtrack, character study, or yet another way to emulate your favorite literary hero.

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