TOPOSUniversity College London5-6 December 2006 Research Spaces 3: TOPOSThe Moving Image between Art and ArchitectureThis two-day symposium of papers, films and panel discussions is the third in a series of yearly interdisciplinary student-run events, organised by the Slade School of Fine Art and the Bartlett School of Architecture. SWISS VIDEOLondon Tate Modern1-3 December 2006For the past decade video has played a prominent role in Switzerlanda€™s vibrant contemporary art scene. Secret Cinema provides announcements of avant-garde & artists' film and video screenings in London.
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In contrast to installation, each individual projection is a unique and finite durational experience. Broadly concerned with the determination of subjectivity within artist film and architectural practices, this event aims to address a range of topics from articulation of identity to occupation of space, to film as a spatial construct. These three screenings survey highlights in the history of Swiss moving image practice, including pioneering works by Roman Signer, Dieter Roth, John Armleder and Pipilotti Rist, as well as recent work by Vidya Gastaldon, Christoph Draeger and Olaf Breuning.Curated by Michel Ritter and Nicolas Trembley. Email list subscribers receive information about more events than are listed on this website.

While we are concerned with how the moving image is utilized in research practices across the disciplines of art and architecture, these investigations are held in an unresolved balance.

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