This is a turbulent time both in Britain and abroad; a time of impending recession, unemployment, restless workers and revolution with the serious threat of uprisings – Karl Marx was in the air!
We get humour, music and singing (played by some members of the cast), chases, danger and menace, a mysterious ‘Mr Big’ who hears and sees everything, romance, gunfire and even magic! Hiring themselves out as “young adventurers willing to do anything” is a smart move for Tommy and Tuppence.
Not your typical hard-boiled gumshoes, these detectives intrigue, charm and delight all the more for their atypical characters, quirks or circumstances.
Agatha Christie's second book introduced Tommy and Tuppence, her duo of likeable upper-class detectives. If you would like to contribute to this website, then please contact the author using the email address below. All Development sponsored by Enhanced Annuity & Life Insurance Help - Life Insurance for Overweight.

The chase comes after the interval during ‘The Secret Adversary’ by Agatha Christie which is being shown at the Watermill Theatre, Newbury.
It is against this backdrop the thriller unfolds, with Tommy and Tuppence drawn into a search for a girl called Jane Fish and a missing document which could prove explosive in the wrong hands. Obviously the 320 page book could not be produced in its entirety for a stage play and parts have been left out but this is not apparent as each scene develops and links seamlessly with the next. Their first case, however, is more of an adventure than they expect – working to find documents that, if they were known to the general public, would fuel a communist revolution in Britain. All Tuppence has to do is take an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris and pose as someone named Jane Finn. Apparently this was Christie’s first thriller and this is the first time it has been adapted for the stage (by Sarah Punshon and Johann Hari). But with the job comes a threat to her life, and the disappearance of her mysterious employer.

Tommy (one of our two intrepid heroes) comes dashing frantically through the door at the back of the stage and scrambles down a trapdoor before the villains charge menacingly through one of the other doors only to be sent in the wrong direction again. Set in the 1920s of post-war London, the story features the first adventure for Tommy (Thomas Beresford played by Garmon Rhys) and Tuppence (Prudence Cowley played by Emerald O’Hanrahan). I must also mention the programme which is, like all those produced at the Watermill, very good value and provides not only details of the cast and the various people involved in the play’s production, but an interesting account of how the book was adapted, a potted biography of Agatha Christie and background details of the times against which the play is set. Now Tuppence’s newest job is playing detective—because if there’s a Jane Finn that really exists, she’s got a secret that’s putting both their lives in danger.

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