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Day 1 magic (book rhonda byrne, author , I' 28 magical practices magic, book rhonda bryne. One of the Human Resource Managers I work with as an EAP provider, is a gifted author and a woman who is also a recovering alcoholic. I began writing the story as a direct result of my own emotional experiences as a professional woman, mother and recovering alcoholic. Overall, I hope that women, especially, are able to see the similarities they share with Cadence, rather than the differences.
After an incredible panel watching mobs of 9-12 year olds scream at authors like they were rock stars (which, actually they’re better than, see my earlier post) we headed to the author signing for the panel. A signed paperback copy of The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch as well as a matching bookmark!
Since not everyone could attend the actual BEA taking place in New York, some had the amazing idea to organize an Armchair BEA, where you don’t have to leave the comfort of your armchair and still participate in lots of funa nd exciting events. This list here is of my established new claims on crucially important symbols that differ with scholars. By definition many have kindly said that I stand today as rebel pioneer researcher in the field of Symbology as a Symbologist in every way shape and form of the title. Ancient civilisations used well designed symbols right in the beginning to be easy to decode pictographically and so all could decipher meaning by using reasoning and logic. The first big problem is early kingdoms did not want their people to learn that the symbols showed that all humanity on the planet are sacred and equal as this lost truth I revive seems to prove. So right from the beginning the symbols meanings needed to be lied about in books commoners have access to.

From here forward scholars had a condition not to oppose set claims made by their great published works accepted by the crown fit for public. Through the ages this problem built upon itself under strict rules by kings of great kingdoms forcing others to use the public accepted false meanings of special symbols to encode and hide sacred forbidden truth from commoners. This modern scholar protocol requirement is rife today and has completely damaged their own developed works based on a crippled foundation for further symbol decoding. I have the freedom therefore to adhere to the repeating emotional claims the ancients made with their early symbols enriched with star visitor ancestor claims and these basic symbols seen rather in context with their pictographic origin before it was tailored later by scholars into claims of readable texts.
This perhaps identifies my work along the lines more correctly as a Pictographic Symbologist.
I dont accept the conditions of historians and archaeologists rules of operation, that they must obey 'theory' on symbols meaning as if they were proven fact, and that all the ancients all over the planet coincidently told the same lies about their star ancestor accounts. I have seen also the earliest patterns in all ancient sites all coincidently began with similar pictoglyphs and styles suggesting they were all taught by the same global teachers. The new interpretations of symbols as seen here in most cases oppose interpretations made by scholars, or add more valuable insight. It was not too long after I deciphered the basic layout code of the Egyptian pyramids when I began seeing the lost meaning of symbols of ancient Egypt that made more sense with his new hypothesis. Generally speaking I became a symbologist long before becoming an author, setting a new path ahead with the sequential deciphering of more and more valuable lost symbols and forgotten paranormal events of the ancients.
In 2001 I began to explore the Templars and Freemason mysteries, shortly after being told by an influential Freemason that I had 'stumbled upon' and very fairly, revived their deepest most sacred and forgotten star knowledge that they themselves placed as unsolved . The Sun and Sunlike star symbols have a unique story on their own, starting from my full Egyptian pyramid layout discovery. The leg of the bull - discovered on a coffin lid in Egypt as seen on the home page of The Hidden Records and partly explored at Sun-like stars. The Ankh, the Djed and All-seeing Eye symbols are explored in the topic Angels and The Tree of Life articles with new detail that is well reasoned and referenced, but more importantly with a spiritual secret that makes this human origin star secret look trivial.
Both Sumerian and Egyptian winged discs are seen with their meaning revealed half way down the main page at the Key of Solomon web page. What is the best way in your opinion for an employer to deal with an employee who is suspected of having an alcohol problem, from the recovered person’s perspective? If I get more than 150 Entries I may throw in an additional secret giveaway to be revealed later! In using my decoded meanings, suddenly their claims of star visitors and witnessed sightings all make sense and correlate with their images and statues and wall decorations they emotionally created. I am not a scholar either and therefore do not have to abide to the strict conditions of accepting what I am certain is a flawed theory filled with errors set by academia tailored to fit the world powers that be that demand scholars believe we are alone in the universe.

Their claimed meanings of the most important symbols are either carelessly flawed or sabotaged intentionally by the elite powers that be. Right from the beginning where pictographic petroglyphs evolved into symbols and text, I will attempt to rectify their most glaring errors. They all also claim the star visitors all looked the same as us humans but they came from the heavens. The symbols listed are also explored in detail, some with links and others with book reference pages to the new interpretations made some time in 1998 before my book release, The Hidden Records in 2002. My new interpretations listed here simply takes seriously what the ancients said about their star 'god' visitors, who they are and where they come from.
The meaning of 'the Leg of the bull' followed, and it was found to accurately represent stars that at last were actually in the star area of Taurus the bull! My research path would inevitably begin to follow in the direction of the mysteries of secret society once I realised the ancient kings appear to have wanted to keep their star knowledge 'hidden' and encoded and the societies were of high status in monarchy circles - hence the ideal name for my book - The Hidden Records. I discovered that all the Pyramids of Egypt represent bright stars in one full sky representation of the brightest stars along the edge of the Milky Way.
It is important to see the difference between the signs of good and evil because the symbols are different mainy due to geometry. And in keeping with the spirit of Arm Chair BEA I will mention that it is a book I received while attending the LA Times Festival of Books a month or so ago.
I found that only one monument, the ultimate Egyptian monument (now lost) - a giant gold topped obelisk correlated with the only Sun-like star in the star map representation. The Templars were victims of their own symbol confusion here when the Pope used this 'excuse' to have the Templars burned at the stake for the appearance of venerating evil!
It is time the university heads of the world wake up and smell the coffee and start from scratch in this important subject. I am now certain there was a strong secret society influence to take the interest away from 'their' secret. Not long after these star pattern discoveries of the ancient's two most important constellations were clear, many other lost symbols were sequentially falling into place and therefore finally deciphered. Nursing an active alcoholic along, making concessions and exceptions and excuses doesn’t do them any favors.

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