I remember being woken up in the cold pre dawn before the sun rose by my father to help him launch the family ski boat to start the day of  water skiing.
Water skiing was a passion of mine as a teenager and every weekend during summer we mostly managed to get away from the city to water ski on the local river with family and friends. The reality is that a lot of people struggle their entire lives in discovering what they should be doing for a career, in fact some people never discover the secret of making life a joyous journey and in a lot of cases life is full of tedium doing things they hate. It is a sad truth but many people go to their grave with their song unsung and their talents and passions undiscovered. Most of us do not have the privilege of discovering this early on in life but stumble upon it in later years.
Work that is play is the combination of innate ability and aptitude that combines with passion to create a synergy that lubricates life’s journey. For more on discovering your talents and creativity you can watch this video of Sir Ken at a recent Ted Talk.
You may find that that the topic of the blog that you create or the career that you love will be a combination of several elements.
Successful bloggers you will find are writing and creating content about a combination of  what they are good and are passionate about. I often tell people their passion will reveal themselves as they blog if they’re not quite sure what it is to begin with it will become obvious with time and sometimes what you think is your passion turns out to be just a passing interest. Even a topic you like can feel like hard work if you just don’t have a great idea for a post. It boils down to what you know and what you have experienced.Because only you can tell your story best.

To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Scientists have discovered how the artist managed to achieve his trademark smoky effect, known as sfumato, on the painting; by applying up to 40 layers of extremely thin glaze thought to have been smeared on with his fingers. Leonardo da Vinci is known to have employed the sfumato effect to seamlessly blend shading together and to blur outlines.
Despite the tiredness and the teenage body and mind struggling with the early rise it wasn’t hard to rise from bed with the anticipation of a day of fun doing something I loved.
Helping dad launch the boat before my mind and body was in some semblance of awakened readiness was not a chore but part of the journey of engaging in a hobby and sport that I loved. There is no rhyme or reason as to when or how it occurs, it could be an ephiphany or it maybe a slow awakening but if you discover it grab it with both hands, do not ignore it but embrace it with all the energy and optimistic obsession you can muster.
When I started my blog it was driven by a keen interest in social media and I wasn’t exactly sure about the exact focus but that action has proved to be the one of the best things I have ever done. It’s probably one of the most thought provoking yet simple ideas to hit the blogosphere. What I have learnt is that it is not a singular word but a combination of innate ability and several interests that intersect.
But the exact techniques used to achieve this have long fascinated and intrigued art experts. Ariana Huffington who just sold the political news blog Huffington Post for more than $300 million is passionate about her topic and you find if you dug deeper that every element of what she did would have been driven by that burning interest and desire. I just built my blog, submitted my sitemap, installed Google Analytics and wrote my first offucual Blog post today – about 3 hours before you published this.

After close to 180 interviews with different bloggers, I’ve found that I  never hear the same thing twice in terms of what makes a blogger successful.
I can talk about my experiences all day long and never get bored because I know at the end of the day, it will be help someone else. We want them to keep running."We're trying to prepare them psychologically because refereeing errors are important during games. I write about a whole lot of things trying often to keep away from the kind of writing that I do at work.
Once I sat back and really thought about what truly interested me, I went for it and decided to keep it simple for my audience and help bloggers that probably went through the same issues I went through 2 years ago.
I have experimented with different styles and I would say that I am still discovering which style fits me best!. The act itself, creates energy and momentum that clarifies the thinking and the direction of the journey will reveal itself to you. You can work from the sun early lights till night if it’s what gives you energy, otherwise constant stress will drain your strength.
For me it’s been a combination of surfing and life lessons from the ocean that have driven my content.

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