The Secret Countess by Eva IbbotsonAnna, a young countess, has lived in the glittering city of St Petersburg all her life in an ice-blue palace overlooking the River Neva.
AudioBooks that can be ordered online and dispatched Australia wide to Queensland (Qld) Victoria (Vic) New South Wales (NSW) South Australia (SA) Western Australia (WA) Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and as well as Norfolk Island . Politique de Confidentialite : Nous nous reservons le droit d'utiliser des informations anonymes que nous aurions collecte chez vous pour ameliorer nos services. Rupert, the young Earl of Westerholme, returns home from the war - and Anna, a housemaid, falls hopelessly in love with him. The Duke of Rockliffe is 36 years old, head of his house, and responsible for his young sister, Nell.
But when revolution tears Russia apart, her now-penniless family is forced to flee to England.
We post using normal Australia Post as well Express post to Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Canberra Perth Adelaide Albury-Wodonga Geelong Bendigo Gold Coast Sunshine Coast (all these preceding towns overnight) as well as Towoomba Wide Bay Capricorn Coast Townsville Cairns Mackay Wollongong Central Coast Newcastle Port Macquarie Coffs Harbour Northern Rivers Hobart and Launceston and also Darwin in the Northern Territory (NT).
Dans les deux cas aucun nom, addresse, adresse e-mail ou numero de telephone n\'est enregistre et les informations techniquessont utilisees uniquement que pour servir et valoir vos interet.

Tessa is a beautiful, tiny, dark-eyed princess whoa€™s given up her duties to follow her heart and work backstage at the Viennese opera. When Hitlera€™s forces invade, Rutha€™s family flees to London, but she cannot get a passport. Through skill and hard work, she now owns her own dress shop, looking out over the beautiful Madensky Square.
Armed with an out-of-date book on housekeeping, Anna determines to become a housemaid and she finds work at the Earl of Westerholme's crumbling but magnificent mansion. Quin, a young professor and friend of the family, visits Ruth and offers a marriage of convenience. Breathtakingly beautiful and born of privilege, Edilean represents everything Angus despises.
Whilst accompanying Nell to what he speedily comes to regard as the house-party from hell, he meets Adeline Kendrick - acid-tongued, no more than passably good-looking yet somehow alluring. The staff and the family are sure there is something not quite right about their new maid but she soon wins them over with her warmth and dedication.

Looking around her, at her customers and friends, Susanna is aware that she has more than most - but a few small changes cause her to realize just how precarious her situation is. Still, she dazzles him, and when Angus can no longer hide his feelings, she rejects him, leaving him deeply wounded and humiliated. Worse still, her relatives are quite deplorable - from a spoiled, ill-natured cousin to a sadistic, manipulative uncle. But they can never be together: Rupert is engaged to the snobbish and awful Muriel and anyway, Anna is only a servant.

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