In the latest installment of the Assassin's Creed series, NiccolA? Polo, father of Marco, will finally reveal the story of AltaA?r, one of the Brotherhood's most extraordinary assassins. AltaA?r embarks on a formidable mission-one that takes him throughout the Holy Land and shows him the true meaning of the Assassin's Creed. I believe that she may actually be Desmond's ancestor and will get with Altair in blood lines.
If this page is renamed to Maria Thorpe then shouldn't we have a disambiguation page for "Maria", with links to both this Maria and Ezio's mother Maria? Where is there evidence that she took Altiar's surname to have changed the name on this page?
Master Sima Yi confirmed that it was revealed in Assassin's Creed: The Secret Crusade, which is considered canon, unless any information in the games will contradict it. I heard the source was from the statagy guide of the first game, but I'm not entirely sure.
There is indeed a profile of Maria in the strategy guide, in short she was a tomboy, parents couldn't get her to be lady, she married, but her wanderlust being too strong and she fled England discracing herself. I've posted like a short version based on this description in her profile for her 'early life. It would be safe to assume that when she joined the Crusaders she admired Robert among other Crusaders likely, since she seems to be such a dreamer.
A steward won't have the skills to fight Altair off and hold him while de Sable got to Arsuf, as was the plan.
Well 'Steward' can mean many things according to my girlfriend, who is scottish, I'm Belgian btw.
So in my opinion we should refer to her as 'steward' as the guide suggests, however like I said it's your call, I'm just giving my two cents on it. Well I don't think we need to explain it, because it's already rather filled out who she became concerning Robert in her 'early life', while her romantic relation is also explained in the topic of 'Assassin's Creed II', I don't see a reason to duplicate that information.
I've edited her early life saying she rose up to become Robert's steward, cause I understand what you meant with the re-edit, that robert is not a faction, so I then put it in her early life. I don't believe it was literally stated anywhere, but since they passed their whole life together, that makes her his wife. Then should the relationship between the two be rewritten as life partners since the marriage is more of an assumption? I actually think by calling her a wife it is implying a ceremonial event, as after all, that is why I asked the question. I think that after extending her profile with her 'early life' and finally solving the mystery who she was to Robert this article can be promoted! I was hoping for that, but it's best to double check the article as a whole, since I noticed inconsistency of tense and some rudundancy is sections. I think this page is also, 'as good as it gets', though some behind-the-scenes information would surely make the article stronger.
Just because the final character isn't de Sbale's daughter, it doesn't mean the idea for the character didn't come from her. Well how about trivial information of her status as a Crusader and how it would of been different in the actual Crusades?
There was indeed female Templars in the Crusades, but some sources suggest they were almost like nurses, treating the wounds and such of the men.
To Altair, I think it's interesting that her name means bitter and it may have been connected to her personal rebellion against her expectations as a noble; though I'm wondering why her last name is Thorpe?
Yes the first name might make sense that she does seem to be bitter towards Altair, however I'm sure it was chosen out of Biblical reasons. Well it seems that for a long time it was assumed that there were no female Templar Knights, but the artwork of the time is what has brought doubt, so I think it is still something that is greatly debated.
If anyone who watches this page could contribute trivia or improve the content in general, it would very much appreciated. I still have trouble finding the issues of this article, what else can be added or fixed on it? That's what I intended to do, but so far I've not found any source that quote her exact age. Personally I think that a better picture to represent Maria's page would be that of her in ACII. In Assassin's Creed II, Desmond refers to Maria as the "woman from Acre", however, Maria is encountered only in Jerusalem during Assassin's Creed. If i'm perfectly honest Sima, the novel doesn't actually use the words "Maria Ibn-La'Ahad" together at any point. Oh, I still see the problem, the sirname is La 'Ahad; Ibn means son, bent means daughter, If you insist on the surname being wholly "Ibn-La'Ahad" in AC canon, Then I am okay with that, I didn't read the novel nor do I have a perfect recall of them game so forgive my memory for not remembering Altair's father's name. Hi Shao, I am afraid that some of the information given in the game is not as canon over the books (such as the Encyclopedia and the secret crusade).

If I may play devil's advocate, The Secret Crusade is a journal based on Polo's talks with Altair, and he's quite old. Um, if the page is already a featured article should it really be listed as good aswell, with featured outranking good? To demonstrate his commitment, AltaA?r must defeat nine deadly enemies, including Templar leader Robert de Sable. The novel tells the story of the Assassin Altair Ibn-La'Ahad and his actions during the Third Crusade. I know that sounds like fan matchmaking but if you think about it Blood lines is supposed to explain the blood links between Altair and his descendants and Maria is supposed to appear in blood lines and is hinted to have a big part in the story. It is never specifically stated in any canon that im aware of that they were officially married. It could be from this Wiki, but it said something that she had a failed marriage and escaped to the Middle East, though that does not reveal much of her relationship with Robert. At first she disguised her true gender, but she grew stronger, attracting the attention of Robert. With characters which are not fictional or not completely fictional, it gives a description about who they actually were in real life.
She was her steward, and when he discovered her gender and skill, he took her under his wing. Only if there was some evidence if she was his daughter or her lover would it be necessary to add this. If people get the picture when we say she was his wife, meaning she stayed with him for either the rest of his life or a very very long time, that should be sufficient. I think that worrying so much about one term is irrelevant, as we know they spend their lifes together and had children, and she is his wife in the sense of the word. I think there was such information, such as her being based on De Sable's daughter, however we learned that was not the case. Some forums still state the same, but these are really old posts, and it seems likely they used this site as a source. We actually once did about her being based on De Sable's daughter, but that is now almost a complete assumption.
To Maria Thorpe, so women were still allowed to be soldiers if they could, instead of being nurses in the Cursades, or I misunderstood? But I read about how it was common for the wives, daughters etc of Knights to be involved here and there. And maybe her age changed when the makers decided to change her into Altair's life partner. For me it makes no sense if someone read the book "The Secret Crusade", there is something tells about her life before crusade. They have a blurry small picture of her in Google, so it shouldn't be used unless someone can find a better picture. So far I haven't seen the name though and, unlike what Master Sima told me on his Talk Page, she's not called Maria Ibn-La'Ahad in the character list. The details of "Ibn-La'Ahad" being listed as her last name are from Assassin's Creed: The Secret Crusade.
A scan or a page reference where it says so might be welcome to prove that she was actually named Altair Ibn-La'Ahad. The book doesn't call her "Maria Ibn-La'Ahad" anywhere, and whilst my copy does say "(nee Thorpe)" as well, that only indicates they married, not that she took his name. Maria told Altair that, to her 18th birthday, she got a husband, chose by her parents and after 4 years she escaped to the crusades. She may have left to join the Crusades a year after they started, or hell, she may have signed up the day before Robert's journey to the Temple of Soloman.
The reason for this can be argued over but in my opinion it was due to the game developers not ensuring continuity.
The character is based on the actual Robert De Sable's daughter, however why would he give his own daughter a ring? So for now I only added in 'allegiances' that she's Robert De Sable's steward (before his death). I agree particularly in those days it is likely they were, but I just wondered where the evidence was for it.
So I think by saying life partners, people will get the picture that they did in fact remain together. I mean a term like life partner could be more confusing or companion, cause that doesn't always suggest that they were in love.
But her early life and such are directly based from canon sources such as the strategy guide. But I don't think we need to worry about this concerning Maria as it was clear that she is a unique example as she hid her gender for some time and then even when discovered, was allowed to continue just as she was.

Like I said, it is greatly debated and supposidly the presence of female knights was kept secret which of course makes it difficult to gain information about it. A linguistically correct approach would be either to name her using her real name Maria Thorpe [In Arabic, a wife is named using her own name, rather than her husband's] or using the name Maria Altair, Maria bent la 'Ahad would be the one which sticks much to the original. For the only thing that copy says is that Altair and Maria got wed, but that does not serve as proof at all that she also changed her name. Because of this and to ensure that the most accurate information is available in the articles, these books take precedence over the game (in the ACR instance I mean).
However it's possible that this is not a contradiction depending what they mean with 'beliefs'.
So I wonder, wouldn't they have left a small description about Maria either, if she was actually based on someone? If you are an assassin who goes out every day fighting dozens of guards and stabbing blades in people's necks, and discovered that every religion and thing in history is a farse created by a powerful rounded device, you wouldn't waste time with a cerimony proclaiming how you will love each other forever and be there for one another until death to you part. It's also good that we've finally confirmed what relationship she had with De Sable, which also should make the article stronger.
You can see from Bloodlines that this is the reason Armand and the others look down on her, because now Robert is not there to protect her.
So I would really remove pictures which aren't that essential or just are very similar to other pictures in the gallery. In the additional information it said that Maria was religious, while Robert on the other hand does not believe in God. I have added and corrected small information about Assassin's Creed II, though I haven't really worked on the information of Bloodlines. So unless there is another spin-off game coming that will reveal more about Maria it is safer to put her as her steward.
Even with Ninjas, they know that women were also Ninjas, even if they had families, husbands, children who knew nothing about it, they had their secret life as a Ninja, but again kept secret as women were considered to be the absolute last suspects. Since you've been working on this a lot PassiveNeoluna, I'll let you decide which pictures you think should stay. Besides Robert likely didn't love her that much, if he sends her out to be killed by Altair in the cemetary. Just because they don't have a signed branded piece of paper, it doesn't mean they weren't married. Btw off topic I changed your picture in the staff area, cause I saw it on Deviantart in your gallery. But at least by writing that, you are showing that no assumptions are being made or conclusions to evidence that doesn't exist. So why would he reference her as "the woman from Acre" if he never saw her before (at least on screen) in Acre? Like I said, it's the reason I asked in the first place, because I thought well, it must be known. But the ring could have been a reward and her loyalty comes from who she is, as she was a dreamer to become a Knight Templar. I'm not going to challenge the trivia because I understand how it makes sense now (I did not know at what point in AC2 Desond calls her that). This was the title of a class of high officers of the state in early England and Scotland, hence meaning "one who manages affairs of an estate on behalf of his employer" (late 14c.). Also I would have my doubts if actually the names were based on each other, but the name Marguerite, comes from the Spanish name Margarita, while Maria comes from Myriam. So I don't think there's much point to discuss this further as there isn't any further evidence to support the theory of a romantic relationship, so I guess we'll just label her as either his steward or student.
The Scottish form is reflected in Stewart, name of the royal house, from Walter (the) Steward, who married (1315) Marjorie de Bruce, daughter of King Robert. And as you said, marriage was in that time a very religious ceremony, and I can't believe for a single second that either would have gone for that after everything they have discovered. Just as slaves took the name of their masters, so wives took the names of their 'masters' aka their husbands, and it's still stuck to this day. I just think by writing life partner, it creates less confusion, cause indeed it does seem odd that they did 'marry'. They chose to stay together, and in that time, there is a big difference between that and marriage. Also, they both came from different religious backgrounds, so they would have had to have opted for either religious ceremony if they did, again, it does not seem realistic. I just think if you want to create a good solid fact file about them, then you need to base it on what is known, not what is assumed.

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