As a teenager during the eighties I grew up with the Adrian Mole books and I was skeptical as to whether a concept so tied to that era would resonate today. Costumes were flamboyant and accurate and the settings, on Kevan Hooke’s clever multiple set, were as I remember the time. In the title role was Sam Tye, an earnest and believable young actor, he owned this production and lit up every scene – a notable achievement in a show with a theme of unrelenting doom. Some promising performers were produced by the younger cast members, including Mahalia Bowles as Pandora, Ian Griffin as Nigel and canine performer Pixie.

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole was something a bit different for Stirling and with a script that overlooks some of the more overt contemporary references of the original, despite the setting, it feels relevant to today.
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He said in all his long years of teaching he had never come across an act of such serious vandalism. 146 f.) That was more or less the same feeling I had when I saw this painting for the first time back in 1992 myself!!!

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