The secret History of Hacking is a public domain documentary about the pioneers of the hacking craze.
A hacker is a brilliantly devious criminal mind breaking the world’s most secret IT systems for money or political espionage, if you believe many similarly hysterical press reports. Sci Fi Channel's "UFOs : The Secret" presents the story of how "leaked" government documents prove that the United States has been recovering crashed unidentified flying objects, often known as flying saucers, since 1941, and has been successful in keeping this information from the public. Not only does this documentary have some distinguished advocates taking compelling supportive positions, such as Astronaut Ed Mitchell, and researchers Stanton Friedman, Timothy Good, and Michael Lindemann, but some dissenting views are also included from skeptical corners. The question most people ask about UFOs is "Why would the Government want to cover this up"? To gain monopolies over the technical applications, such as fiber optics, integrated circuits, night vision scopes, Kevlar material and new revolutionary energy sources.
To avoid public panic, a possibility very much on the minds of 1940s authorities following the 1938 Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" broadcast, as well as to prevent any possible impact on religions. A cub of the Divine Lion, somehow I found myself confined in a sheepfold of frailties and limitations.
Simpson was accused of brutally killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her companion, Ron Goldman, at her home in Brentwood, California. The case file for the Simpson murders is massive, but Lifetime Movie Network producers managed to dig through the files and find a treasure trove of goodies, including never-before-heard recordings, statements, and interviews. Matthew Perry Reunites With Matt LeBlanc In London: Will We Ever See All 6 ‘Friends’ In One Place? And those who argue that Skull and Bones is just a harmless fraternity or boy scout's club, may ask themselves whether it is okay for leaders of open and democratic societies, to be members of secret organizations whose agendas are not to be disclosed to the public. John Foster Dulles was the brother of Allen Dulles, the later CIA director, who was the architect - together with Vice President Richard Nixon and George Bush - of the Bay of Pigs invasion to overthrow Fidel Castro's Cuba. The lie is possible, because the Zapruder film was bought by Time Life and kept lock and barrel from the public for 14 years. AN enchanting new documentary series introduces us to the residents of one of Britain's most popular zoos. Cut Video's "100 Years of Beauty" Series Explores Syria's Rich and Diverse History In Cut Video's latest in their 100 Years of Beauty series, they look at the fashion history of Syria, a country that has seen a huge amount of change in the past 100 years. Time to cut the cord: $95 gets you a Fire TV and free network TV in HD for life If you've lived your entire life as a cable or satellite TV subscriber, the prospect of cutting the cord can be daunting. Personal Chef Reveals Prince Was 'Sick A Lot' In The Months Before Death In the months before his tragic death, Prince struggled with constant stomach pain and sore throats, the singer’s personal chef Ray Roberts revealed to the Associated Press.

Fascinated by this discovery, two kids, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, decided to sell these blue boxes, starting a business friendship which resulted in the founding of Apple. Getting their laughs and skills from hacking and cracking into primitive computers and exploiting the Arpanet (predecessor to the internet), they created a novelty that would become the target of federal crackdown in years to come. These documents have been examined using forensic techniques and are declared genuine by those who examine the subtleties of paper, ink age, watermark, type fonts, classification stamps and markings. The highly controversial case ended in an outright acquittal for Orenthal James Simpson by the mostly black jury, causing much upheaval, racial tension, and division to the very fabric of American society. Viewers will also obtain information that was found in the civil trial such as the plaintiffs’ deposition tapes. Simpson secret tapes will allow the viewer to travel back in time to get an up close and personal look at O. Prescott was stripped of his holdings in the Union Banking Corporation in 1942 under the "Trading with the Enemy Act". The Polish government was applying to take over Consolidated Silesian Steel Corporation and Upper Silesian Coal and Steel Company from "German and American interests" because of rampant "mismanagement, excessive borrowing, fictitious bookkeeping and gambling in securities." The Polish government required the owners of the company, which accounted for over 45% of Poland's steel production, to pay at least its full share of back taxes.
In a 1995 book written by Fabian Escalante, the chief of a Cuban counterintelligence unit during the late 1950s and early 1960s, he describes that as soon as intelligence was received from agents in Cuba that Fidel Castro had "converted to communism," a plan called "Operation 40" was put into effect by the National Security Council, presided over by Vice-President Richard Nixon. 614-615, under a section called "Origins of the Cover-up" there is a description of a group of Dallas men who surrounded Marina Oswald as soon as her husband had been arrested, but before he was killed by Jack Ruby. In 1963, CBS reporter Dan Rather makes his career break with the Kennedy Assassination by lying to the American public that he sees JFK's head move violently FORWARD on the Zapruder film. To his own admission, this document places Bush IN Dallas for the remainder of the day and night of November 22, 1963. The Secret History of Hacking uncovered the real story of a counter culture that has corporate America on the run. The central basis of the documentary is the content of the documents and the amazing story they tell - a different approach. There is undoubtedly a lot of disinformation regarding ETs and UFOs doing the rounds which makes the whole process of learning more richer as the illusions are gradually transcended making way for the eternal light of truth to shine, here now ! Many feel that there is not much more to learn about the murders, but one of these secret tapes should offer new explosive information and a closer look at who O.J. Yet Allen Dulles was appointed by Lyndon Johnson to serve on the Warren Commission to "investigate" JFK's death. Escalante indicates that Nixon was the Cuban "case officer" who had assembled an important group of businessmen headed by George Bush and Jack Crichton, both Texas oilmen, to gather the necessary funds for the operation. Luce had many friends, among them general Edward Lansdale, a known covert operative for the CIA.

Howard Hunt, another suspect in the plot to kill JFK and the leader of the infamous Watergate burglar team. Prescott Bush was an avid JFK opponent and Nixon has always been a puppet for the interests of the Bush family. Simpson’s face, demeanor, and personality, as well as hearing his own statements about what he was doing the night of the murders.
Henry's wife, Clare Booth Luce, Congresswoman, is a radical supporter of the Anti-Castro movement and personal friends with another high-ranking covert operative for the CIA and a resident from Fort Worth: David Atlee Phillips. In the 1950's and 1960's, Phillips is the CIA case officer for the anti Castro Cubans in Havana and Mexico City. A geologist with Sun Oil, he received a call five hours after the assassination from Jack Crichton, who was at that time the president of Nafco Oil and Gas, Inc. You won’t want to miss this exciting and compelling program, which will either change or confirm your opinion of whether Simpson was a guilty man who may have gotten away with murder. James Files has confessed that he fired the shot into JFK's head from behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza.
Why did he give his warning AFTER the assassination, if he thought Parrott was a serious threat for Kennedy in Houston? This story is completely ignored by the mainstream media, which seems strange, because even if he were lying, one would expect some exposure. The star of David Atlee Phillips rises to CIA director of Covert Operations for the Western Hemisphere. Byrd, who owned the Texas School Book Depository building and was a close friend of Lyndon Johnson. According to his nephew Shawn Phillips, who is quite a famous musician, David Atlee Phillips confirmed to his brother James Atlee Phillips that he was in Dallas the day Kennedy died. Thirty years later the same James Parrott that Bush was accusing is working on Bush's presidential campaign against Bill Clinton.

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