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We try our best to attribute images, videos, and quotes to their creators and original sources. Ririchiyo Shirakiin, a girl from a rich family, moves into the high security Maison de Ayakashi apartment complex, where she finds herself assigned a Secret Service agent named Soshi Miketsukami. However we also experienced that your browser may cause the problem if this is the case restart your browser completely and try again.
If you see something that is misattributed or you would like to be removed, please contact us. Ririchiyo is reluctant to have Soshi as her Secret Service, particularly as she doesn’t feel worth protecting as her family household has taken up much of her being.

One night, a burglar breaks into the complex to try and rob Ririchiyo, only to learn that Soshi, along with the other Secret Service agents in complex, have the power to channel the spirits of monsters.

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