The narrator of A Secret History is a character named Richard Papen, who transfers to a small college in Vermont and manages to get into an elite and mysterious Classics program, of which there are only five other students.
In many ways, everything that goes wrong for the characters in this novel can be traced back to that same desire. The Secret History takes you into a dark world, and in doing so forces you to go inside and examine your own mind.  The trouble is, once you go inside your head, it will take quite some time to get yourself free again.

These other students are Henry Winter, (who is the leader of the group), Francis Abernathy, Camilla and Charles Macaulay (who are fraternal twins), and Edmund “Bunny” Corcoran, the unfortunate fellow who is murdered by the rest of the group in the prophetic prologue to the novel.  Richard is gradually works his way into their mysterious world, but in doing so becomes privy to information that proves to transform his life forever.
Every aspect of their lives was devoted to attempting to recreate the Classical age in the present day. Search Results for : The pdf (1 ) Download The Goldfinch [2013][Donna ] or any other from Fiction category.

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