New romantic-comedy murder mystery My Secret Hotel is headed to tvN on Mondays and Tuesdays in about a month, and the first teaser is out along with stills of the cast gathered for the first script read. The teaser is frustratingly unhelpful at answering the question, but it does tell us that the hotel where the story takes place is the height of luxury where they’ll plan your perfect wedding with kind service. The major disaster is a murder at the hotel, which will be the central mystery involving all of our characters.
Rooting for Yi-han and glad Yoo Inna doesn’t have the botox, shiny face look she has been sporting for the last 2 years. TVN has earned their place as the place for watchable dramas, so I will give the drama a chance.
Yep, that teaser really teased me…I thought I was going to see our leads already…but not! From what I could get from the previous posts, Yi Han is the lead and Namgoong Min is firmly stuck in second lead territry. I liked his role in Unemployed Romance though, but I agree that I want to seem him in a GOOD drama as the lead. I actually thought it would be a nice twist if Yoo Inna’s character was the killer (even if she killed them just by accident). But then … I guess we wouldn’t have the imminent danger of a killer on the loose in the hotel to add spice and urgency to the romance! This is only slightly related to this post, but were the English words at the end of the trailer, “killing hotel,” intentionally spoken in English with a Korean accent or are they English words that have been added to the Korean language with the pronunciation tweaked a bit to fit within the language? As a corollary, it also often confuses me when a drama has an English name but it’s written in Hangul. September 13, 2014 Filed Under: Yoo In Na Actress Yoo In Na at a press conference for Korean drama My Secret Hotel, held at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul on August 14. But perhaps the craziest k-drama weddings ever are taking place in the romantic comedy "My Secret Hotel," starring Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han and Nam Goong Min. Naturally, this comedy is about weddings since Yoo In Na, who played Jun Ji Hyun's frenemy in "You Who Came From The Stars," plays a wedding planner for the upscale Secret Hotel. But it's not the luckiest place for a wedding planner to work as the mysterious hotel has a bad reputation for weddings. Nestled in the Trinite neighborhood, a few short steps away from the temples of shopping, this luxurious and beautifully designed hotel of 29 guest rooms offers you, in the space of an enchanted night, the ideal extension of the city and its magic.

Bekijk ons uitgebreide aanbod aan Specials, Last minutes en overige hotel aanbiedingen en profiteer van extra korting.Alle AanbiedingenInspiratieInspiratie nodig? Dit is de laagste 'vanaf prijs' voor de komende 4 maanden voor Secret Hotel Teutoburgerwoud. Deze prijs geldt voor 3=2 Special, met als eerste aankomstmogelijkheid 2 mei 2016, 3 nachten en 2 volwassenen. Door te boeken bij profiteer je altijd van de laagste prijsgarantie en de beste service. The premise sounds like it could be good campy fun, and I love both Yoo Inna and Namgoong Min from past projects (even if I wish Namgoong Min could get the heck outta the mopey second lead roles).
It sounds like a locked room mystery, haha, where they’re stuck in one place trying to figure everything out. Taxi, ice cream, restaurant, for ex, are some words that I know have been taken into the Korean language but what about some of the words used here. I remember when I learned Hangul & realized that one of my very first dramas, Full House, was like that. It seems that many of the couples that were married there divorce only three months after their weddings.
One day she discovers that one of the weddings she is called on to plan involves her ex-husband. There's the wedding that gets interrupted at the last minute by a murder, which is not the usual mishap wedding planners worry about.
From the marl-grey carpet and headboard of silvered wood struts, to the bathroom's midnight blue ambiance, every detail has been chosen to suggest the fin-de-siecle elegance of Eiffel's Iron Lady.
In a celebration of the Palais de Chaillot, this room echoes the high chic of the 1930s, featuring stained glass detailing above the bed, an elegant palette of black and gold and an art deco-inspired carpet. A large-as-life poster from the famous cabaret, the flame-red drapes, and the tip of a windmill's sail.
Under the gaze of the monumental station clock, a few, artfully chosen photographs are a reminder of the Orsay's splendid statuary. Alle prijzen zijn actuele vanaf prijzen op basis van tweepersoonsbezetting en per kamer per nacht, inclusief btw, exclusief servicekosten. Yoo In Na is determined to do a good job and restore the hotel's reputation as a lucky wedding destination.

And she can't tell anyone that he is her ex-husband since she does not want to admit that she was married, especially to the hotel's director who she agrees to date. Then there is a runaway bride who throws her veil to the wind while driving away with another man. Over the bed is the Opera Garnier's trademark oeil-de-boeuf window; underfoot, solid oak parquet. You'll appreciate the harmonious lines - and the spectacular illusion of being high above the city. As you soak in the artistic atmosphere, in soothing hues of grey and beige, you realize your wish has come true.
Dit Secret Hotel ligt in het adembenemende Duitse Teutoburgerwoud, waar je prachtige wandel- en fietstochten kunt maken.
Jin Yi-han plays the architect ex-hubby who reappears in her life after seven years, and their fates get twisted together again and again with one disaster after another. But Yoo In Na's character is determined to put her own feelings aside and do the best possible job as a wedding planner. There's also a substitute bride who gets pressed into service to save the reputation of the hotel. The room is delightfully dressed: mirrors, a ballet bar and satin pumps all add to the ambiance. This is a room that oozes romance - and makes you feel as though the Cancan girls might come dancing through the door at any moment. Tonight, you're a privileged guest inside the famous museum, a temple to the glory of 19th century art.
Maybe some ppl who are more advanced in their studies or native Koreans can give me some insight into this.

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