If I could start this walkthrough with a little bit of a review, it would be simply that The Curse of Monkey Island TM is one of the greatest point and click adventure games of all time! The game begins with a little preamble none of which is supposed to make any sense to you yet!
Walkthrough to the right past the curtain and you will find the three important-looking pirates.
Leave the tent and walkthrough onto the map, then walk back to the lookout point, past the Scumm Bar (TM) and through into town. Next, go through the first door on the right, pickup the rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle from on top of the trunk. Now you have to learn some insults so you can beat Carla, the Sword Master, and complete one of the three trials. Walkthrough into the forest and choose one of the paths, it doesn’t matter which one you choose. Now you need to get a ship and gather a crew of three people, but first walkthrough to the Scumm Bar and you will find the cook crying at the table where the three important-looking-pirates were.
Leave Stan’s Previously Owned Vessels and walkthrough talk to the storekeeper, Stan gave you a compass when you left.
Now you need to get 3 crew members, first we will go get the Sword Master, walkthrough to her hideout again.
Walkthrough to the prison and talk to Otis and tell him that the governor has been kidnapped. After the cutscene, where you discover that your crew is rather lazy, you start of fin the captain’s cabin.
You’ll find yourself lying unconscious (again!) on the beach of Monkey Island TM, Herman Toothrot introduces himself and welcomes you to Monkey Island TM.
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You’ll end up near some yellow flowers, pick them (Guybrush notes how this is not very pirate like). Walkthrough to the right and a ghost will try to stop you, choose an option from the list and Guybrush will spray him in the face with the magic seltzer bottle. She will tell your fortune, talk to her about everything, leave her house and continue through the archway. These are other pirates and you have to fight them to learn the sword fighting insults and witty comebacks. There are guard dogs blocking you, use the yellow petal with the stewed meat and hey presto you’ve got meat with condiment. Talk to him and you’ll learn that Guybrush wont talk to him because he has very bad breath! Walkthrough to the deck and you’ll discover that you are off the coast of Monkey Island TM.
Now look at the Navigators head, Guybrush will say out loud which direction his nose is pointing, walkthrough in that direction and continue in this fashion in every room.
Walkthrough the entrance to the village back into the jungle, you will row and walkthrough back to the ghost ship on auto pilot. When you get to the map, the storekeeper is the only blip on the map, follow him into the fork. Stan tells you he wants 10000 pieces of eight for it, but you only have 5000, so you need to barter. Walkthrough to the storage room and pick up some more gunpowder, Walkthrough to the deck and use the gunpowder in the cannon’s nozzle then use the giant piece of rope with the rear of the cannon.

Talk to him and again select a comment, Guybrush will also spray him with the magic seltzer bottle.
The storekeeper will put the note back in the safe, this gives you another chance to see the combination. The grog dissolves through the mug very fast; so on your way back to the prison poor it into the other mugs before it dissolves through all of them one at a time. Toothrot mysteriously ended up on Monkey Island TM and you’ll discover that they used the top of a box of breakfast cereal as a bookmark. Now walkthrough to the kitchen and use the cereal box top bookmark in the cooking fire under the pot.
Now talk to the Navigators head and ask him for the necklace, eventually outright beg, until he gives it to you.
Only ghost pirate Bob is still there, he explains that he dropped his head in the lava and the others wouldn’t wait for him! When he gets back, tell him you are looking for the Sword Master again, as before he’ll hike all the way over to her again and you are left all alone in the store.
You probably won’t win the first few times, but you will gradually learn some insults and comebacks. For the lulz!)Tell him the governor has been kidnapped, and that you are gathering a crew to go after her. Leave the room and climb up the rope ladder by the mast, when you are at the top of it pick up the Jolly Roger from the crow’s nest, clamber back down to the deck and go down the hatch. Walkthrough to the deck and light the fuse with the flaming mass and quickly use the pot, remember the circus? Creep on board the ghost ship, Guybrush will be invisible and you’ll see some ghosts dancing around. When you enter the shopkeeper will start talking to you, if he’s not there ring the bell and he will come toddling along.
It is Captain Smirk’s house and he takes 30 pieces of eight for a sword fighting lesson. Now you have to fight her like you fought the pirates, but she uses other insults so you have to find a comeback that matches it. Now, simply follow the map and you’ll soon be at a part of the forest that looks a little bit different than the rest. He’ll agree to you being the captain on one condition, that you prove your courage by touching the winged devil!
Walkthrough to the left and open the door, inside you’ll find LeChuck, don’t move or he will hear you! YouU?fre good enough to fight the Sword Master.” Now you are ready to fight the Sword Master! As you realized during the fight, you need a file to open the lock to the Idol of Many Hands. Walkthrough to the mansion and crawl through the hole in the wall that Guybrush made during the fight). Crawl down through the next hatch, down in the storage room, pick up the giant piece of rope.
Here use the magnetic compass you got from Stan on the key on the wall, exit the room and go past the dancing pirate ghosts and head down through the hatch. Talk to Elaine and you’ll discover that the bride is actually two monkeys wearing the wedding dress. The monkeys have another bottle of ghost-melting root beer on them, but Guybrush scares them away and Elaine chases after them. You will pick up some fine wine, now open the kegs in the left side of the room (Guybrush will pick some gunpowder).

Talk to him a little bit more, then pick up the rope from underneath the unhealthy looking man. In the next room you’ll find chickens, pigs and the magical ingredient for the cannibals Ghost repellent the root, which is locked in a glowing crate. The storekeeperagrees to hike all the way over to the Sword Masterand ask her if he can show you her hideout. Walkthrogh onto the map and head South, on the next screen of the map walkthrough to the beach. Examine at the rock, it’s a piece of flint, now walkthrough over the bridge and climb up the footholds.
When you land up at Stan’s previously owned vessels you will land inside the grog machine, some money and some grog will fall on the ground. Pick up the pot from the table and open the cabin on the left, pick up a cereal box and open it. Walkthrough to the beach, use the oars with the rowboat and you have yourself a leisure craft to take round the island Row North East, then row around the peninsula and continue heading North, then land on the beach.
Pick up some of the cooking grease and walkthrough up to the deck, open the door next to the hatch.
Walthrough to the kitchen, in the voodoo recipe are the things you need to put in the cooking pot: Cinnamon sticks, fine wine, jolly roger, gunpowder, ink, breath mints, the rubber chicken, and the cereal. You are now in the Cannibals village, walkthrough to the left and pick up the bananas from the bowl of fruit.
It squeaks very loudly, alerting the ghost pirates to you, so use the glob of grease on the door and open it again. He’ll say he can see his ship, which you can hit with the catapult, but it is entirely optional to do that and changes the ending of the game! Inside there is a ghost guarding Elaine’s cell, pick up the ghost tools from the wall. Look inside it and Guybrush will pick up the root, then walkthrough to the deck, leave the ship and enter the cave.
Walkthrough to the jungle and go to the grey monkey blip, he’s running around on the map. Walkthrough into the jungle again Go North to the next screen of the map and walkthrough to the East to next screen, head to the place marked clearing.
Walkthrough from the gate to the hut where you were imprisoned, walk back towards the entrance again. Guybrush will give it to him and in return Herman will give Guybrush the monkey head key (A giant cotton bud, guess what hole in the great monkey head this goes in!).
It’s impossible to find your way through these catacombs, so go back outside and row all the way back to the Cannibals. They tell you that the principal ingredient is a rare root, which ghost pirate Captain LeChuck has stolen from them. Ask where he is hiding it and then ask why they can’t just go down there and kick him out. The Cannibals tell you that you need something to find him, but they won’t tell you what it is. They tell you that the necklace makes it invisible to ghosts (how handy!) and that you should follow its nose and it will lead you to your nemesis LeChuck.

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