Street und Broadway bezieht, wo die Trinity Church steht, worunter in einigen Stockwerken Tiefe eine Laterne findet. Two of the greatest explorers known are pushed onto a race to uncover the truth behind two great mysteries, but only one can claim the glory on pain of death.
Nathan is in his current incarnation, while Indy’s version is the one at the start of The Last Crusade.
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Nathan wins this because the crap he had to do to get ONE artifact equals all the crap Indy had to do to get FOUR.
Not only can Indiana Jones dodge boulders and fight nazis, he can change cloths and become a space pirate, the president of the USA, or a Tom Clancy hero.
When the match starts, their employers will give them a riddle to solve, which will give a clue to the location of the artifact. If they managed to solve the riddle and get to the artifact site, they will be greeted by a puzzle to solve to gain entry. Solving the puzzle will open a massive labyrinth, they will have to navigate to the center to reach the artifact. The labyrinth is filled with traps, pitfalls, snakes, more puzzles, and robotic sentries armed with Greek Fire.
If they reach the center of the labyrinth, they will see that the artifact is guarded by a giant. The giant will tell them three riddles, all of which they have only one chance to guess each before the giant beats them to oblivion. While they are trying to come up with an answer, the giant will taunt and attack them in an attempt to distract. They will have to get back the way they entered to get out of the labyrinth, whose traps have reset.
I’ve already suggested a Lara Croft vs Robert Langdon vs Indiana Jones vs Nathan Drake vs Benjamin Gates in a treasure hunt.
Indy is an accomplished academic if I’m not mistaken, the riddles are not going to be much of a problem for him. I say Nate wins, he’s more used to cracking clues left by complete strangers to get through to the treasure, Indy relies on his fathers notes (even having to get his dads help at one point) in the grail hunt, luck in temple of doom help in Crystal skulls and combo of luck and some skill in raiders.
Also Jones is at his personal most inexperienced here because Temple of Doom is a prequel to Raiders, he hadn’t encountered the ark yet. To say any one character is a ripoff when everyone takes some ideas from one character to apply to theirs is a bit difficult. Even then the first key was the Declaration of Independence, Indy isn’t big on stealing from the United States. When Nathan was about 15 he figured out Sir Francis Drake lied to Queen Elizabeth, don’t count out Drake in intelligence.
Meanwhile Jones has pure luck drag his ass out of the fire in Temple of Doom, God saved his ass and he was smart enough not to look at the box of death in lost ark. Mason conspiracies are a hot topic nowadays so Drake could easily use the mighty Google to learn more if he doesn’t already know it. Now thinking about it more, unless Indy has some kind of contact, (like a decendent of sallah, or someone else he knows) he probably won’t know what to do in a modern building like where the Declaration of Independence is. I would put my money on Jones though, partially because I knew him first, but also just logically. Again he has also figured out the gadgets of the various mysteries and treasure hunts he’s been on, meanwhile Jones generally only has to look at artifacts or translate things. Dunno…mebbe it had a MAJOR kickstart or something, making dustbin material recent news. And only when they have reached the highest levels and have been selected will they get in contact with the elitists, the Illuminati.
Ron Paul is still the only political chance we have right now to save America and prevent WW III from happening. The only other option is a REVOLUTION and since TPTB will not back down without a fight, this would end in a full-scale, all-out civil war. Again, Ron Paul is our ONLY POLITICAL CHANCE to stop the warmongers and constitution destroyers right now.

And as longtime Secret Sun readers know, the Free-masons are the low men on a much bigger Masonic totem pole in which Masonic-inspired and Masonic-created fraternities and secret societies wield the true power. That Lambda Chi is in fact a Masonic fraternity and not just a drinking club is made clear by its original seal, prominently featuring a Masonic handshake. It’s current seal also features the handshake, which is overshadowed now by explicit Knights Templar (and Solar) iconography, as well as the cojoining of the cross and the crescent, which is a byword for the Order. Paul’s Presidential announcement should tickle the fancy of Masonic ritual watchers, for both obvious and more obscure reasons.
Ron Paul speaking at Georgetown Jesuit University (Gaston Hall), alma mater of Carroll Quigley and Bill Clinton. I know this is a taboo subject among Ron Paul supporters, of which I was one myself in the very beginning of his presidential campaign. I just happened to stumble across this comment over at the Daily Paul yesterday, and thought that I should share it with whoever is interested in knowing whether or not Ron Paul is a Freemason. This does not prove anything in that regard, however it makes the probability that he is a Freemason very much higher since Eastern Star members are generally married to Freemason husbands, Rainbow girls are generally children of masons and because Ron Paul’s father was also a mason. Your hatefilled retoric regarding a benevolent, Biblically based organization is likened to those who have a fear of the unknown. If anyone knows the actual identity of this “scheduler” with the handle of “Liberty Oak Ranch”, please share it here with us to help confirm the validity of the comment. As I gather more information on what I am 90% sure is a fact, that Ron Paul is a high Freemason of the 33rd degree or above, who knows the masonic agenda and yet keeps it all a secret from his supporters (as Dick Cheney kept his CFR membership a secret from his constituents in Wyoming), I will immediately pass it on to you the public who have a right to know the truth. When the foreseeable consequence is what everyone avoids and a man comes to set the inevitable into motion, then who is he?
I do not believe he’s part of any secret society, Ron Paul appeals really easy to be a genuine good non corrupted individual from what I seen. You husband does not have to be a freemason for your wife to belong to the Eastern Star or your girls to belong to the Rainbow . Buy anything you like at Amazon and use our link to enter Amazon and we will get some commission. The same organization that sent the groups to intercept the packages will be attempting to stop the explorers with lethal force every step of the way. Youth and nimbleness can take you pretty far but if it comes to puzzles the more experienced you are can help you pass them without getting a face full of poisoned darts. However, with a more moderate amount of puzzles and some other skills needed, Drake takes this. He will randomly find a notebook or diary in his pocket telling him how to solve all the puzzles ahead. At this point the attacks will not kill Indy or Drake, it is only if they cannot answer the riddles will the strikes of the giant be lethal. He actually figured out Francis Drake lied about his trip to the East Indies… at the age of 15. Whereas Nate goes into his adventures completely alone or mostly alone with only his own research and the left behind clues.
Lara Croft, whats his name from the Librarian movies (can only remember when I’m watching them), Jones himself and more.
As much as I like him, the only way I see him winning is if he finds Drake and outfights him (which I think he has a decent chance, though Drake has the edges). This was shown when he recognized the lamp artifact at the start of Uncharted 2, and his knowledge of ancient cultures when exploring the ruins in all three games. Once a Week on Wednsday an old under debated match will be put on the front page to be debated.
One fact people have pointed out is that Ron Paul’s wife is Eastern Star and his daughters are Rainbow, an arrangement essentially unheard of for a man who is not in fact a Mason himself.
Lambda Chi traces its origins to Boston (birthplace of American Freemasonry) and Phila(e)delphia, in Paul’s native Pennsylvania. And even if it is proven beyond any doubt that he is a freemason, many will just put it aside and pretend it doesn’t matter “because he is such a decent and honest man” etc. And in addition, according to the comment, he “respects the organization”, which is wholly uncharacteristic of anyone who is supposedly fighting against the masonically-inspired New World Order. His wife, Carol is a member of the Velasco Order of the Eastern Star and maintains her membership in the Freeport area lodge.

Their daughters, Lori and Joy, were both Rainbow girls, another organization associated with Freemasonry. Poor people we are here on this planet, so who are we to avoid the truth knowing that it is overwhelmingly painful for us all?
The spotlight will protect whoever solves the mysteries, but the organization will kill the other immediately to prevent further exposure.
In Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth he spends a good deal of time in three different labyrinths.
Look at Drake in Uncharted 2, he fought his way through a train full of bloodthirsty mercenaries with an attack helicopter trying to blow his ass sky high. But many others are very curious to know what RP’s status is regarding Freemasonry because it does matter, and I fully intend to find out myself. Paul has said himself many times that he respects the organization and has been to many of the open meetings in his district. Who could be so bold to tell the truth to people and risk bearing the cross again and again? Both have been under surveillance, and are each attacked by three hooded figures armed with knives as soon as they read the message on the bill. In the second, he had to climb around a wrecked train with various parts randomly exploding, all of it spinning around sending him flying into some really hard walls. While Drake has had to make things up as he goes he’s never gotten into some of the spots Jones let himself get into. Even if he makes it as far as the Declaration of Independence he’d never be able to get past the security. As I said earlier in the debate, “He also is able to reconize some Ancient Greek writing. Masonic services were conducted by Lodge 51, of which he was a past master, the preceding evening with his close friend and associate, past Grand High Alpha Fischer, in his station of senior warden.
Therefore, it is high time we started talking openly about it and try to ascertain the truth, one way or another. They will take care of your child regardless of your ignorance and will do it free of charge. If he is the one who takes a stand against evil then all those driven towards the easy resolution will hate him equally in their flight from their pain.
Inspection of the hooded figures reveals a diary page that leads to the second film’s plot, but reveal no other relevant clues. If he gets brainwashed here there’s no short chinese boy to pull his ass out of the fire. Hell at the end of Uncharted 3 when Marlow was about to open the canister he could have let her open it and maybe get her just deserts like Indy let himself get fooled into with the Ark later in his life.
He also deals with various riddle solving gizmos like what were required to solve the national treasure 1 plot. The worst spots Drakes gotten into he was able to use the fact that no one knows history like him to trick the guys into letting him get to the treasure. Instead of being a pussy and dropping the weapon he had though he shot the chain holding the canister and sent it back to hell at the bottom of that pond thing unlike Indy who couldn’t put aside his archaeological curiosity.
Hell the only reason he didn’t beat Marlow to the Atlantis of the Sands was because he was temporarily hopped up on a drug. True Drake got burned in the previous two games for that reason in a way but in Drakes Fortune he was unarmed and surrounded by armed guards. In Among Thieves he wasn’t sure what the fuck would happen when Lazaravich ate the sap, and he was still able to fight the nigh immortal war criminal and win. Not only that Indy was helpless in Raiders and he’s even less experienced with mercenaries now.

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