The Secret of NIMH was followed by a direct-to-video sequel, and continues to enjoy a loyal fan base over thirty years after its production. MightyBalto1925 and I (Karlamon) have worked hard to get the English side of Bolt Source up and running, with me and her providing the content, and Mighty creating the design. March 05, 2016Robin Hood Source rising!Hullo there!  Been down about all the inactivity on Animation Source lately? This unofficial fansite is managed exclusively by The Secret of Nimh fans, and is non-profit.
The advertisement on site is only there to pay for the site maintenance cost, including server hosting and domain name.
Any copyrighted material included on this site is reproduced without permission, but only serves entertainment purposes, and is used with utmost respect for the original creators. I snuck on the set to get you, dear Readers, a close-up look at what will surely be nightmare fodder for a whole new generation of children. The report on Deadline describes the movie as “an origin story in which an imperiled mouse protagonist befriends a comical crew of lab rats as they turn hyper-intelligent. Not quite the way I remember the film, but I am willing to roll with it, after all, I do so love CGI. After Justin defeats Jenner by stabbing him in the chest, he convinces the rats to leave the rose bush, but before he can say anything, Jenner comes back with his sword to make a lethal blow on Justin. We are very pleased to announce the launch of our latest English Source site, and our first of 2016, Bolt Source!

One based on an animated feature that would boldly grow overtime to be an acclaimed cult classic.
As you all probably know by now, Michael Bay has signed on as director, and Jeremy stars in many of the iconic explosion scenes throughout the piece. As a child this character really scared the pee out of me, so I was anxious to see how they fared in the new film.
Brisby, and they become friends afterwards, however, Fievel's life takes a turn for the worst when his sisters are captured, and his parents are killed by the evil Cat R. Waul: Gentlemen, Today is the day we get what we want, (showing the picture of a dead mouse between a bun.) Mouse-Burgers! Waul is taking over, He kidnapped Tanya and Yasha, turned my Mama and Papa into Mouse-Burgers and open a saloon. Brisby: Oh that's to bad, but don't worry, I'll be your mother now, and I'm gotta adopt you as a new member of my family. Brisby: (to Fievel, who is sitting on her back) Your sisters are alright, and they're out there. Brisby (as they were friends with her late husband Jonathan Brisby), Jenner plotted to use the transport to kill Nicodemus and make it look like it was an accident, so that Jenner can take over and have the rats remain in the rose bush.
Brisby's home as promised, Jenner slashes down the ropes without Sullivan's help, since Sullivan hesistated to do it and tried to stop Jenner from doing it. Fortunately, Sullivan saves Justin's life by tossing a dagger right into Jenner's back, sending Jenner to fall to his death.

This site is dedicated to the Academy Award-nominated 48th animation feature created by Walt Disney Animation Studios which was released in 2008. This causes the gears to fall off, causing the home to land on the mud, killing Nicodemus, and Sullivan feels guilty of letting Jenner do such a horrible thing. Satisfied that he has finally put an end to Jenner's plans for good, the redeemed Sullivan dies in peace. HolyFox77 - 226 days New NIMH movie in the works HolyFox77 - 226 days Headcanon Discussions: The Magic Amulet Jake Razor - 269 days Caption It!
Brisby decides to become Fievel's adoptive mother while helping him find his sisters and stop Cat R. Brisby arrives to warn the rats of NIMH that the people working for NIMH are coming to exterminate them if they don't leave the bush, Sullivan believes her, but this causes Jenner to attack Mrs.
Brisby, as he still wants the rats to remain in the bush, even if it means to battle the humans to their deaths.

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