The Killer Rarityverse is a set of, currently, six stories about Rarity as a serial killer dating back to a self-defense murder in her foalhood.
The stories are all written in third person from the perspective of the ponies in question. The story is about Rarity as a serial killer, a mentality brought about by a self-defense killing of three bullies when she was a filly. Throughout the course of the story, she kills over 100 beings including, but certainly not limited to, Scootaloo's parents, Trixie, Gilda, the Diamond Dogs who kidnapped her, Flim and Flam, Iron Will, and a decent amount of OCs.
As the story continues and more ponies around her begin to find out, including Twilight, Sweetie Belle, Applejack, and even Princess Luna, she loses her grip on reality and she hates herself and what she does more and more. After Twilight and Sweetie Belle find out, Twilight contacts Princess Luna and the Elements attempt to cleanse Rarity with the Elements of Harmony, with Luna wielding Rarity's element. By the end she becomes much more indiscriminate with her kills, leading up to the point where she kills Iron Will in public and is caught by the royal guards.
Ripples A series of one-shot vignettes detailing the effect that Rarity's murders have had on Equestria.
The Word is Fear An alternate ending to Broken Blossom detailing Blossom's slow descent into madness.
A Shadow Hangs Overhead A currently incomplete, alternate story of The Secret Life of Rarity. Links in email sent before the 27th (through our old email service) will no longer function. What would have happened in The Secret Life of Rarity had Rarity not become a serial killer. AU to Broken Blossom: Can Joyous Blossom be saved by her mother, Sweetie Belle, or is all hope lost? Princess Celestia disguises herself as a younger mare and goes for a walk around Canterlot where she promptly gets mugged. It feels like forever since EileMonty released one of these, and like the last few it's absolutely awesome.
Exclusively on Equestria Daily, I am proud to bring you the irrefutable evidence I have gathered to support this claim. Let’s contrast this eyeball rock festival to Rarity, who is unequivocally the epitome of coloration. Having been around both of them, no one would have ever suspected that the two ponies would have anything to do with each other.

Frankly, I’m convinced the only reason any pony can is that her mane is actually ice cream. The Hearth’s Warming Eve winter play, as we all know, is a perfectly accurate representation of pre-Equestrian society. The Cadance disguise, therefore, is only a continuation of what Rarity was in a far-distant past life: royalty, a queen, and a far more powerful being than anyone had ever imagined. The point is that if you can do magic in a way that produces more sparkles than a glitter factory, then you’re special. Ignoring for the moment the disastrous consequences of this special talent were she to, say, use it to bring herself into power by seducing and subsequently marrying the captain of the Equestrian Royal Guard (however unlikely that situation may be), it fairly easily distinguishes her as far as magical prowess is concerned. Soon, Niedzviecki was peering through binoculars onto a lakefront mudflat, maneuvering around other birders for the best view. The Ellyn Law LLP partner always liked birds, but got serious about birdwatching in university, where he majored in zoology. So what does his wife think when Niedzviecki makes a U-turn on a Mexican highway to chase after his prey? The Secret Life of Rarity is told from Rarity's perspective, The Public Life of Sweetie Belle is told from Sweetie Belle's perspective, etc.
She becomes addicted to the power rush she gets when she holds another pony's life in her hooves. In the first third of the story, she only kills to protect those she loves, specifically those who hurt the other members of the Mane Six. It deals with the fallout of The Secret Life of Rarity from Sweetie Belle's perspective over the course of about twenty years. It details the life of Sweetie Belle's daughter, Joyous Blossom, after the ending of The Public Life of Sweetie Belle over the course of ten years. Blossom soon begins following in her aunt's hoofsteps as a serial killer, and the story details her spree throughout Equestria, as well as Celestia's attempts to capture her. Three seasons, and Hasbro and DHX have slipped this one right under our noses this entire time.
Open your mind to the infinite possibilities that this unfurls, and join me on a journey of discovery. Her mane is a tasteful gradient, with a lickable off-white coat and matching cutie mark and eye color. If you put Rarity in the same room with a dress in Cadance’s color style, neither her or the dress would make it out alive.

Unfortunately, since everyone involved with those early territory wars is now quite dead, the ponies are forced to hire actors to portray the long-past chancellors and diplomats with varying degrees of accuracy. Surely if Rarity and her were not the same pony, Rarity wouldn’t be able to perform such a feat. With its cinnamon-coloured head, long beak and blue, stilt-like legs, the avocet is a beauty — and a rarity in the GTA.
He points out hawks to his kids, buys field guides for holidays abroad and once spotted a majestic peregrine falcon on an examination for a discovery. Over the countless thousands of viewings and reviewings of the episodes, deep inspection of the underlying canon of the show, and the innumerable pieces of analysis- some done by people with actual degrees instead of the fake one I have hanging on my wall- and yet somehow we’ve all missed a deeply disturbing piece of information that threatens to change the foundation of the series.
I want to be as fair as possible to our pretty pink princess, but let’s be honest here- Princess Mi Amore Cadenza is fairly obviously missing parts of the Pony Color Coordination package. Alicorns, for example, would not be revered for their freakishly long extraneous limbs but would be outcast into some secret alicorn empire where they would slowly gather strength and come back to rule Equestria in a made-for-TV movie and I had better stop this because it’s sounding way too awesome and I should keep it to myself. Correlation does not necessarily imply causation (except when I say it does) so we’re not quite there. A more anal part of me likes the categorization, to identify a bird and tick it off my list,” he says. In accordance with wikia policies, the article itself does not contain excessively violent descriptions, images, or other unsuitable content.
Rarity and Cadance appear at the same time in the show, of course- but that’s the best argument one can give for them being the same entity.
How much influence does she carry as Rarity, and how does it compare with what she can wield as Cadance? Watch that scene again and tell me that she’s acting out a character and not, instead, reliving her golden days as a princess with her modern-day, not-immortal friends.
Her wings could probably serve as beacons for landing an airliner during a rainstorm made of bricks.

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