So, how do you get your hands on one of the five Secret Life of the American Teenager box sets we have to give away? The Big Idea: Twelve contestants are given professional dance partners, a nutritionist, medical advice and a trainer as they try to lose weight and win a $100,000 grand prize. While the diet and exercise components of the show are, obviously, key, so is the dancing competition. Their courage in slipping into those costumes, and the revelation of so much personal information the contestants share in the course of their diet, exercise and dancing adventures, earn the wannabe losers much respect, and gives what could have been a mean-spirited show its heart. Having said that, my only two quibbles with the series: Was it really necessary to make the DYAO-ers wear those costumes?
Filming is scheduled to begin next month on season two, though no word yet on how long we’ll have to wait for new episodes.
This dramatic release from the teen centric drama SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER drops in on Adrian and Ben as they prepare for their upcoming wedding, causing Amy to put pressure on Ricky to do the same thing - which he may or may not be ready for. Get ready to experience all the excitement, passion and power of this acclaimed ABC Family original series.

The show, of course, stars the late Billy Mays and shines the light on how his $1 billion business, with partner and fellow pitchman Anthony Sullivan, works. Think of it as Dancing with the Stars-meets-The Biggest Loser-meets-So You Think You Can Dance. Though it’s dancing without the stars, the Biggest Loser-y aspect of the show more than makes up for the lack of D-listers, as these real folks, some facing very real health concerns, try to improve their physical and financial states. Nor are the skimpy costumes the contestants are outfitted in … in the premiere, one overweight fella’s costume involves him going shirtless, and more than one of the female contestants is clothed in a belly-baring ensemble.
The series makes dancing a much more appealing option than, say, monotonous treadmilling, even if some of the contestants aren’t initially so light on their feet. The TV-heavy line-up includes panels with the casts of Lost, 24, Chuck, Bones, Burn Notice, Glee, MythBusters, The Cleveland Show, Futurama, Heroes and upcoming series V, Flash Forward and Human Target. May be, as her gifts to her staff – a fancy luxury cruise – is reportedly going to cost each of them $1,000 in taxes. 18 series finale of long-running daytime soap Guiding Light grows sadly closer, 60 Minutes is planning a special Sept.

Meanwhile, Grace and Grant are also thinking about getting serious, but life throws them a curveball they didn't expect.
American Idol alum Matt Rogers will host the show, which finds eight families stuck behind a 20-foot wall in their ‘hood, without electronic communication or entertainment (No TV!
Among the contestants: A couple of diabetics with a history of the disease in their families, a former model whose weight gain ended her career and a mom who wants to lose weight to be healthier for her family. The fams have to work together and compete against the other fams to win the $250,000 grand prize.

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