The final release of emails is considered the largest in terms of pages, as well as the most complex because they require reviewing by other agencies besides State. Clinton initially said the private server was a matter of convenience, but later conceded it was a mistake. The department and intelligence officials have been arguing about the emails, which are being made public under a federal court order, for at least five months. They’ve requested to release the last batch messages on 29 February, which will be after the New Hampshire primary and the Iowa caucuses.

The communications were so sensitive that the administration refused to release it publicly, even in redacted form, reported the Associated Press. In the past few months, Clinton had been facing issues of trustworthiness during surveys as a result of evidence of the existence of top secret material in her private email server. Agents are also trying to discern whether co-mingling of the Clinton Foundation and State Department business violated public corruption laws. Former House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa made the same claim, despite his own role in hounding Clinton during the discredited Benghazi hearings.

Anyone who says that this should determine her fitness for the presidency is either (a) already biased against her or (b) not conducting almost enough research on the subject.
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