The first time I heard this song, I was so moved that I immediately had chills down my spine, and couldn't get it out of my mind for weeks.
As a youngster, I had never been satisfied with the radio, always searching for new, eclectic music and sharing it with my friends.
For those of you music industry officials who think this website is a contributor to the destruction of the music industry because it allows free downloads, you could not be wronger (not a word).
With the deep crisis the world is in, there is a strong need for hope and a greater need for change.
As a senior in high school, I saw the emergence of an excess of music blogs and thought, "I could do it better". I try to infuse Jillboard Top 100 with as much comedy as possible, which is what sets this site apart from others.
The only free downloads posted on this site are from independent artists who are trying to spread the word about their music. Please realize that it is extremely illegal for me to do so, and I am not looking to get sued for millions by participating in this.

It's overly sexual, almost scary sexual (if you've seen "Not Myself Tonight" music video, I think you will agree). I hope your kids hear this when they grow up and vomit everywhere at the thought of their mother's "woohoo". You should savor the artists that give out their music for free, but also support your favorite artists by buying their music.
She needs to stop this meaningless electronic crap and go back to CHRISTINA - I think we can all agree that "Come on Over" and "What A Girl Wants" were her peak. Her latest single, "Government Name", did extremely well, garnering the #4 position on MTV Logo's Pop charts for and sustaining this position for 4 weeks (it's still there!).
We NEED to make a change in this world before something really tragic happens, like the tsunami in Japan or the earthquake in Haiti, to name a few.
With a fusion of pop, hip-hop, electronic, and alternative music, I see this blog as a haven for college students to feast on daily mounds of ear noms.
You MUST listen to this beautiful song - the instrumental is just incredible, the lyrics are moving to say the absolute LEAST, and AY's vocals are beyond amazing.

This means to work harder, listen to your inspirations, see how you could improve, and try again. Credit is given where credit is due, but I stick to my opinion that Asher Roth is a really lucky nerd. Listen to your music, check your rhythm, check your pitch, and ask yourself if it sounds professional.
The above sounds a bit harsh, but most of the submissions I receive are pretty good, and I end up posting most of them.

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